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Alexandre, Travel Designer at Little Guest, from Strasbourg, France

Last February, I had the opportunity to lodge at Baobab Suites, a haven of peace wherein minimalism, comfort and luxury reign. With most of the guests being families with children, it was the perfect opportunity for me to discover why this 5-star hotel is such a dreamland for the visiting families. Check out the 6 major highlights which, in my opinion, make all the difference.

It was with an immense feeling of well-being that I arrived at Baobab Suites to lodge in for a weekend. At first glance, the establishment looked like an ultra-chic seaside residence, a surprising but pleasant contrast of the untamed landscapes of the surroundings. The ultra-contemporary architecture highlights the supreme modernity demonstrated by the premises.

Spacious and bright, the suites reflect the image of the hotel. With graphic curves, refined design, light colour palette… a serene and peaceful atmosphere emanates from the modernist rooms. As soon as you arrive here, the smell of the holidays will tickle your nostrils, announcing the colour of an invigorating stay.

« The ultra-contemporary architecture highlights the supreme modernity demonstrated by the premises. »

With the structure being both intimist and friendly, almost family-like, I had the privilege of meeting the staff members with whom we are in constant communication at Little Guest. From the Hotel’s reservation team to the Marketing Director and the General Manager, everyone warmly received me. So, after a warm welcome and a jovial presentation of the hotel, I was accompanied to my incredible suite with a view over the Atlantic ocean.

With sand, slate, palm trees, the lobby is adorable and gives an excellent first impression as soon as you check-in! On the ceiling, skylights let in the soft rays of sunlight which will naturally light up the premises.

All the interviewed families seemed to agree on one point: The Baobab suites were the decisive factor in their choices for holidays! Indeed, these suits are so equipped and spacious that they allow for complete autonomy.

From the outset, you will be surprisingly enchanted by the sumptuous brightness of the room, accentuated by the sunlight that passes through the large bay window and spreads into every corner, thus reinforcing the sense of space. As a foretaste, you should note that the smallest room has an area of 46sqm and looks like a real apartment wherein you could live all day.

Most of the suites have their own private swimming pool or hot tub, which are set up on an incredible terrace; a key element for families who seek after a modern cocoon with exteriors for children to play in. Little bonus for some rooms: views over the ocean and mountains.

But the heart of the suite undoubtedly remains its kitchen. Being fully equipped, it has a kitchen island, induction hobs, an oven, a hood and all the utensils necessary for preparing small meals, just like at home. Although the Baobab is very much aware that you are on holidays. So, while you splash around in your hot tub, in the swimming pool, or at the beach, the hotel staff can take care of your shopping and bring them straight to your room. How convenient this is!

« Most of the suites have their own private pool or hot tub« 

The Baobab Suites is extremely well located. It can be reached within fifteen minutes from Tenerife South International Airport, proximity that’s much appreciated by parents who are travelling with their children.

Another very good point highlighted by the hosted families was the location of the hotel in a lively area, bustling with lots of shops and restaurants. It should, however, be note that the establishment was built on the hillside, hence its high-altitude position can make access difficult, and at the same time, allows guests to enjoy an incredible view over the ocean and the volcanic mountains.

Fortunately, the Baobab has thought of everything: thanks to a voucher system set up during a partnership with a local taxi company, your walks around the surrounding areas will be simplified! To get your fill of ideas before setting out for the Baobab, you can always consult our practical guide for family holidays in Tenerife.

This system is also very useful when you are returning from the beach with little children. The sea air digs in! Located just 10 minutes’ walk away, La Playa de Fanabé is a large public beach wherein you can swim in peace. The most romantic ones can indulge in a stroll along the coast to explore the riviera.

To all families who wish to explore the beautiful island of Tenerife, I would immediately recommend the Baobab Suite for its ultra-kids-friendly appearance! The Little Guest Hotels Collection golden plaque is proudly displayed in the hotel lobby.

Every toddler I came across had a smile from ear to ear, and I must say, I wasn’t surprised! Outside, there is a superb play area with a beach volleyball court that await the most athletic families. It is at this same place that a giant tortoise lives, strutting at its pace on the hot sand.

I spent a large part of my first day at Saplings Kids’ Club, a simply magical place for the little ones. This huge room filled with wooden toys and playful games lets in the sunlight thanks to large skylights opening onto the azure sky of Tenerife since the island of eternal spring knows no rainfall!

« All the toddlers I came across had a smile from ear to ears, and I must say, I wasn’t surprised at all!« 

A wide range of activities is offered by the facilitators, who are also very flexible: no need to book in advance, the staff at the mini club organize themselves according to demand, and above all, access is completely free for young people from 3 to 12 years old. Although there is no baby club here, there is still a space for the little ones with a diaper-changing table and baby bed.

Parents also find their heart desires here, thanks to the numerous facilities available to them, such as paddle and squash courts, or even the state-of-the-art and fully equipped gym.

When it comes to catering at Baobab Suites, parents and their toddler(s) often choose Bite! A Buffet Restaurant: a unique space where a canteen atmosphere reigns for an instant return to childhood, and where some palm trees grow, arranged here and there between the tables. The buffet is varied and complete, enough to delight everyone’s taste buds. For healthy and athletic families, I strongly recommend the Fuel RestoBar which borders the hotel’s mini indoor beach. On the menu: vitaminized salads, vegetarian options, grills… there is something for everyone! This is, in my opinion, the ideal choice for those who seek after a lively spot that is completely suitable for the little ones, who can have unrestrained fun with their new holiday friends.

The hotel also has some very delicious gastronomic addresses for families who seek after a more intimist setting, such as the BB Restaurant which offers flavour-filled Mediterranean cuisines. Being set in a chic and exotic setting, the place opens onto a magical view of the Costa Adeje coastline… so exquisite! I savoured incredible nachos concocted in the Spanish way.

At the Sucás Restaurant, whose team is orchestrated by Chef Lucas Maes, the atmosphere is completely different. Impeccable service and gourmet cuisine are the order of the day in this elegant and refined restaurant.

In short, minimalist families who seek after complete autonomy will be won over by this concept of ultra-equipped apartments where children have a great time and can easily find their bearings.

A big thank you to Baobab Suites for this warm welcome and this unique experience!


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