Marrakech with your family: culture, nature, and authenticity

25 January 2021

Cosmopolitan and traditional, with its beating heart surrounded by thousand-year-old ramparts and its narrow streets lined with colourful stalls, Marrakech is a city of contrasts,

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Ibiza as a family: dream holiday with children

11 January 2021

The noisiest of the Balearic Islands has other well-kept treasures besides its fancy parties. In recent years, the white island has been constantly renewing itself and attracts both the jet-set and families looking for tranquillity.

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Where to go on holiday in September for a relaxing weekend with your family?

25 August 2020

According to a lot of people, September is the perfect time to take some days off. Temperatures are mild, holidaymakers have deserted the beaches, calm reigns.

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Spain with your family: Practical Guide

20 July 2020

Spain is a true cultural treasure with a rich historical heritage. This plural, warm and welcoming country it a perfect place to spend a few days or several months.

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The Maldives with your family: practical guide

25 June 2020

Numerous small islands, turquoise water, beautiful sandy beaches. The perfect image for the ideal holiday. And why not staying in the Maldives? A postcard setting that will delight children and adults.

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Prestigious road trip between the Swiss Alps and the French Riviera

19 June 2020

Since this summer rhymes with freedom, Little Guest has concocted a series of holiday itineraries full of surprises and amazement. Here comes an exceptional road trip as it is nothing less than a stage between the magnificent Swiss Alps and the French Riviera.

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Historical and family road trip in Provence

18 June 2020

After these difficult times, our travel and travelling habits have significantly changed. As such, many of us will be favouring France as well as nearby European countries for their summer holidays.

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Nature road trip with your family between France and Spain

16 June 2020

Adventurers, get out your road map! Have you spotted all these green areas spread across the south of France? Imagine for a moment plunging your soul into one of them for a total reconnection with nature,

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Culture and dolce vita road trip between Switzerland and Italy

16 June 2020

Driving, escaping, discovering and marvelling, this is in a few words the definition of an ideal road trip. Carried out alone, this adventure is a good way to take some time to reflect on yourself;

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Lake Geneva: the best family luxury hotels

13 May 2020

What if the next family vacation combines mountains and fresh air? The shores of Lake Geneva is the ideal destination for families, the lake Geneva offers a beautiful range of landscapes and breathtaking views that you can discover thanks to an incredible itinerary.

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Cyprus with your family: practical guide

24 February 2020

With its love and sunshine, Cyprus is a destination of choice. Nicknamed the Island of Aphrodite (Goddess of Beauty), this bewitching archipelago fully enjoys this patronage.

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Top 4 of the best ski resorts in France

18 February 2020

In order to meet the requirements of winter sports enthusiasts looking for a setting suitable for the whole family, we have selected 4 resorts that are very popular with toddlers and their parents.

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Rome with your family, a mother’s advice

11 February 2020

Rome is one of my favourite European cities, so visiting that city alongside my kids is always a pleasure. There is a little indefinable something in this city that makes life more beautiful;

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Selection of the best family destinations in the Caribbean

6 February 2020

Ah… sunbathing on a long white sand beach while in the distance the swaying rhythm of the calypso gently rocks you. If you are fond of scuba diving,

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Tuscany with your family: a practical guide

30 January 2020

With its breathtaking panoramas, unforgettable works of art and unique buildings, Tuscany promises a holiday full of scenery, culture and gastronomy. You will visit the mother region of Italy.

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Saint-Barthélemy with your family: practical guide

28 January 2020

St. Barts, a small French island of volcanic origin of only 21 sqm nestled in the north of the West Indies, has everything you could wish for in terms of relaxation,

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Senegal with your family: practical guide

27 January 2020

The jewel of West Africa, Senegal is a contrasted, colourful and warm country wherein the heartbeat of authentic Africa still beats in full swing. This highly endearing destination is being nicknamed the Teranga country,

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Going to Camargue as a family, the sound advice of a mum

13 January 2020

Do you have a sudden yearning for wilderness and big boluses of air in the heart of unique and stunning landscapes? How about a little getaway in the country of birds,

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Dubai with your family: practical guide

6 January 2020

It’s agreed, your next family vacation will take place in the United Arab Emirates! Grandeur and excess, complete change of scenery, the discovery of a culture that’s very different from ours…

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What are the best hotel restaurants in the world?

30 December 2019

Luxury hotels always offer quality restaurants, but which establishments have a truly exceptional menu? We’ve selected five top-of-the-range establishments where the great gourmet cuisine is sure to satisfy even the most demanding epicureans.

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Family road trip in Portugal: our practical guide

23 December 2019

Driving on the road as the scenery changes, letting yourself be carried along by the stages without thinking about tomorrow… for everyone, a road trip is synonymous with freedom and adventure.

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Slow life weekend with your family in Brussels

23 December 2019

Brussels, a European destination, a cultural destination, but above all a 100% slow life destination for the most demanding visitors. Slow Life, everyone is talking about it but what is it exactly?

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Corfu with your family, a mother’s advice

9 December 2019

I have always said that travelling with the family is an art, and each departure is a unique adventure. This time, I will be taking you to a destination that is both exotic and easy-going,

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Where to go in June 2020 for a family holiday?

6 December 2019

Children have already left school. Your wandering minds are eager to travel with them to new lands. Why not take an early start on your holiday?

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What can be done with your family when it’s raining on the French Riviera?

25 November 2019

The holidays are finally here. Off we head for the South of France! Tomorrow is the grand family departure for the Côte d’Azur, its mild climate and enchanting landscapes.

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Where to go in August 2020 for a family summer holiday

22 November 2019

Preparing a stay for August is not always easy: it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between ideal family destinations and tourist places that are too crowded or too hot at this time of year.

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Teenage holidays: the best destinations

19 November 2019

A good family holiday is not an impossible mission, even with a teenager. To go on a trip with teenagers without alienating them, choose trips adapted to your young adults.

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The top family destinations for travel in July 2020

19 November 2019

Regardless of the period of the year you are in, children only think of one thing: the summer holidays! Getting away, forgetting about school, sharing enjoyable moments with Mom and Dad…

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Visiting Mexico as a family: practical guide

13 November 2019

At 3 times the size of France, everything is simply bigger in Mexico. Volcanos, Mayan temples drowning in greenery, and colourful festivals are just the beginning in this country of living folklore that attracts adventurous families every year.

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A Slow life week-end in Paris with family

31 October 2019

Slow life is an Anglo-Saxon term that has been very trendy these last few years. Behind those words hides the desire to breath, to slow down,

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The most beautiful amusement parks for family holidays

30 October 2019

Are your children fans of fairy tales and superheroes? What if, for the next holiday, you take them to Wonderland? We have selected the most beautiful theme hotels and amusement parks to get everyone in on the excitement!

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The best family destinations for a magic Christmas

7 October 2019

Celebrate Christmas in style, with your feet in the sand in Mauritius, sipping a Piña Colada to a tune of Bachata in the Dominican Republic,

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The most beautiful luxury hotels with baby-club

1 October 2019

Going on holidays with young children is no easy thing, and every parent knows it. Having to always remember the baby bottles, teddy bear, not to mention the attention which your adorable toddler requires,

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Visiting Mauritius with your family: practical guide

26 September 2019

A true earthly paradise interspersed by sites with a poetic name, Mauritius is a privileged destination for families. Nestled between the Islands of Reunion and Rodrigues,

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A dream vacation for a babymoon

24 September 2019

Babymoon… What could be behind this little name that reminds us of the best moments of our tender honeymoon? A new trend in travelling straight from the United States,

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6 family destinations for the autumn break

23 September 2019

A small autumnal break to get away from the greyness and daily grind, the October half term and school holidays are the perfect moments to take a vacation.

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Reunion Island with the family: Practical guide

18 September 2019

Between Madagascar and Mauritius, an extraordinary island stands out: Reunion Island. Its active volcano, breathtaking cliffs and sparkling waterfalls evoke prehistoric times. Yet its natural resources,

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South Africa with the family: Practical guide

18 September 2019

Be ready to meet the famous rainbow nation. Energetic and bubbling creative cities, breathtaking panoramas, raw wildlife, luxurious lodges and safaris… Nelson Mandela’s country depicts transcendental paintings where man and nature are one.

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The most beautiful mountain-based luxury hotels for families

13 September 2019

It’s winter, and the snow has covered the European mountains with its thin white coat: from the Alps to the Pyrenees, the air is pure and the scenery dazzling!

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Tour in Italy: the top destinations and luxury hotels

11 September 2019

Italy is one of Europe’s most concerned countries, when it comes to the well-being of children. The most luxurious accommodations in the nation all place the comfort of families and the care of toddlers at the heart of their services and values.

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Sunny destinations for luxury new year vacation in family

3 September 2019

Spending New Year’s Eve away from the cold of December with your kids has never been this easy, thanks to this selection of kid-friendly luxury hotels.

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Top 5 attractions and activities to do in Alicante with kids

28 August 2019

Since always, Spain has been considered as the favourite families’ holiday destination. All year long, the climate is mild and offers an exotic gateway to Europe.

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Crete with you family: practical guide

23 August 2019

Every year, thousands of families in search of authenticity, the sweetness of life and luxury choose to stay on the peninsula where Zeus, the supreme God of Greek mythology,

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The Dominican Republic with your family: practical guide

19 August 2019

The warm and sunny weather, the generous scenery, the kids-friendly hotels and the wealth of its culture make the Dominican Republic an ideal destination for families.

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Halkidiki, the Bright Peninsula

14 August 2019

With its sing-song name, Halkidiki (also known as Chalkidiki) is a little-known destination by holidaymakers. Yet the three peninsulas of this attached part of Greece are just as splendid as the Peloponnese or the Cyclades.

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Top 10 destinations to take the best pictures

12 August 2019

For some people, photography is an art. For others, it’s a passion. It transcribes on paper or on-screen what our eyes find most beautiful. Little Guest has selected for you the most beautiful destinations for budding or professional photographers.

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Top 5 of unusual hotels for extraordinary family experiences

1 August 2019

Looking for new family experiences? All Little Guest Hotels are incredible but some of them promise to live extraordinary moments!  Compose your holiday’s melody and slip into the shoes of a rock star,

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The Little Guest’s Best Family Vacation Destinations

23 July 2019

The Little Guest Hotels Collection (a collection of luxury hotels for families) has found out the most sought after family destinations and the ones that are in highest demand.

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Sardinia with the family: practical guide

17 July 2019

Beautiful Sardinia is one of the most popular family destinations in Europe. Appreciated by the globe-trotting tribes for its microclimate, its gastronomy and its dream beaches,

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The best museums to visit as a family

8 July 2019

Travelling means discovering the spirit of a place, its various countrysides, its numerous tastes… as well as its culture! Old stones, masterpieces or other temporary exhibits: every museum is full of emotions and things to discover as a family.

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Our selection of kid-friendly Michelin-star hotels

8 July 2019

Michelin-star restaurants have a reputation for not being particularly kids-friendly places. There is, however, a revolution in the sector as an increasing number of gourmet restaurants now offer kid-friendly menus.

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Morocco with the family: practical guide

8 July 2019

Morocco has everything to please demanding families, and Little Guest (a family-friendly luxury hotels collection) understands this well. To assist you in preparing your next holiday to the Maghreb,

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Tenerife with family: a practical guide

2 July 2019

Tenerife, nicknamed the island of eternal spring, attracts millions of tourists each year. They go there to enjoy the sun that shines year-round and to discover the marvellous flora and fauna there.

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An unusual week end in Paris with kids

25 June 2019

You can visit Paris 1, 2 or 10 times, but the City of Light only keeps surprising us. With its small alleys, covered walkways and narrow streets,

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Singapore with family : a practical guide

18 June 2019

Underneath its business city look, Singapore unfolds an unusual charm that is worth exploring. With its futuristic architecture, gastronomy, multiculturalism, its neighbors call it the « garden city » has more than a few up its alleys.

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Andorra: a dream destination for families

13 June 2019

At the heart of the Pyrenees hides a natural and cultural gem that is not too well known: Andorra. With its numerous ski slopes, its tall mountain peaks and its typical villages,

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Thailand with your family : a practical guide

3 June 2019

At the mention of Thailand, several images come to inspired to the mind of globetrotters families: from the remnants of Buddhist temples to the spicy scents of street food,

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Our selection of the best restaurants in Italy

3 June 2019

Spaghettis, pizzas, arancini and even cannoli, Italian gastronomy needs no introduction. Sometimes sweet, sometimes salty, it pleases adults and children alike and can be adapted to any taste.

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The best safari lodges for families

15 April 2019

Is the only thing you haven’t done on your “travel checklist” to finally achieve all your childhood dreams an African Safari? That being said, you are concerned about your children’s comfort and security on the savannah,

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What to do in Paris as a family on a rainy day?

29 March 2019

Paris is always so attractive and magic, even when it’s raining. With so many activities and so many amazing places to visit together with your family,

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Our best honeymoon destinations with children

18 March 2019

We meet, we get together, we fall in love, we decide to move in together, we bring one or two children into the world, and one day,

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10 dream hotels to renew your wedding vows with kids

3 October 2018

Saying “yes” to your better half for the second time is THE new marital trend! After several years together, many couples decide to relive this unforgettable day during which they promised themselves to each other;

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Capri and Naples with the family: tips from a mom

18 September 2018

As far back as I can remember, I have always felt an irresistible attraction for the islands. I like their particular lights, their changing landscapes during the day and especially the feeling of moving away from the world.

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Dolomites with kids: the ultimate guide

30 August 2018

Summer and winter, families are more and more often walking the hiking trails that cross or bypass the Italian Dolomites in South Tyrol. While this holiday destination may seem out of the ordinary,

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Lake Como with kids: the ultimate guide

23 August 2018

As you know, Italy places the family and the care of the youngest ones at the center of its national values. The region of Como is no exception!

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Provence with the family: an authentic land walk

5 August 2018

The passion of travelers for the charms of Provence can not be explained, it must be lived, during a trip. Planning a stay in Provence with children is not always easy,

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Where to go to Portugal with the family: tips from a mom

1 August 2018

I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve been dragging my feet for a long time before I decided to explore Portugal. No doubt it was because of my rebellious side and boredom with all my friends talking about the many assets of this destination.

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Where to spend luxury holidays with the family ?

20 July 2018

To all those who think that family hotels and luxury do not mix, think again! Little Guest (collection of luxury hotels for families) has listed for you 10 5 * hotels in Europe,

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Family vacations in Switzerland: tips from a mom

5 June 2018

Have you ever thought of spending a holiday or a long weekend in Switzerland with your family? If this is not the case, I hope that this will convince you to take the plunge and to discover this invigorating country.

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