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Baby flies!

If your baby is healthy, he or she can fly as early as his second or third week. Do not forget to take a bottle of water to avoid dehydration – before take-off or landing, have your child drink a few sips of water or milk. This will stimulate the jaw muscles and regulate the flow of air into the baby’s ears,

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Take your child on a bike

Bike rides are an enjoyable and environmentally friendly way to travel. In addition, it is excellent physical exercise. To ensure that your child accompanies you safely, some rules are essential. It is dangerous to carry a child aged less than one year. Up to four to five years, a trailer is preferable, because it moves backwards less easily. If the child is old enough to sit on a seat,

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Essentials for car travel

Before you go for a long drive, there are some things that should not be forgotten.

First, be sure to properly secure your luggage and travel during your child’s hours of sleep. Never travel with your baby in your arms, always use a car seat (refer to our article ‘How to choose a child’s car seat’) A fresh water bottle will allow your baby to drink,

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How to choose a child’s car seat

Car journeys can be a real pleasure for a child, soothed as he or she will be by the steady pace of the car. Nevertheless, it is necessary to respect some basic rules.

Before setting off, make sure that the car seat is properly positioned and that the safety straps are properly adjusted on the child’s shoulders. For a baby aged less than six months,

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Travelling with a stroller

Many parents are reluctant to bring their strollers when travelling. However, this accessory is nevertheless very important for the well-being of your child, for several reasons. First, it represents something that your baby knows, which will reassure him when he is travelling, away from his cocoon. Also, it means your child can relax during long walks. Finally, putting your child in her stroller will save you from back pain,

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Do not forget the sun cream !

If you are going to spend time in the sun, it is imperative that you bring sunscreen. For the children, the specialized brands offer high-protection indices (30 or 50), and be sure to apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of the body, and repeat every two hours.

A hat, sunglasses and water combinations that cover the body are also accessories that will protect your child from the sun.

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