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City trip


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After a few hours’ flight from Paris, we land at Brandenburg airport. Two days in the heart of Germany’s capital.


Ideal location and check-in


The hotel’s location is ideal, as it’s well served by numerous means of transport. We had easy access to the hotel from Brandenburg airport. All in all, the journey took us about an hour.


« The hotel’s proximity to all transport hubs is a real plus »


We arrived before check-in time, so our room wasn’t ready yet. The person at reception took us to the secure lockers and explained how to use them. Very easy to use, they’re big enough to hold all our luggage!


A stroll around town


Once we’d dropped off our luggage, we took a stroll around town and grabbed a bite to eat. Located right in the center of town, the hotel is close to numerous restaurants, giving you the chance to discover some great places to eat!


We returned to the hotel around 3.30pm and our room was ready for us! When we checked in, we had to say what time we wanted breakfast so that they could prepare the table.


Discovering the room


Located on the second floor with elevator. However, it’s an old building, so you have to take the elevator up to the 3rd floor and then go down half a floor, which is quite restrictive for families with strollers.


The atmosphere is very cosy and there are plenty of games for children to enjoy, from board games to toys. The room overlooks the hotel’s inner patio, an impersonal view since it’s opposite the hotel, but that’s to be expected since it’s a city hotel.


« Many toys and games are made of wood, which underlines the eco-friendly aspect! »


The eco-friendliness of the hotel can be felt in every corner, in the use of wood and noble materials. The room, designed for 2 children and 2 adults, is well laid out, but beware of the staircase leading to the bunk bed. I doubt a young child will be able to climb the steep steps.




At 9am, we head downstairs for breakfast. They offer a brunch-style formula, with scrambled eggs with parmesan, granola with yoghurt and pastries. Depending on your room reservation, breakfast may be included. Make sure you ask beforehand!




This is the perfect hotel for a city-trip, easily accessible and doing its utmost to accommodate families. If you have a stroller, don’t hesitate to inform the Little Concierges, as some parts of the hotel are cramped.


Beyond that, the eco-friendly aspect is a breath of fresh air in Berlin, and it’s always nice to come back to your room at Lulu Guldsmeden after a city-trip!

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