Family Holidays Mauritius

Welcome to our guide to family vacations in Mauritius, an idyllic destination located in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius offers the perfect blend of white sandy beaches, lush tropical landscapes and vibrant culture, making it an ideal choice for a memorable family vacation. Whether you’re looking for exciting activities to keep the kids entertained, or simply want to relax on a heavenly beach, Mauritius has it all.

A few tips for your family holiday in Mauritius

During your family holiday in Mauritius, don’t miss out on a visit to the island’s iconic sites, which will delight young and old alike. Start by exploring the capital, Port-Louis, with its bustling markets, such as the Central Market and the Quatre-Bornes Market, where you can sample local specialties and discover Mauritian handicrafts.

Continue your adventure with a visit to the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, renowned for its diversity of exotic plants and famous giant water lilies. Kids will also love a visit to the Black River Gorges National Park, offering scenic hikes, spectacular waterfalls and the chance to spot monkeys and colorful birds.

Finally, round off your trip with an escapade on Ile aux Cerfs, a private island paradise, where you can relax on white sandy beaches, snorkel in the crystal-clear waters and enjoy a variety of water sports. Mauritius’ iconic locations promise unforgettable family moments, combining cultural discovery with the breathtaking natural beauty of the Indian Ocean.

The gastronomy of Mauritius: an exotic feast for the taste buds of the whole family.

The gastronomy of Mauritius is a true celebration of the exotic flavors and cultural influences that have shaped the island over the centuries. During your family vacation, you’ll have the opportunity to discover a diverse and delicious cuisine.

Mauritian dishes feature fresh ingredients such as seafood, spices, tropical vegetables and exotic fruits. One of the island’s signature dishes is « dholl puri », a lentil-filled pancake served with a spicy sauce and pickles. And don’t miss « rougaille », a tomato, onion and spice dish, often accompanied by meat or fish.

Seafood also features prominently in Mauritian cuisine, with dishes such as « fish vindaye » (fish marinated in a spicy sauce), tandoori prawns and « stuffed squid ».

Finally, for those with a sweet tooth, Mauritian desserts never disappoint: try the « gateau patate » (sweet potato cake), the « gâteau piment » (spicy fritters) or the famous « roulade coco » (coconut roll). Mauritius offers a unique culinary experience, where local flavors blend harmoniously to awaken the taste buds of the whole family.

Family activities in Mauritius: adventures, nature and aquatic pleasures for young and old

Many exciting activities await you on your next family trip to Mauritius.

Nature park

Nature park

Start with a day of adventure at Casela World of Adventures, a nature park where you can zip-line, hike, observe animals and even interact with lions.

National park

National park

Nature lovers will also love a visit to Black River Gorges National Park, offering hiking trails through lush vegetation and the chance to spot endemic species.

Water park

Water park

For an unforgettable aquatic experience, head to the Belle Mare water park, where slides, wave pools and water games guarantee hours of fun for the whole family.

Marine park

Marine park

If you want to discover the island’s marine wonders, a glass-bottom boat excursion is an ideal choice for observing colorful coral and tropical fish without getting wet.

Coastal park

Coastal park

Finally, don’t miss a relaxing day on Mauritius’s magnificent beaches, where you can build sandcastles, swim in crystal-clear waters and soak up the tropical sun.

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Finally, don't miss a relaxing day on the magnificent beaches of Mauritius, where you can build sandcastles, swim in crystal-clear waters and soak up the tropical sun.

Take medical precautions: consult your doctor before travelling to Mauritius with your family to make sure the necessary vaccinations are up to date, and take along a first-aid kit with basic medicines, bandages and anything else you might need in case of minor injury or illness.

Focus on safety: when choosing your hotel for your family holiday in Mauritius, make sure your accommodation has adequate safety measures for children, such as secure balconies, protected electrical sockets and railings around swimming pools. Always supervise your children, especially when they are swimming or taking part in water activities.

Enjoy the moment: relax and make the most of your time with your family on this beautiful island. Create unforgettable memories together and enjoy moments of sharing and discovery.

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