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Marc & Joanna, parents of Tom (5) and  Julian (6), from Bruxelles

We had been dreaming for a while about holidays in a hot country. Endless fine white sand beaches, a paradise-like place… This is literally what we asked Little Guest for, and they provided! They understood our expectations and introduced us to an unbelievable place: the Park Hyatt, in Abu Dhabi, right next to the beach! Not only they found us the ideal location, but they also prepared everything for us. The only thing to do next for us was to pack everything.

All the family was ready to go, our baggage was packed, we had made sure that we had with us all we needed, now the sun and the plane were waiting for us! Everyone was here, our two children, Tom, 5 and Julian, 6, but also the grandparents, and it was time to take off, on December 21st all together to land some 7 hours later in Abu Dhabi. Little Guest had prepared the transfers, we didn’t have to worry about a thing! The way to the hotel was pretty long though, but we finally arrived at the hotel around midnight, and what a welcome : welcoming glass for the adults, fruit juices for the children, our luggage was immediately taken care of, and the hotel personnel accompanied us to our rooms.

« We didn’t have to worry about a thing! »

We then entered our rooms which were connected to one another as the Little Concierge team managed to have connecting rooms for our family. A wide space for everyone to feel comfortable: gigantic beds, bathrobes and slippers, a balcony in each room, one with a view on the hotel garden and the other with a partial view over the sea… We were all in awe. Besides, two beds had been installed for Tom and Julian, a very delicate attention from the hotel staff. Just a single downside to it all, the door that was connecting the two rooms closed poorly, which ended up being a bit dangerous for the tiny fingers of our children. Otherwise, everyone slept peacefully.

After a night sleeping like babies, the time had come for us to discover everything the hotel was offering. At our arrival, the tiredness wouldn’t let us fully appreciate the hotel itself, but now full of energy, we realised how beautiful it was, sumptuous, we hardly would have dreamt a better place! Marc, my husband, immediately headed to the fitness centre which genuinely was worth going to, with really modern and high-end machines. I personally went straight to the spa to replenish my senses after this very long way from Belgium, it definitely was much needed, and what a spa: truly relaxing massages, a nice hammam… Let’s say I appreciated the spa as much as my husband liked the fitness centre!

During all this time, our untiring children (just like every children on holiday!) immediately headed to the colourful kids-club. We had high expectations regarding the available activities for children when making our decision for a hotel, and Little Guest found the ideal place, Tom and Julian completely loved it: plenty of games, cooking classes, a warm and colourful place: a super nice kids-club, so nice that they wouldn’t stop telling us about it! In addition to that, it offered a pretty easy access one of the pools of the hotel, the kids pool, to which they didn’t really have time to go, yet it was a very nice one, with lots of space and game areas for the children.

Holidays in such a setting wouldn’t be complete without actually setting foot on the warm and fine white sand of the endless beaches. The shores were astounding, and the blue of the sea looked even better than on the pictures!

There was a whole lot of activities to do around the hotel, which pleased the whole family. We decided to go visit the Universal Exposition of Dubai. Needless to say, the whole family went from surprises to surprises! An absolutely gigantic complex where all the countries were represented. Our children were just in awe in front of some building which architecture just seemed to come from another world. We were seriously wondering how such infrastructures could stand and not fall apart.

« Needless to say, the whole family went from surprises to surprises! »

And how to talk about such a hotel without mentioning its restaurants? There were 3 of them, and it was delicious in all of the 3. Kitchens were run by two chefs, one German and the other Indian, a pretty bizarre combination, but don’t let it fool you, the food was amazing. However, the service was quite poor, even pretty bad. The waiters wouldn’t always understand our requests, but it all went pretty smooth in the end. For the children though, everything was on point: high chairs and kids menu, Tom and Julian enjoy every bit of their dishes, just like we did!

Our holiday week came to an end, but our whole family was agreeing on the fact that the stay was a success! A very nice and beautiful hotel, ideally placed right next to the beach, a wonderful kids-club where our boys had the time of their life, but also perfect for parents who do also have their special moments. So there is no time for hesitation, as far as we’re concerned, Little Guest got it right!

Thank you Little Guest !

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