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Summer is here, and the skin protection issue often comes with this season marked by the rhythm of holidays, clear water, sun, and outdoor activities. This is true for parents, but even more so for our little ones, who have particularly fragile skin.  Therefore, while it is important to protect baby’s skin from ultraviolet rays, parents are often reluctant to buy baby cosmetics, which for some brands may contain chemical or even toxic products.


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Fortunately, in 2020, there are many brands of cosmetics adapted to both infant skin and individual values: eco-responsible, natural, or « cruelty-free » products, there is something for everyone!

Little Guest has therefore chosen today to present its leading brands in terms of cosmetics to take care of baby’s skin, focusing on quality. And because summer is synonymous with care, but also with fragrant floral scents, we invite you to discover our selection of the best baby cosmetic brands offering adapted moisturizing creams.




« Baby cosmetics are useless. »

It is true that infant skin is different from adult skin. Babies do not have the same cosmetic needs as we do. However, their bodies require special care and it is important to choose these products carefully and with knowledge. It is also always pleasant to offer a perfume to baby, even if these must, of course, be adapted to his fragile body.


« Baby cosmetics are toxic! »

Oil derivatives such as paraffin or petroleum jelly, which are found in many baby cosmetics, especially in supermarkets, are not the best materials to take care of a baby’s skin. Many cosmetics also contain endocrine disruptors, colouring agents, fragrances to improve the product’s odour, or irritating preservatives. This makes many parents, quite rightly, reluctant in their choice of products. However, there are organic alternatives, without allergens or alcohol and with the mention Slow Cosmetics for Baby.

« Are there European organic alternatives to the big brands that are usually found in supermarkets? »

Of course! That’s why we have taken care to choose French, Dutch, Swiss or German brands in this comparison, for parents who want to consume locally, even in terms of beauty products. Europeans do it better!





  1. NAÏF

Naïf is a new Dutch brand entirely specialised in baby skin and organic cosmetics. The products of the brand, created by two dads who had the sensitivity of their babies’ skin at heart, are entirely produced with natural substances such as cottonseed oil, sweet almond oil, chamomile, macadamia oil and avocado oil. The range does not contain any harmful ingredients such as mineral oils, parabens or allergenic fragrances. Many of the brand’s products are also vegan certified! Among the brand’s flagship products, this summer we advise you to pack in your suitcases:


The Baby Soothing Body Lotion


NAÏF Baby Soothing Body Lotion has been specially formulated for babies’ delicate skin. It is ideal for dry skin. This soft body cream has a natural formula enriched with sweet almond oil, cottonseed, avocado oil, macadamia oil and chamomile. It is perfect for moisturizing and softening baby’s skin after a sea bath or in your pool this summer.

Price: €12.95




Bonpoint Paris has been a brand specialized in children’s, women’s and infant fashion for more than forty years. In 2010, it created its hypoallergenic and natural skincare range tested under dermatological control.


The Body Cream


The Body Cream is intended for the whole family, but is perfectly suited to baby’s skin. Made with a maximum of natural ingredients, it is sold in an attractive packaging and soothes tightness and other irritations by deeply nourishing the skin.

Price: €72




For more than 95 years, the Swiss brand Weleda has been offering organic and natural cosmetics for young and old. The company strives to combine natural, organic and quality, and its success on the European market proves that this is a successful gamble. In our selection of the brand’s baby essentials, we find in particular:


White Mallow Nappy Diaper Cream



Organic White Mallow Diaper Cream is perfect for treating irritations after the many diaper changes of the day. Soothing and also moisturizing, it is also very pleasant to the sense of smell because of its original scent.

Price: €845



Minois Paris offers us to rediscover French know-how with a line of natural baby care products that can be used from birth. These products are made in France, and cleverly packaged in a chic and luxurious (and recyclable!) packaging that reminds us of the 19th century in Paris.


The Dry Oil



If you prefer oils to creams when it comes to hydration, this oil nourishes, repairs and protects the delicate skin of babies and the whole family without leaving an oily effect, thanks to its excellent penetrating power. Made from 7 high quality organic vegetable oils, this treatment is particularly suitable for dry, very fragile and irritated skin and can be used from birth. The dry oil can also be used in massage to soothe the little ones and enjoy a special moment between children and parents.

Price: €36.00



Enfance Paris is an exceptional brand which manufactures all its products in France with a traditional know-how. Unique to French cosmetics, Enfance Paris products are made with demanding methods, themselves subject to the strictest rules in the world. Certified free of endocrine disruptors, it excludes not only the 1328 chemical substances prohibited in European Community law, but also those on a grey list established by the brand. What’s more, all Enfance Paris cosmetics are certified Cruelty Free and Vegan and therefore do not exploit our animal friends. All the cosmetics are therefore made from plants and flowers that do not contain any animal ingredients, which are themselves organically grown.


La Peau Douce Cream


The particularity of La Peau Douce cream is to provide intense hydration for baby’s body and face without weighing it down. It is also vegan and ORGANIC certified. Enriched with shea and cocoa butters and aloe vera, it leaves the skin deeply moisturized and soothed. Neutral, it contains no fragrance.

Price: €26.00



Organic Moisturizing Cream

This cream nourishes, softens and protects the skin. Containing organic shea butter, an ancestral African beauty recipe, naturally rich in moisturizing and anti-drying active ingredients, it also contains protective and softening rice proteins and organic sweet almond oil, with nourishing and soothing properties. Ideal to prevent epidermal dryness after a day at the beach.

Price: €6.65



  1. NÉ À

Baby Moisturizer – face and body

This care made in France is special because the brand develops its products in partnership with maternity hospitals. Based on calendula, it promotes soft and soothing hydration without being heavy, but it can also be used for massages. This treatment can be used on the face as well as on the body, and is suitable for both babies and mothers.

Price: €11.50



Calendula Nourishing Cream with Cold Cream


Made from organically grown flowers, notably calendula, it is enriched with Klorane cold cream of natural origin (96 %). It is ideal for dry, very dry and atopic skin, but also for chapped hands and milk crusts.

Price: €6.49





While L’Occitane has delighted generations of women with its flowery cosmetics and its world-renowned Occitan know-how, it recently launched a made in France and organic baby range.


Shea Baby Moisturizing Milk

occitane cream
Body and face cream (small important detail to note), it nourishes, softens and strengthens the protective barrier of babies’ skin. Bio and tested under paediatric control. The « must have » is the pretty pump bottle that is quick and easy to use.

Price: €25


  • Even if you are in favour of products that take care of your baby’s skin, don’t forget the basic rules of protection, which you can’t forget because you have excellent UV protection or a moisturising cream:
  • Avoid sun exposure between noon and 4 pm
  • Moisturize baby with plenty of mineral water
  • Protect your children with adapted sunglasses (Little Guest recently proposed a comparison).
  • Don’t forget umbrellas, hats, and fresh fruit in the cooler.
  • Demand excellent SPF protection for baby with a minimum SPF of 50. See our comparison of the best sunscreen creams for baby here.




  • Prefer to apply moisturizing creams after every shower, and give baby a bath after every swim.
  • Baby also has the right to have his own little perfume! To help you make your choice, Little Guest has prepared a selection of the best eaux de toilette for babies, don’t hesitate to consult it!

Have a good holiday!


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