Review: Trunki Baby Suitcase

7 May 2018

Everybody is talking about it. Everyone wants one. Trunki is everywhere. And, wherever it appears, people get envious. This is the Trunki, the most trendy children’s suitcase of the moment. Its main asset ? It’s the prime carrier of its generation.

Two kids on their Trunki suitcase in the airport
Let’s go for a ride !

As if he or she had climbed on their bike, it is enough for your little one to get on the Trunki and go for a ride! A signal is given, and the magic begins… Let’s hit the road! Pulled by Mom or squarely at the controls under the admiring eyes of Dad, here is your toddler, who is now able to wander on four wheels between airport terminals. Little Guest (one and only collection of the finest hotels dedicated to families) has analyzed and evaluated, on the basis of testimonials and consumer opinions, this latest flagship holiday product…



For the record, Trunki was created in 1997 after a university competition organized in the United Kingdom. Each student participating in the event was tasked with designing a unique and original suitcase model. A stroke of genius for Rob Law who, winning the competition that day, did not suspect that his invention would meet, a decade later, with such success! A success that can be explained, in particular, by the style of the small suitcase – Trunki never goes unnoticed. Whether as an animal (giraffe, zebra, ladybug), a vehicle (fire engine, F1 car) or the world of children’s stories (pirate, unicorn, dinosaur), Trunki has seduced thousands of families with its fun shapes and bright colours.

« A unique and original suitcase model! »

And as if the design of the range was not wide enough, you can even customize your luggage on the brand’s website. With more than a billion possible customizations, your little globe-trotter can make THE suitcase of his or her dreams. Everything is possible! And, since tastes and colours are not always the same, allow your little ones to have complete control over the aesthetic design of his creation. You can always claim that you are traveling with another’s child when other holidaymakers stare your way…



The dimensions of the Trunki correspond to those of small cabin luggage (46x20x31cm), a smaller format that allows you to easily slide it into the compartment of plane, in the luggage rack of a train or the trunk of your car. If most airlines allow the Trunki on board (even the low-cost lines operated by EasyJet or Ryanair), avoid having it shipped in the hold, as you could damage its beautiful hull. With a capacity of 18 litres, the luggage consists of two compartments, one of which has a pair of compression straps and a pocket.



When analyzing Trunki’s popularity, we see that it has brought together generally positive opinions. Noted 4.4/5 on Amazon, the small suitcase has only a minority of dissatisfied buyers, who tend to quibble over its quality, which is surprising when you learn that the brand offers a five-year warranty on each of its models. In addition to the durability of the product, the most frequently cited criticisms by users was the flexibility or, conversely, the strength of its two clip closures, which  are apparently sometimes too sensitive, sometimes difficult to handle, even for an adult, as well as its small capacity. Little Guest joins the net protesters on these last two points. The space offered by the Trunki obviously does not allow you to install all of baby’s essentials. That’s why we encourage your toddler to essentially store his necessities, that is to say a teddy bear, his changing gear, as well as some books and games, just to ensure he is happy while reaching his destination.

In the face of Trunki’s flaws, Samsonite’s” Dream Rider “suitcase is a great alternative. The American company also offers children’s travel accessories. Among them, a carrying case for toddlers, travel kits and Ergofit backpacks for older children. Renowned for their durability and the quality of their finishes, Samsonite’s high-end children’s suitcases are in starring roles across the globe.

« Only a minority of dissatisfied buyers. »


Although a majority of users testify that a child of just 24 months can already easily handle the suitcase, the brand recommends it from 3 years and older to safely enjoy its carrier function, in addition to the pleasure of being pulled by Dad or Mom. There are also many consumers who advise against offering Trunki to a child over 6 years old, as his or her knees are by now too high to provide a comfortable seat. But do not panic! Think Boostapak! It is a backpack, adapted to the fragile joints of little ones, which turns into a joy during your trips by car or plane.


Two children with their Boostapak Trunki in the airport
The Boostapak, a backpack that turns into booster seat 

Another Trunki product that is a hot topic at the moment is the Toodlepak, a kind of child’s leash. The selling point of the Toodlepak would be that this paraphernalia, similar to a small vest with two carabiners attached to straps, allows baby to have his first adventures, safely, but at Little Guest, we are not really convinced of the need or the potential of this new travel accessory.



On the other hand, we are deeply convinced that the real strength of the Trunki children’s bag is the autonomy it provides to the kid, and also to the parents. Remember the two hours before you embarked on your last trip? These crucial minutes are certainly not in the top three of your best memories, or am I wrong? Stress starts at home when you know that it’s important to have the baby’s essentials at the last moment and on the right side of the bag to make sure you can reach them quickly, if needed, on your way to check in your luggage. Moreover, there is the tension that accompanies you to check-in when you have to watch your tottering toddler while impatiently trudging in the serpentine tail of the queue while your right hand pulls on bag #1 and your left hand is trying to hold the passports of the whole family? Not to mention your changing bag, which slips gently from your shoulder, weighed down by all those “soothing” creams that you took with you, when you were told that only one would suffice?

With the Trunki, your child is patient, his bum comfortably installed on his totally personalized suitcase in which all his treasures are hidden. With his little suitcase, which gives him everything you need, your child, like Mom and Dad, is organized and becomes responsible for his own business. Better yet , he is personally involved in his new journey on our dear blue planet. And lastly, see how proud your child is to have his own baggage!



Highlights of the Trunki case :

  • Innovative and original product, with multiple, fun and colorful designs
  • Distracts your child while waiting or bored during the trip
  • Genuinely involves your child in the family journey

Can do better :

  • Product quality and finishes
  • Low storage capacity
  • Robustness/fragility of the closing handles


Brand : Trunki
Place of construction : UK
Dimensions : 46x20x31 cm
Suitable ages : From 2 to 6
Weight (empty case) : 1,7 kg
Material : 100% polypropylene plastic
Environment benefits : Recyclable
Security code : EN71
Capacity : 18 L
Maximum weight held : 50 kg
Price : From 44,99€

Sources: Youtube, Amazon, Voyage et Enfants

Sarah, 25 years old, journalism and travel addict, from Brussels

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