Car trip with baby: opinion of a mother

6 August 2018

The long family holidays…we’ve been dreaming about them for weeks. But at bedtime, a question puzzles us: what if this long drive turns into a nightmare?

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Provence with the family: an authentic land walk

5 August 2018

The passion of travelers for the charms of Provence can not be explained, it must be lived, during a trip. Planning a stay in Provence with children is not always easy,

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A stay in Alicante with the family: advice of a mom

3 August 2018

Spain has long been considered a favorite holiday destination. The climate is mild throughout the year and offers holidays that are both exotic and rich in heritage,

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Sardinia with your family: All you need to know

2 August 2018

Beautiful Sardinia is one of the most popular family destinations in Europe. Appreciated by the globe-trotting tribes for its microclimate, its gastronomy and its dream beaches,

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Where to go to Portugal with the family: advice from a mom

1 August 2018

I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve been dragging my feet for a long time before I decided to explore Portugal. No doubt it was because of my rebellious side and boredom with all my friends talking about the many assets of this destination.

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Where to spend luxury holidays with the family ?

20 July 2018

To all those who think that family hotels and luxury do not mix, think again! Little Guest (collection of luxury hotels for families) has listed for you 10 5 * hotels in Europe,

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How to protect baby from mosquito bites

21 June 2018

Just when you thought it was a good time to go on holiday, you remembered that not only the beautiful days are back but with them the mosquitoes !

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Baby Clothes: 7 Chic Brands for Girls

20 June 2018

Bonpoint, Buissonnière, Karl Lagerfeld, Jacadi, Petit Bateau, Cyrillus and Ralph Lauren – here are seven major ready-made clothing brands recommended by Little Guest (collection of luxury hotels for families) for girls under 3 years old.

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Travel Checklist: Children from 6 to 12 years

18 June 2018

Your departure for your holidays is only a matter of hours away and your child wants to help pack his bags? Here is THE essential checklist of Little Guest for children from 6 to 12 years old!

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Travel Checklist: Children from 3 to 6 years

Are you at the beginning of your holiday and you think you have forgotten something in your toddler’s suitcase? Little Guest saves you the checklist for children from 3 to 6 years old.

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Travel Checklist: Baby to 3 years

15 June 2018

Preparing bags for toddlers is never easy. With this checklist of baby essentials (ages 0-3), Little Guest makes life easier in the blink of an eye!

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Family Vacations in Switzerland: A Mum’s Advice

5 June 2018

Have you ever thought of spending a holiday or a long weekend in Switzerland with your family? If this is not the case, I hope that this will convince you to take the plunge and to discover this invigorating country.

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Comparative : 8 sunscreens for babies

24 May 2018

When Mom and Dad lead the investigation into the best baby sunscreen, there is no shortage of choice between inexpensive brands, dermo-cosmetic products and organic sunscreens.

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Baby Luggage: Allowances by Air Company

23 May 2018

Your next trip is booked but at the time of packing, everything is complicated… Does a baby mean checked-in baggage or can you just fly with hand baggage?

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Crete With the Family: Our Best Advices in 2018

14 May 2018

Every year, thousands of families in search of authenticity, sweetness of life and luxury choose to stay on the peninsula where Zeus, the supreme god of Greek mythology,

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Review: Trunki Baby Suitcase

7 May 2018

Everybody is talking about it. Everyone wants one. Trunki is everywhere. And, wherever it appears, people get envious. This is the Trunki, the most trendy children’s suitcase of the moment.

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Find a Luxury Hotel for Families: a Real Obstacle Course

6 May 2018

Family holidays have never been so trendy. Good deals are shared on social networks and quality offers that are dedicated to families are flourishing. You want to travel with your toddlers andoffer everyone the high-end experience that is best suited to their age and dreams?

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A Weekend in Paris with the Family: What to Do?

5 May 2018

Deciding to leave for two days in Paris with all the family is not always easy. How to choose activities that will reconcile Mum’s special affection for art,

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And if you Bring your Family to Brussels at the Weekend?

4 May 2018

Located less than 1h30 by train from Paris and only 2 hours from London, the capital of Europe is an ideal destination for a city trip with the family.

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Baby flies!

31 July 2016

If your baby is healthy, he or she can fly as early as his second or third week. Do not forget to take a bottle of water to avoid dehydration – before take-off or landing,

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Take your child on a bike

Bike rides are an enjoyable and environmentally friendly way to travel. In addition, it is excellent physical exercise. To ensure that your child accompanies you safely,

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Essentials for car travel

Before you go for a long drive, there are some things that should not be forgotten.

First, be sure to properly secure your luggage and travel during your child’s hours of sleep.

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How to choose a child’s car seat

Car journeys can be a real pleasure for a child, soothed as he or she will be by the steady pace of the car. Nevertheless,

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Travelling with a stroller

16 June 2016

Many parents are reluctant to bring their strollers when travelling. However, this accessory is nevertheless very important for the well-being of your child, for several reasons.

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Do not forget the sun cream !

If you are going to spend time in the sun, it is imperative that you bring sunscreen. For the children, the specialized brands offer high-protection indices (30 or 50),

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