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Preparing for baby’s arrival is an exciting but sometimes stressful experience. As a young parent, you have to think of everything and choose the best for the little baby that is about to arrive. Choosing a baby bed, for example, is of paramount importance! Discover our selection of practical and attractive cot and cradle beds to furnish your baby’s room, as well as umbrella beds that are perfect for travelling!


A mom and her baby


Questions to ask yourself before buying a cot


« How to choose the right crib? »

The choice of a cot is mainly based on the child’s age and agility. The parents’ budget and the layout of the room will also be taken into account to find this small piece of furniture that is essential to the infant’s well-being. The idea is to take into account the advice of professionals and parents who recognise the child’s needs because, when you know that a baby sleeps between 14 and 18 hours a day, it is in your best interest to choose high-quality bedding!


« Cradle or cot? »

In the first few months after birth, your baby will need a warm and cosy cocoon. That’s why, in order to reproduce the atmosphere of mum’s tummy, Little Guest advises you to opt for a cradle until the age of 7-8 months, before turning to a cot with a slat that will be more in keeping with the size of your baby, and which will allow him/her to gradually discover the world around them.


« Which bed for which age? »

Children change so quickly that you must always be prepared to gradually renew their accessories, clothes, shoes, etc. The same goes for the bed. The ideal is to choose a cradle or bassinet for babies up to 7-8 months, then invest in a cot with bars that will follow the baby until he is 2-3 years old. Your child will be able to move from a small cot with bars to a single bed as soon as he starts to move at night or wants to escape from the bed to run around. For some of them, this happens early, for others, it happens later. A big advantage of the « big » bed is that your toddler can easily reach the potty at night and get clean more quickly!


« What’s the best cot for going on holiday? »

The disadvantage of the cot is that it is bulky! It is therefore difficult to take it with you on holiday, especially when you are flying. We can therefore bet on two solutions: the umbrella bed (we recommend the best model a little further on in this article) or a destination prepared to welcome a little baby. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find 100% baby-friendly destinations that offer baby equipment such as beds… And that’s where Little Guest comes in! In its collection of luxury hotels dedicated to families, 95% of the establishments have a baby bed at your disposal.


« What is co-sleeping? »

Do you know anything about co-sleeping? The practice actually consists in sharing your bed with the baby. Do we approve? Not really… The French magazine Naître et Grandir insists on the fact that there are very precise rules to follow to avoid any risk that may occur during the night. However, respecting these rules proves almost impossible in the case of co-sleeping (ex: remove any pillow or blanket, make sure space where the baby sleeps is safe, etc.). In short, co-sleeping is a practice that is becoming more and more popular but that we do not encourage.



The best cots recommended by parents


1- Co-sleeping cradle by Aubert


Cododo Aubert Concept

We therefore contraindicate the practice of co-sleeping. However, this cradle embodies the right compromise between bed sharing and child safety. Indeed, when you go to bed, you can simply open the window on the side, place the cradle at bed height (adjustable feet), secure it for maximum safety thanks to the straps provided, and install baby in his little cocoon, close to you. This cradle is also ideal for breastfeeding mothers! Before going to sleep, you can close the window with an airy mesh net so that you and baby can be close to each other at all times.

Parents love its soft cotton cover and the included carrying pouch.

Age: from birth to 6 months

Price: €149.90

Buy here!


2- The rocking craddle by BABYBJÖRN



Designed in close cooperation with and approved by early childhood specialists, the BABYBJÖRN Mesh Cradle is a true technical achievement. With non-slip glides, sidewalls made of airy mesh fabric, no loose parts, and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class I certified fabrics, this must-have is confusing and corresponds closely to the exact definition of the cradle: « A small bed, often in the shape of a carrycot, for the infant and which allows him or her to be rocked. « (Larousse). Yes, that’s right! This bassinet was originally made to cradle the new-born baby. The flagship cradle of the famous Swedish family business is triggered by the rhythm of baby’s movements, your hand or foot.

Parents love its lightness and compactness, making it an ally for family outings.

Age: from birth to 6 months

Price: €337.90

Buy here!



3 – Marie-Sofie cot by Quax


Marie Louise Quax

A robust bed with clean lines, this classic from the Quax baby bedding range is a great favourite with parents. Despite its unbeatable price, the Marie-Sofie baby bed is of extraordinary quality. Made of MDF and solid beech, it is available in 3 colours (brown, black and white) and can be adjusted to 3 different heights (19, 32 and 45 cm). Perfect for a long-term investment. Our recommendation, however, would be to take the bed out of its packaging a few days before assembling it in order to ventilate the product to avoid the smell of fresh paint.

Age: from birth to 3 years old

Price: €215

Buy here!




4 – Cot by Vox Meubles


Vox Meubles

This is not (only) a cot. It is also a charming addition to a new-born baby’s room. Its vintage look takes us straight back to the 70’s and gives the decoration a remarkable touch of authenticity. All wooden, the vintage cot from Vox Meubles is made of oak, MDF, laminated panels and pine, which gives it an extremely resistant structure. In addition to its attractive aesthetics and impeccable solidity, it is its practicality that appeals to parents. Adjustable to 3 heights, its base will serve as a doorway to the land of dreams for your little baby for 3 years. We fell in love with the Smallable brand, a French concept store that offers a catalogue of designer furniture and clothing for families.

Age: from birth to 3 years old

Price: €399.90

Buy here!


5 – Evolutionary cot by La Redoute


La Redoute Evolutif

The perfect solution for parents who want to make a long-term investment, the Archipel evolutionary cot, adjustable to three heights, is a must! A cradle for the first few months, then a bed with bars for the following months, it will finally become a single bed for a toddler until the age of 4-5 years. However, the 3-in-1 model will have to be accompanied by a mattress sold separately, like this P’tit matelas Nature, ultra-soft and made in France!

Parents love its Scandinavian style and its ultra-modern oak and white colour.

Age: From birth to 4-5 years old

Price: €649

Buy here at -30% off!



6 – Foldable cot by Verbaudet


Verdbaudet baby travel bed

An indispensable and always useful object: the foldable bed. This small travel and occasional bed is easily folded to be carried everywhere! Whether visiting grandparents, the nanny, or on holiday, your baby will not be lost. We love this Travel’bed model by Verbaudet in canvas and mesh, delivered with its carry bag and mattress. The opinions of the test parents are indisputable: « As a recent purchase for the occasional use of my little girl, I was able to test the functionality, particularly the opening and closing. Easy to use, folding is easy… just follow the steps in the right order. « or « The more than necessary item to put in all the birth lists! This one is of good quality, solid, delivered with its mattress, easy to fold and transportable thanks to its bag provided for this purpose… nothing to complain about! « Easy!

Parents love its practicality coupled with its cute design.

Price: €72.99

Buy here!



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