Baby flies!

If your baby is healthy, he or she can fly as early as his second or third week. Do not forget to take a bottle of water to avoid dehydration – before take-off or landing,

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Take your child on a bike

Bike rides are an enjoyable and environmentally friendly way to travel. In addition, it is excellent physical exercise. To ensure that your child accompanies you safely,

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Essentials for car travel

Before you go for a long drive, there are some things that should not be forgotten.

First, be sure to properly secure your luggage and travel during your child’s hours of sleep.

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How to choose a child’s car seat

Car journeys can be a real pleasure for a child, soothed as he or she will be by the steady pace of the car. Nevertheless,

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Travelling with a stroller

Many parents are reluctant to bring their strollers when travelling. However, this accessory is nevertheless very important for the well-being of your child, for several reasons.

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Do not forget the sun cream !

If you are going to spend time in the sun, it is imperative that you bring sunscreen. For the children, the specialized brands offer high-protection indices (30 or 50),

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