Prenatal massages: all our tips

18 September 2020

Pregnancy is a period of great upheaval on many levels: hormonal, physical, but also psychological. These 9 months, full of doubts, fears and strong emotions,

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Checklist for ski family holidays

15 September 2020

Packing your suitcase in an efficient way for the holidays is a real must! In order not to miss anything and to ensure everyone’s comfort,

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Why should you adopt babywearing?

3 August 2020

Carrying a baby is an ancestral technique that has endured in Africa, South America, Asia, and Oceania for thousands of years. For some anthropologists, the baby carrier may even be the first object to have been created by man.

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When and how to introduce your baby to the pool?

20 July 2020

Have you ever heard of swimming babies? This funny expression actually refers to new-borns who are able to hold their breath underwater to evolve in an aquatic environment.

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Experiential tourism: our complete record

2 July 2020

Tourism is very often associated with a desire to see as much as possible in as little time as possible. This sometimes results in a disappointment,

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Slow Tourism: a new way to travel as a family

29 June 2020

In order to meet the constantly changing expectations of travelling families, the tourism sector has to reinvent itself. Little Guest has therefore addressed the issue of slow tourism,

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Our tips for a well-organised family road trip

17 June 2020

Summer is here and the sweet sound of holidays can be heard in the distance. Therefore, you might be looking for the best possible family road trip to take your mind off things.

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Ecotourism: what is an eco-friendly hotel?

7 May 2020

Escaping to exotic paradises while limiting your carbon footprint? Adventuring with your family in beautiful landscapes while being sure not to spoil them? Now the dream comes true since a green revolution invaded the worldwide luxury hotels.

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Eco hotels: an organic and local gastronomy?

7 May 2020

The sun, the sea, the yoga classes every morning on the beach and a cutting-edge spa are essential for a peaceful repairing stay. The fitness activities or the outdoor walks are a plus,

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Eco-friendly family holidays: our complete record

7 May 2020

Without never sacrificing the comfort of its guests, the hotel industry is reinventing itself day after day to meet the expectations of demanding travelling families.

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Dream villas for your family holidays

27 April 2020

Choosing accommodation for your vacation can be a bit of a headache, especially when you’re going away with your family. It’s not easy to find accommodation that offers children’s entertainment,

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The best spa & wellness hotels for families

23 April 2020

Looking for a sweet escape, rejuvenation and well-being? Treat yourself to a wellness stay in one of our family spa hotels. The Little Guest Spa &

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Coronavirus : situation report

24 March 2020


Dear travelling families,

We are all impacted by the viral epidemic currently affecting several continents.

Faithful to its values,

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Keeping your child occupied during a flight, 10 tips for a serene trip

16 March 2020

The plane is a safe, fast and comfortable means of transport. It allows people to travel with their families to the most remote destinations. However,

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Travel shapes youth : our complete guide

2 March 2020

Is travelling with children any useful? Is it reasonable enough? The answer is: yes, of course! And if someone tries to dissuade you, do not listen to such a person!

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Travelling with your family to the United States: which visas are required?

30 January 2020

50 states united in one continent, many cultures, diverse landscapes whose contrast is very striking. The United States is an excellent destination for cultural travel and discovery. 

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The 10 most beautiful carnivals in the world

13 January 2020

With their most beautiful carnival masks on, both the young and old will be able to celebrate together the joys of the festival in an enchanting atmosphere…

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Baby luggage: allowances by air company

2 January 2020

Your next trip is booked but at the time of packing, everything is complicated… Does a baby mean checked-in baggage or can you just fly with hand baggage?

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Family train: discounts and rates per company

1 January 2020

Train trips have something magical, authentic but also fun for children. From Mum’s and Dad’s point of view, it’s almost the same except that you first have to budget for tickets for all members of the tribe.

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The most beautiful capitals in Europe to visit with your children

19 December 2019

What if you took your children on a city trip to explore Europe and its capitals? They all have the advantage of being nearby destinations.

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Which vaccines do you need to travel with your family?

6 December 2019

The simple evocation of a safari in Africa, tropical landscapes or the Mayan treasures of South America gives you the desire to take off immediately?

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Single-parent families: our tips for your holidays

5 December 2019

It is well known that being a parent is a full-time job, and this is even more true for single parents! Since Little Guest Hotels Collection (a collection of luxury family hotels) highlights the wellbeing of every family,

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Book your luxury family hotel online

26 November 2019

Since the happiness of families is our priority, Little Guest Hotels Collection (collection of luxury family hotels) has selected the best kids-friendly luxury hotels and resorts.

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What about bringing your family to Brussels for the weekend?

25 November 2019

Located less than 1h30 by train from Paris and only 2 hours from London, the capital of Europe is an ideal destination for a city trip with the family.

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10 tips for flying with kids to keep them calm

1 October 2019

The dates for holidays have been fixed, the destination unanimously agreed on within the family, and it is time to think about flight reservations. At this point,

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Top 5 most beautiful family hiking destinations

23 September 2019

Are you looking for more of family walks, long-distance hiking trails or mountain trails? There are plenty of hiking attractions all over the world where enthusiasts can get to discover high peaks,

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Investigation: should we continue to boycott the Maldives in 2019?

8 July 2019

Since 2012, the hell hidden behind the picture perfect decoration of the Maldives has no longer been a secret to anyone. Their domestic policy caused a great wave of indignation to rise among the media and travel agencies around the world.

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The best diving and snorkeling spots

28 June 2019

Whether it’s free or as a sport, archaeological, or simply just for fun, diving is a fascinating activity for those who want to fully enjoy their holidays by the water.

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The Montessori Method, the kids club’s future ?

19 June 2019

Montessori pedagogy is increasingly being emulated all over the world. Focused on the child’s personal development, it also inspires the kids’ clubs of luxury hotels,

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The best spa hotels in France for all your family

13 June 2019

Rejuvenation is essential for your next family vacation! Step through the doors of these six magnificent hotels in France, all of which feature exceptional wellness centres that can accommodate your toddlers and teenagers for a well-deserved thalasso weekend.

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Where to go with family in September?

3 June 2019

The end of the summer period is a season of opportunity for those who wish to enjoy a milder climate in the Northern Hemisphere without necessarily dealing with the crowds of tourists and,

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Family holidays: the most beautiful luxury cars

31 May 2019

Freedom and independence are the key words of car travel! Little Guest has selected the most beautiful cars to swallow the kilometers and reach your family holiday destination in the best conditions.

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Where and how to celebrate your children’s birthdays

29 May 2019

Is your child getting ready to celebrate their birthday? To make sure this day is just as memorable for them as it is for you,

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Parental authorization for international travel

21 May 2019

Before heading off to discover new lands, it is necessary to go through the unglamorous yet important step of obtaining identification papers and travel documents.

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Where and how to travel with baby: tips from a mom

25 April 2019

Even if the adventure always seems a little frightening, travelling with a baby has never been as easy as today. Not only do most destinations offer services adapted to families but also the necessary equipment dedicated to young children does not cease to evolve towards greater autonomy and simplicity of use.

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Best activities to do in Lisbon with kids for a luxury city break

6 April 2019

Are you tempted by Lisbon? Everyone talks about it, everyone goes there, the Portuguese city is definitely an ultra-plebiscite destination! But did you know that Lisbon is very good for family holiday?

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Flying while pregnant: 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, etc.

19 September 2018

Is the tropical sun calling out to you and your pregnant belly? Do not panic! Little Guest (collection of luxury family hotels) has compiled a list of various airline requirements for all future globe-trotting mothers and some “mum-to-be routines”

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Travelling with a large family: a complete file

31 August 2018

Going on vacation with a big tribe can seem like a real obstacle course. To travel in the best conditions, however, it is helpful to manage the preparation of your trip,

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How to protect baby from mosquito bites

21 June 2018

Just when you thought it was a good time to go on holiday, you remembered that not only the beautiful days are back but with them the mosquitoes !

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Travel Checklist: For children from 6 to 12 years old

18 June 2018

Tic, tac, tic, tac… It’s almost time for you to fly away and to go on holidays! Do not forget to pack anything. To save you some time,

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Travel Checklist: Children from 3 to 6 years old

18 June 2018

Your vacations just started and you’re afraid you have forgotten something in your toddler’s suitcase? Little Guest (luxury hotels collection for families) is here for you!

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Travel Checklist: For babies from 0 to 3 years old

15 June 2018

Packing for toddlers is never easy. With this checklist of essentials for babies until 3 years old, Little Guest (luxury hotels collection for families) makes your life easier in the blink of an eye!

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