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Jérôme, father of Achille, 6 years old, from Brussels

Last October we discovered the beautiful Hungarian capital during a stay at the Ritz-Carlton, Budapest. Here is our testimony.


The last time I was in Budapest was twelve years ago. I was not yet a father at that time and our city trip turned into a weekend party with friends. This time, accompanied by my wife and our 6-year-old son, I was looking for a comfortable and beautifully located hotel for a long weekend. The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest perfectly fulfils these criteria.

The hotel is located opposite a park dominated by a Ferris wheel. As our son fell asleep, he could even see this attraction illuminated in the Hungarian night… the promise of sweet dreams. The park also had a playground and a sports field. Our son really enjoyed his long swing sessions in this area, which is also very pleasant for parents.


The back of the hotel opens onto a pleasant pedestrianised shopping street with international brands. The direct access to this pedestrian street is very convenient and safe for families with children who want to explore the city.

The banks of the Danube are a 5-minute walk away and Budapest’s main attractions are within a 10-minute walk. The location is therefore really ideal.

We opted for a suite with a master bedroom and a separate living room with our son’s sofa bed. We particularly appreciated the comfort of the room and its art-deco decoration.


When we arrived in the room, Achille was happy to discover the Ritz Kids package that had been reserved for him. This welcome gift consisted of a soft toy, felt pens, colouring books and children’s cosmetics with the Little Prince’s image. A really cool way to start your stay!

The hotel has a very nice indoor swimming pool. It is accessible to children for a few hours a day and it’s great to have fun with the family. The spa is not very big, but the treatments are of a very high quality. I myself tried the 90-minute relaxing massage (€150), which was perfectly executed.

“This welcome gift consists of a teddy bear, felt pens, colouring books and children’s cosmetics bearing the image of the Little Prince”

One lunchtime we tried the hotel’s Brazilian restaurant. The food is excellent and creative: gourmet tacos, grilled meat and ultra-fresh ceviche. Special mention for the Hungarian wine list and the excellent dry white wine Mad, from the north of the country. Prices are reasonable, with a lunch for three costing €100.

The hotel provides impeccable service, worthy of a palace. The staff is international and several people even speak French.


Budapest has changed a lot. Major renovation and embellishment work has been carried out in recent years. The result is dazzling and the city now deserves its nickname of « Paris of the East« . The city is very clean and safe, especially for children. Moreover, during our stay, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, a delight.

We first took a sightseeing bus around the city to see the main points of interest. The ticket also includes a one-hour cruise on the Danube, an experience the kids love!


Then, following the recommendations of the hotel concierge, we went to the Széchenyi district by metro. Budapest’s metro stations are very stylish with their oak woodwork and period tiles. It was almost like being in a museum, far from the decor of our Parisian and Brussels metros.

We spent a few hours at the Széchenyi Spa. This is a must-see activity that I highly recommend if you visit Budapest. In addition, several pools are designed to have depths suitable for children… a must!


Then we visited the zoo located just opposite. It is an urban zoo, very well maintained and very pleasant to discover with children.

“We spent a few hours at the Széchenyi Spa, a must-see activity that I highly recommend if you visit Budapest”

A little further on there is a lake, where you can rent small boats for a little stroll, but which also houses a water park. Despite our son’s insistence, he was indeed very excited about these two entertainment options, we did not try these attractions. That’s for next time!


To conclude, I would say that Budapest has nothing to envy to Paris, London or Barcelona. In fact, it is a safer city than its counterparts, and therefore more suitable for children. By staying at the Ritz-Carlton, as we did, you are guaranteed to have a dream stay, between comfort and adventure.


Have a good discovery!


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