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Whether it’s a good Disney or auteur cinema, the film industry has long since taken up the challenge of seducing toddlers and bringing a dose of entertainment and culture into their lives. So why not organize your own home cinema session? Check out our top 9 movies to watch with your kids and follow our recommendations to create the perfect setting for family viewing of short or feature films.


The best movies to watch with your kids


Animated movies for children

Dumbo, by Ben Sharpsteen (1941)

From 3 years old

Dumbo poster


The story: Madame Jumbo works in a travelling circus with her friends’ giraffes and monkeys. One day, when a stork finally gives her little protégé, whose ears are impressively large, the mockery flies… Ready to do anything to defend her child, the elephant is imprisoned, leaving Dumbo alone and scared… but not for long.

Our opinion: Simple but moving, the script is perfect for very young children. To make one’s difference a strength, that’s the moral of this very old Disney.

© Walt Disney, 1941




My Life as a Zucchini, by Claude Barras (2015)

From 8 years old

My life as a zucchini poster


The story: Icarus, a little orphan boy full of hope and love, will soon find himself in trouble when his mother, who has been raising him alone since her husband’s departure, disappears forever. Already the victim of a painful past, the boy known to everyone as Zucchini will find himself confronted with a new world: the orphanage. Between heartaches of friendship, childish rivalries and love setbacks, he will get you through complex emotions.

Our opinion: Despite the somewhat sad synopsis, the scenes are touching and tinged with humour. The moral of the story is that children are good and pure beings, sometimes stronger than adults, and ready to do anything to save those they love.

© RITA Productions, 2015




Belleville Rendezvous, by Sylvain Chomet (2003)

From 8 years old

Poster Les Triplettes de Belleville


The story: On the bike he received from his great-aunt, Mrs Souza, a little boy sets off at full speed towards the Tour de France to become the future cycling champion. As he is about to realize his dream, the child is kidnapped by two mysterious men. Prepared to do anything to save her little protégé, Madame Souza takes her friends on an eventful adventure.

Our opinion: Both tender and funny, this offbeat animated film is bathed in a retro atmosphere that appeals to young and old alike. While the adults have fun spotting the multiple cultural references, the toddlers get attached to the characters and plunge into a surrealist universe.

© Les Armateurs, 2003




Iconic animated cartoons we never get tired to watch

The Sword in the Stone, by Wolfgang Reitherman (1963)

From 5 years old

Sword in the Stone Poster


The story: Justice and harmony are only distant memories in England since the king disappeared. In this vast expanse of land plunged into obscurantism, will the young orphan Arthur be able to restore order and harmony? The teachings of Merlin the Magician will lead him to many exciting adventures…

Our opinion: If you want to plunge your children into a timeless childhood classic, and give them a taste of a world of magic with irresistible charm, The Sword in the Stone is THE Disney that can’t be ignored. Impenetrable forests, medieval settings and surprises on every floor, make yourself comfortable and enjoy!

© Walt Disney Pictures, 1963




Le Voyage de Chihiro, by Hayao Miyazaki (2001)

From 8 years old

Spirited Away poster


The story: As Chihiro gets lost in the grim streets of a ghost town with his parents, they find themselves transformed into pigs. In order to free them from the evil spell, the capricious 10-year-old girl will have to solve the mysteries of the parallel world she has just fallen into and confront the awful witch Yubaba and her evil spirits.

Our opinion: This masterpiece of a cartoon perfectly relates the zany and bewitching world of Miyazaki. In this magical world where references to Japanese culture are omnipresent, young and old alike get lost with pleasure, allowing themselves to be transported to the heart of the tradition and customs of the land of the rising sun. It’s a real pleasure for the eyes and for the heart.

© Studio Ghibi, 2001




Toy Story, by John Lasseter (1996)

From 5 years old

Toy Story poster


The story: A child’s bedroom is a world full of mysteries and surprises… Embark on a funny and moving adventure as you discover the secret life of young Andy’s toys which, when he leaves the room, come to life and carry out a series of exciting commando missions.

Our opinion: The animated film series Toy Story, which is worth a good action movie, is nothing less than a harmonious blend of humour and love. Strongly endearing, the little toys share their disappointments, their joys and their fears…and we quickly get caught in their adventures.

© Pixar Animation Studios & Walt Disney Pictures, 1996




Films or series for the whole family

The Karate Kid, by John G.Avildsen (1984)

From 10 years old


The story: As his mother decides to move to California for professional reasons, 16-year-old Daniel LaRusso sees his destiny take another turn. In his new life, tranquillity is not the agenda. Threatened by a naughty gang of insolent bikers, the young boy finds emotional refuge with Miyagi, an old gardener who excels in the art of karate and wisdom.

Our opinion: Here comes an iconic film full of lessons that every child should have seen at least once in his or her life. Beyond the confidence and self-respect inspired by the scenes shot by Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita, the nostalgia accentuated by Bill Conti’s music will make you dream.

© Columbia Pictures, 1984




Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Tim Burton (2004)

From 8 years old

Charlie and the chocolate factory poster


The story: Since the closing of the impressive Wonka chocolate factory, Charlie Bucket has been living with his family in a ruined house, lulled by the dream of meeting his greatest idol, Willy Wonka. Fascinated and intrigued by this strange man, will Charlie get the chance to fulfil his dream? Hope is suddenly reborn when the inventor of sweets decides to organize a worldwide contest, allowing 5 happy children to discover the incredible universe hidden behind the walls of the very mysterious factory…

Our opinion: Particularly moving, the main character shows an unfailing simplicity and kindness. Despite his difficult situation, Charlie instills important values: hope and kindness.

© Warner Bros, 2004



Beethoven, by Brian Levant (1992)

From 5 years old

Beethoven poster


The story: After escaping from a pet store that had been burglarized, Beethoven unconsciously takes the direction of the Newtons’ house, where he soon settles in, without asking too much of the occupants. Immediately charmed, the children will have to convince Daddy to keep this unique, affectionate… and very popular Saint Bernard.

Our opinion: Both funny and moving, the Newton children remind us that animal friendship is an infinite source of happiness… and that the adventures that result from it are just as worthwhile!


© Universal Pictures & Northern Lights Entertainment, 1992




Get ready for the show!

Smoothies and fruit sticks for kids


Before the movie

As the saying goes, « If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! ». In order to make this moment as unforgettable as it is convivial, it is essential to think about the preparations. Light a few candles here and there for a subdued atmosphere and provide rugs and blankets for cosy hugs. For the gourmets, forget the popcorn and improvise a cooking session an hour before the screening:

  • Sweet mini-brochettes. Red fruits and marshmallows, grapes and candies, or bananas and chocolate, let your imagination run wild or get inspired by existing recipes.
  • A fresh smoothie. The best way to get your kids to eat fruit is with a smoothie! For a tropical touch, choose a nice mango, half a bowl of Greek yoghurt, a bowl of almond milk and vanilla. It’s delicious!
  • A must-have cookie. What could be more fun than baking with your kids? Cookies are very simple to make and allow the kids to participate without any worries!
  • A homemade lemonade. Lemons or oranges, fresh still or sparkling water and a little cane sugar, nothing could be simpler! The bravest will make a squeezed orange juice to be enjoyed with a good pound cake.


After the movie

  • Get their little brains working. To make the fun last, ask your children a series of short questions to get them thinking about what they’ve just seen. Ask them to summarize the story, identify with a character, invent a sequel to the story… Need inspiration? Little Guest has imagined for you a comprehension sheet, just like at school but more fun!
  • Make your own film. Thanks to their infinite curiosity and overflowing imagination, children will love to become actors or directors for a day and explore the house with a new eye: that of the camera! Documentary or science fiction, choose your genre, play your own role or take on an imaginary character and… ACTION!


Enjoying Mauritius with the family

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