6 gourmet recipes to cook with your kids

2 April 2020

Cooking can be child’s play! When they want to, toddlers become little chefs ready to take on any challenge. Little Guest imagined easy and fun recipes to share with your little ones for a moment of complicity and sharing.

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Yoga for children, it is easy to practice !

2 April 2020

Staying at home for several weeks can lead to some inconveniences: restlessness and lack of concentration in children; irritations and annoyance with parents… The effects of confinement are sometimes deeply felt and disrupt an already turbulent daily life.

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Top 12 books for children

31 March 2020

While we are living in an unusual time that can be stressful for both adults and children, let’s not forget that there is something to occupy our days.

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Top 9 movies for kids

30 March 2020

Whether it’s a good Disney or auteur cinema, the film industry has long since taken up the challenge of seducing toddlers and bringing a dose of entertainment and culture into their lives.

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Keeping your children busy at home: 10 activities to have fun in complete safety

23 March 2020

Since March 18, 2020, numerous families around the world have been living in compulsory confinement. As a result of these unprecedented measures that are disrupt our daily lives and habits,

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Keeping your child occupied during a flight, 10 tips for a safe and serene trip

16 March 2020

The plane is a safe, fast and comfortable means of transport. It allows people to travel with their families to the most distant destinations. However,

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The 10 most beautiful carnivals in the world

13 January 2020

With their most beautiful carnival masks on, both the young and old will be able to celebrate together the joys of the festival in an enchanting atmosphere…

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Top 5 most beautiful family hiking destinations

23 September 2019

Are you looking for more of family walks, long-distance hiking trails or mountain trails? There are plenty of hiking attractions all over the world where enthusiasts can get to discover high peaks,

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The best museums to visit as a family

8 July 2019

Traveling means discovering the spirit of a place, its various countrysides, its numerous tastes… as well as its culture! Old stones, masterpieces or other temporary exhibits: every museum is full of emotions and things to discover as a family.

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The best diving and snorkeling spots

28 June 2019

Whether it’s free or as a sport, archaeological, or simply just for fun, diving is a fascinating activity for those who want to fully enjoy their holidays by the water.

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