Eating well is not a luxury !

At Little Guest, we believe that intolerances and allergies food shouldn’t be an obstacle to travel. That’s why we have prepared a selection of luxurious hotels for you and your children.

Luxury hotels to have fun with family

Staying in luxury hotels in family is a wonderful way to spend unforgettable moments. To achieve this goal, Little Guest offers you a selection combining water parks and hotel complexes,

Live unforgettable experiences as a couple

At Little Guest, we have a passion: fulfilling families. Some people wonder about the origin, history or even relevance of Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t matter!

For a nature and sustainable travel with your family

Luxury hotels and environmental protection, a winning alliance increasingly sought after by families seeking adventure and comfort. When the most prestigious establishments adopt sustainable tourism,

The most beautiful stories to live in family

Holiday time is always the perfect time to read a book on the beach. Take a break from family reading time outdoors or at the hotel.

Enchanting lagoons and breathtaking landscapes

Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand… Southeast Asia is as vast as it is diverse. How to get your bearings among the abundance of tourist offers? What are the most kid-friendly hotels in the region?

From the American West to the Caribbean

Travelling to the Uncle Sam country with your family is a dream that comes true. Start your road-trip in the American West to the Mexican border and endin the Caribbean.

Visiting Africa with children

The African continent promises a kaleidoscopic family trip. Visiting Africa with children can take many forms: safari, city trip or even a nature break. Whatever your preferences are,

Dream island and life-size playground

Welcome to Crete, a small paradise on Earth where your children will be worshipped. Lay on the sand, put your feet in the water, enjoy the moment!

Where to go for a family getaway by the sea with a baby?

Studies have shown that going on holiday by the sea has a lot of benefits and positively impacts our health. Less stress, more vitamin D.