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Sophie, mother of Achilles (4 y.o.), from Brussels

After spending a few days in Singapore where we had the opportunity to stay at the Capella, we arrived in Bali, the most popular island in Indonesia. It only takes a two hour flight to reach Bali from Singapore, however these two destinations are quite different. In Singapore, the architecture is almost futuristic, and everything is clean and orderly. In Bali, scooters and cars mix together in joyful disorder. Along the streets, temples transition into rice fields, traditional homes and stalls selling street food.

Two commonalities immediately come to mind: the kindness of the people and the luxurious plant life.

The chauffeur sent by the villa made sure to place a child’s seat in the back row of the comfortable 4X4, for the safety of our son Achille. He also brought a large bag of candy, which made our son beyond happy during the trip from the airport to the villa.

The Sungai Jungle Villa ***** offers two private accommodations. We chose to go with the Jungle Villa II, which consists of 3 double bedrooms, two of which are connected by an interior door. These connecting bedrooms are extremely practical for families. Our son Achille had his own double room and spent wonderful nights in a king size bed elegantly decorated with mosquito netting. A bed that looked more like a refuge that he immediately started calling « my cabin ».

Upon our arrival, we were welcomed with refreshing towels scented with lemongrass and the women of the villa placed small good luck flowers behind our ears.

« Our four year old son fell in love with his room… overflowing with gifts! »

In our villa, bowls full of cookies, marshmallows, and chips were waiting for us. The decoration in the Jungle Villa II is worthy of the most amazing interior design magazines, in which the villa has already won awards. We were immediately seduced by the villa’s discreet luxury and refinement.

Meanwhile, our 4 year old son fell in love with his room… which was full of gifts! Welcome balloons had been inflated for him and there was a card with « Welcome Achille » written on it attached to the balloon strings. A beautiful stuffed animal made with recycled materials was waiting for him on his bed, as well as a fanny pack, Balinese sandals specially made for his little feet, a straw hat and a traditional musical instrument. Tons of beach and board games had also been laid out for him, and our son particularly enjoyed the « Monopoly Bali Special ».

In his large walk-in closet, child sized hangers were available for hanging his clothes. Being the fashionista mom that I am, I was beyond happy to be able to hang his nice summer shirts! On the edge of our private pool, there was a large inflatable dolphin, a ball, buoys, and even a child sized life vest at his disposal.

Our bedrooms were full of beautiful travel books, novels, and children’s books. Coloring books, as well as story books in French! In the bathroom, there was sunscreen, mosquito repellent lotion and tiger balm along with the traditional products. Elegant wicker fans, a misting spray and hats were given to us to help beat the heat.

On the terrace, there was a large fridge with a myriad of beers, cider, water – free -, and soft drinks. These refreshing drinks were available every day. As a Coke Zero addict, I was quite happy with this detail 🙂

Our villa consisted of two main structures, on one side were the rooms and on the other an outdoor living room which was the perfect place to eat a meal as a family or relax on the canopy bed. Achille loved sitting at his little « desk » made for children his age to color while I read my book.

The Sungai Jungle Villa ***** offers accommodations combined with amazing service. We loved this structure that allowed us to take advantage of all the high-end services the hotel had to offer, all while enjoying the intimacy of our own villa.

The first night, a surprise was organized for our son. Our pool was covered in rose petals and two musicians came to play traditional instruments while we ate dinner.

The perfect ambiance.

Just like everywhere in Bali, we woke at dawn to the sound of the neighboring roosters crowing. Because of this, Pamela Hayes, the Australian owner of Sungai Jungle Villa ***** thought about light sleepers and made sure that Quies earplugs are available on the nightstands.

During our stay in Bali, the chauffeur at the Sungai Jungle Villa ***** was a great help in discovering the most beautiful spots in the region: Ubud and its rice fields, the monkey forest, the bird park, Seminyak, etc. The team at the villa knows the best places in the area, whether you’re looking for beach-clubs or restaurants, you will always get the best recommendations.

If you want to discover this wonderful island, the dedicated guide to Bali and published by Little Guest could also be very helpful.

We were so at home in our villa that on the last night there, we invited some friends who were also visiting Bali to come by and share a delicious Balinese pig roasted on the barbecue. Their 6 year old daughter, Giulia, had a great time with Achille thanks to all the games that were at their disposition. An unforgettable night, just like our entire stay in this paradisiac location that I highly recommend!


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