Comparative: 8 sunscreens for babies

16 August 2019

When Mom and Dad lead the investigation into the best baby sunscreen, there is no shortage of choice between inexpensive brands, dermo-cosmetic products and organic sunscreens. To accompany you in this task, we have listed here, based on the experiences and opinions of parents, the best of this essential accessory for holidays in the sun.

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What is a dermo-cosmetic?

There is no pre-established definition for what a dermo-cosmetic is. However, we can identify it with a cosmetic product combining efficiency and superior quality that is generally recommended by a pharmacist. This is how we care every day for our skin with a cream brand by Nuxe, Vichy or Clarins.

Is a dermo-cosmetic product necessarily organic?

No. Nothing certifies that the ingredients that make up the formulas of dermo-cosmetic products are of natural origin or from organic farming. Moreover, as far as sun protection is concerned, dermo-cosmetic products generally consist of synthetic filters derived from petrochemicals while the formulas of organic sunscreens essentially consist of mineral filters.

How do you recognize a certified organic solar product?

Like other organic items, sun creams with 100% natural ingredients are decorated with eco-label Ecocert and / or Cosmebio logos. If you visualize at least one of these two brands of trust on the packaging of the selected product, it means that its ingredients come from renewable resources and are therefore respectful of the environmental standards in force.

Are there age-appropriate protection formulas for my child?

No. Whether your child is 5 months, 9 months or 1 year old, all sun creams will protect them in the same way (although some brands mention a minimum age of 3 months).







Certified organic by the Ecocert label, Acorelle sunscreen is recommended for babies from 3 months to 3 years old. Without perfume or zinc, it is mainly composed of sesame oil and bisabolol, a relaxing agent directly extracted from the chamomile flower.

Parents love its resistance to water.

SPF: 50+

Price: €19

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Labeled Ecocert and untested on animals, Alphanova milk is the perfect solar product for parents concerned about the environment and the well-being of their child. This milk, enriched with Tamanu oil, is ideal for fighting against baby eczema.

Parents love its non-sticky waterproof texture.

SPF: 50+

Price: €12.50

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Avène-sunscreen baby

Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, this soothing and hydrating solar milk, enriched with Avene Thermal Water, is perfect for babies with clear and hypersensitive skin.

Parents love its speedy application.

SPF: 50+

Price: €16

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In each of its applications, Bioderma’s high-protection milk activates baby’s natural defences against UV rays. Its blue colour, which disappears quickly, will entertain young and old.

Parents have complained about the price.

SPF: 50+

Price: €8

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Certified organic by the Ecocert label, the Biosolis solar milk is essentially composed of Karanja oil and aloe vera, known for their generative and moisturizing properties.

Parents have complained about the rigidity of the tube, which complicates the extraction of the milk.

SPF: 50

Price: €23

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Naïf sunscreen is made of 98% natural ingredients. Its hybrid formula (physical and mineral filters) based on shea butter and zinc oxide effectively protects baby’s fragile skin from the sun’s rays. This product was borne of the association of two Dutch dads who wanted to create a range of high-quality cosmetics entirely dedicated to the care of toddlers. An asset that has immediately attracted the collection of luxury hotels for families Little Guest, which distributes the Naïf sunscreen free in all the partner hotels.

Parents love the fresh and colorful packaging.

SPF: 50+

Price: €17.50

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With its first mineral sunscreen, Uriage is seducing, step by step, its bio customers. Uriage Thermal Water protects baby’s dry skin thanks to its Aquaspongine-based formula and its active ingredients that strengthen the action of vitamins C and E.

Parents love its scent.

SPF: 50+

Price: €13

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Sporting the ‘NATRUE’ label, which authenticates natural and organic cosmetic products worldwide, the Weleda vegan brand sunscreen is also suitable for the sensitive skin of toddlers. Its composition, based on coconut and sunflower oils deeply hydrates while its extracts of Edelweiss, a rare mountain flower with antioxidant action, protects skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Parents are not so keen on its lack of absorption.

SPF: 50+

Price: €15

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  • Opt for a formula in cream rather than spray, oil or foam for optimal protection.
  • Choose high tolerance indexes (from 30 to 50)
  • Apply the cream about twenty minutes before exposure to the sun.
  • Cover the baby’s entire body with cream to avoid burns and repeat every hour and especially after a swim.
  • In addition to suitable sun protection, children under 3 must stay in the shade, wear anti-UV clothing, and of course a hat. Also remember to bring with you a cool or tempered water bibi to hydrate the baby every half hour.
  • The lens of baby is also very fragile, so we also recommend you optimal sunglasses in this article.
  • Avoid exposing your baby to the sun between 11am and 4pm.
  • Once home, treat your child’s skin with an after-sun.
  • Renew solar products every year because the filters they contain do not last.


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Sarah, 25 years old, journalism and travel addict, from Brussels

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