Top 6 of unusual hotels for extraordinary family experiences

1 August 2019

Looking for new family experiences? All Little Guest Hotels are incredible but some of them promise to live extraordinary moments!  Compose your holiday’s melody and slip into the shoes of a rock star, meet Sponge Bob and his fabulous universe or pretend to be Billy the Kid during a stay in Colorado? It’s possible! We take you on a world tour to discover our most unusual hotels!

Little Guest Hôtels insolites


1 – Tree houses on a virgin island in Thailand

Southern Thailand is also an archipelago of islands nestled  in crystal clear water Among them, some are still virgins, wild and make you dream of escapades far from the civilized world. It is precisely in a private bay on the Thai island of Koh Koodd  that the Soneva Kiri hotel is located.

Lost in the lush vegetation of the tropics, the luxurious cabins of this unique resort blend into the trees to offer you gourmet dinners served by acrobats. Natural materials and bamboo architecture create a simple and warm rustic-chic atmosphere. The whole family is invited to live an eco-responsible experience, in harmony with nature, with their heads in the stars and their feet in the China Sea.

The hotel also has many facilities to make it easier for children to stay, including a kids-club that rivals inventiveness to entertain and educate the youngest. Special mention for the stargazing workshop organized each evening with a professional astronomer!

For the whole family, the experience is completely new when it comes to eating at Tree Pod, one of the 4 restaurants in Soneva Kiri. Imagine a nest, a comfortable basket of braided wood, hung on the trees for a dinner brushing the foliage! Suspended at 6 meters high, the Gulf of Thailand lazily extends its curves to your feet while the service is done by zip line. Panorama and gastronomy… of high flight!


Little guest-Hotels insolites

A meal at height of 6 meters: a high-flying gastronomy!


2 – An unusual night at sponge bob’s house

Do you want to stay in an unusual place that reminds you of the aquatic world of the legendary Sponge Bob? As incredible as it is true, Nickelodeon Hotels and Resort Punta Cana is settled on the Caribbean Sea in the Bahamas. An immersion in the universe of the channel of the same name.

To meet your wildest dreams, The Pineapple, the signature suite of this extraordinary establishment, welcomes families who wish to (re)live their childhood. Inspired by the little yellow man’s house, it combines the comfort of a high-end villa with decorative elements straight out of the emblematic cartoon! Its facade consists of a giant pineapple tree that stands out in the heart of the complex. Inside, find a statue of Gary, the famous foam hero’s tamed snail, and also its completely reconstructed living room (even the shell phone!). Around this unusual villa, private gardens and a private swimming pool allow you to enjoy the sweetness of the outside… in complete privacy.

The whole resort is dedicated to fantasy and it’s not uncommon, as you walk down the aisles, to meet the heroes who have made the glory of the Nickelodeon chain’s cartoons: don’t miss the power breakfast with the Ninja Turtles!  To join other galaxies and complete this incredible journey, the whole family embarks on the Spacewalker, a restaurant whose decor and menu are as cosmic as they are surprising!


Little guest- Hotels insolites

A hotel room just like Sponge Bob… incredible but true!


3 – A holiday atmosphere at the Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife ***** delivers good vibes to all floors! If making your nights vibrate to the rhythm of the electric guitar is part of your dream-list, this establishment is undoubtedly made for you. Between two escapades, by the sea (nearby) or a hike on the Teide National Park mountains, compose the melody of your holiday from your room. Each of them has a unique decoration inspired by the universe of metal subtly declined: riveted walls, bright red wall sections, black lacquered furniture…

For the Hard Rock Hotel, each moment has its own soundtrack, it’s up to you to choose your own! To make your task easier, the rooms are equipped with new equipment that may well seduce all music lovers! A Fender guitar, a premium headset or a Crosley turntable are included. The soundproofing is obviously up to your ambitions. Moreover, the experience is far from being reserved for adults, even the kids-club allows your little ones to think of themselves as rockers. Guitar battles or introduction to mixing… in any case, don’t forget to put your dark glasses in your suitcase!

Those who prefer smoother melodies can recharge their batteries at the spa: a special program combines the rhythms of the music with the gentle pressure of a delicious massage. An ideal musical getaway to relax.


Little-guest-Hotels insolites

Rock’n roll holidays at the Hard Rock Hotel


4 – royals and Lego at the Ashford Castle

Somewhere between the red moors of Ireland stand the crenellated towers of the former medieval Ashford Castle. Dated from the 13th century, this fortress, steeped in history, is said to have welcomed Georges V, the Prince of Wales. Its opulent interiors in a classic style plunge the visitor into a very “royal” atmosphere. Between the canopy beds, the upholstered chairs and the crystal chandeliers, one almost has the impression that a crowned head will emerge around a corridor…

For its little guests, Ashford Castle is also full of surprises. Depending on the corners and corridors, they love to discover the castle thanks to the orientation map provided by the establishment. A real treasure hunt! Even more surprising, the “Lego Menu” is an exclusive service of Ashford Castle, which allows your child to choose different types of Legos. After placing an order, they arrive on a large silver tray directly in the room of the small budding builders. A custom-made service off the beaten track.

The old stones of the Ashford walls have retained their medieval charm. In this setting worthy of knights, the whole family can take part in a unique activity: training falcons, eagles and owls in the Hawk Walk, Ireland’s oldest raptor training school. Tame a falcon in the shade of the dungeons: masterly!


Little Guest - Hôtels insolites

Ashford Castle, a paradise for little knights and riders


5 – Dunton, a pionniers village in the heart of the far west

Do you dream of the wide open spaces traversed by Butch Cassidy and Buffalo Bill? Without a doubt, there is a little western air floating between the wooden huts of the Dunton Hot Springs. They are set in preserved nature, while the backdrop is the mountains of San Juan de la Rocía. We are in southwestern Colorado, in the heart of the United States. A former mining village deserted at the very beginning of the 20th century, Dunton has been restored without losing any of its authenticity. Its 13 warm cabins and comfortable tents welcome the adventurous tribes in search of original settings Hide-and-seek games, outdoor games around the brook, mountain bike or horse riding… the kids are not to be outdone and enjoy outdoor games in complete freedom.

In every corner of the village, the life of yesteryear is still rustling. The old saloon, transformed into a restaurant, is still teeming with joy of living. It’s good to enjoy, around a large table of raw wood, the delicate flesh of a smoked trout, a sheep rib grilled over a wood fire or a few scones with cranberries… simple dishes soaked in local colors.

To complete this panorama, at the foot of the properties there are beneficial natural hot springs. At dusk, when the mist rises, what a pleasure it is to immerse yourself in the warm waters of natural swimming pools.  After a horseback ride in Colorado’s sumptuous and preserved nature, it’s even better!


Little Guest-Hotels insolites

Live to the rythme of cowboys in the heart of Colorado!


6 – Sweetness and cocooning in Swedish Lapland

Nestled in a surreal setting straight out of a fairy tale, the Treehotel AB **** allows you to fulfil an old childhood dream: to sleep in a treehouse perched in the trees. Not only does the hotel offer luxurious outbuildings in the heart of a majestic boreal forest, but also many family activities to enjoy the pleasures of winter.

The hotel offers 7 eco-responsible huts designed by leading Scandinavian architects. Experience a total immersion in Lapland and spend a few cosy nights in a bird’s nest, a spaceship, a red cottage or a cube whose walls are entirely covered with mirrors. Did you want something unusual? Here it is!

These unusual huts make your nights a waking dream… While the parents take a romantic break, their eyes riveted on the aurora borealis dancing in the Lappish sky, the children fall asleep peacefully, already thinking about the activities that the next day will offer them. A sledging trip, a warm moment around a campfire, a safari in the Taiga, or a fishing trip? Ideas are coming to the fore and Treehotel AB takes on the challenge of meeting every one of these requests.


MirrorCube Treehotel AB Lapland

A perfect symbiosis with nature…


Don’t forget…

Unusual holidays are usually full of surprises but are even more successful when they are well prepared.  Before you embark on new adventures, take a look at our very complete checklists designed according to your children’s age!


Have a safe trip!


Mylene Mylène


Mylène, 28 years old, art lover and travel addict, from Strasbourg, France


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