How to choose the perfect baby swimsuit?

29 July 2020

Are you planning to go on holiday by the sea or lazing by the pool? In order to make the most of aquatic activities with your family,

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Comparative: 8 Eaux de toilette for your baby

26 July 2020

Fragrances are not necessarily the first choice of parents when choosing baby or children’s cosmetics. In fact, in addition to the alcohol used in the composition of most perfumes,

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Comparison: 9 moisturizing creams for baby

15 July 2020

Summer is here, and the skin protection issue often comes with this season marked by the rhythm of holidays, clear water, sun, and outdoor activities.

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New baby checklist: the baby essentials

26 March 2020

Is your baby on the way? Don’t forget anything to prepare for the arrival of your little treasure. To make your life easier, Little Guest Hotels Collection (a collection of luxury hotels dedicated to families with children) prepared the ultimate baby checklist to think of everything.

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Little Guest’s Selection: the best children’s stores

18 October 2019

For many years now, the idea of children’s stores has been growing around the globe. In Europe, Belgian, Swiss, and Parisian stores stand above the rest with their sublime collections that entice the youngest customers and their parents.

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Comparative: 10 strollers to travel with a baby

23 September 2019

Choosing a travel stroller can be as difficult as buying a new car. With their multiple options, their countless features, and their high taste for design,

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The best gift ideas for children by age

26 August 2019

You’re never short on opportunities to spoil your loved ones, and this is especially true when it comes to the children in your life. Godson or daughter,

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Baby Clothes: 7 Chic Brands for Girls

21 August 2019

Tartine & Chocolat, Bonpoint, Buissonnière, Karl Lagerfeld, Jacadi, Petit Bateau and Cyrillus  – here are seven major ready-made clothing brands recommended by Little Guest (collection of luxury hotels for families) for girls under 3 years old.

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Comparison: 8 baby sunglasses

16 August 2019

Much more than a fashion accessory, sunglasses are essential to defend baby’s sensitive eyes from nasty UV rays. Little Guest has selected for you 8 trendy,

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Comparative: 8 sunscreens for babies

16 August 2019

When Mum and Dad investigate the search for the best baby sunscreen, there’s no shortage of choices between cheap brands, dermo-cosmetic products and organic sunscreens.

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The most beautiful summer sandals for little girls

27 May 2019

The holidays are arriving, the sun is shining, and the little feet are getting restless in their shoes… It’s time for little girls to choose their ideal pair of sandals for the summer of 2019.

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Samsonite Dream Rider suitcase for children: review

6 June 2018

The Dream Rider by Samsonite is a carrying suitcase for children. Mounted on four wheels and with a playful design, the luggage has become popular with the new generation of globetrotters.

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Review: Trunki Baby Suitcase

7 May 2018

Everybody is talking about it. Everyone wants one. Trunki is everywhere. And, wherever it appears, people get envious. This is the Trunki, the most trendy children’s suitcase of the moment.

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