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Enjoy an incredible family holiday in Turkey, a destination that’s only growing in popularity! Nestled between Europe and Asia, Turkey offers a unique combination of breathtaking scenery, rich history and captivating culture. Whether you want to relax on the heavenly beaches of the Mediterranean coast, explore the ancient remains of Ephesus or sample the delicious Turkish cuisine, this diverse country has something for everyone. The exciting activities, varied tourist attractions and warm hospitality of the locals are sure to make your family holiday in Turkey a memorable one.

Some tips for a family holiday with children in Turkey

On a family holiday in Turkey, be sure to visit iconic landmarks that will delight parents and children alike. Start in Istanbul, the cosmopolitan city where West meets East, and explore sites such as the majestic Blue Mosque and the famous Basilica of Saint Sophia.

Then it’s on to Cappadocia, a truly enchanting landscape with unique rock formations, underground cities and hot-air balloon rides to delight the whole family. On the Mediterranean coast, Antalya offers superb sandy beaches and exciting water parks for children.

Don’t forget to visit Pamukkale, famous for its dazzling white travertine terraces and natural pools where children can swim in complete safety. Finally, round off your trip with an excursion to Ephesus, a well-preserved ancient city where children can explore the fascinating ruins and learn more about the region’s history. Turkey is full of treasures for families to discover, offering a memorable experience for all.

Discover Turkish gastronomy: a feast of flavors

A family trip to Turkey is a unique opportunity to discover an absolutely fascinating cuisine. Turkish gastronomy is a true delight that will tantalize the taste buds of the whole family during your trip. The rich and varied flavors of Turkish cuisine make it one of the most popular in the world.

Start with delicious mezze, an assortment of starters including falafel, dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) and creamy hummus, followed by kebabs, grilled or roasted meat dishes served with fresh bread and tasty sauces.

The famous döner kebab is a must, as are köfte, spicy meatballs. Fish lovers will be delighted to sample fresh fish in coastal towns such as Istanbul and Bodrum. For vegetarians, eggplant-based dishes such as Turkish moussaka are a delicious option.

Finish your meal with sweet desserts like baklava, layers of crispy filo pastry and sweet nuts drizzled with syrup. The unique flavors of Turkish cuisine are sure to satisfy the palates of the whole family during your stay in Turkey.

Family activities in Turkey: captivating adventures for young and old alike

On a family stay in Turkey with children, a host of exciting activities await you, guaranteeing unforgettable memories.

Nature excursions

Nature excursions

Nature lovers will love exploring the Göreme nature reserve in Cappadocia, with its unique rock formations and picturesque, child-friendly hikes. A boat trip on the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul is also an ideal choice, offering panoramic views of the city and a fun maritime experience for the whole family.

Theme parks

Theme parks

In Antalya, don’t miss The Land of Legends theme park, where kids can enjoy waterslides, wave pools and a fascinating aquarium. For an educational experience, head to Miniaturk in Istanbul, an open-air theme park featuring miniature replicas of Turkey’s famous monuments and sites. Tip: if you book an all-inclusive hotel for families in Turkey, you may even be lucky enough to have a water park within the resort!

Traditional activities

Traditional activities

Finally, don’t forget to take part in a traditional pottery or weaving workshop, where children can express their creativity by making their own souvenirs.

Background press

Discover a country of incredible cultural richness, where history, architecture, cuisine and traditions blend harmoniously.

Plan activities that appeal to children, such as visits to theme parks, zoos or interactive museums. Include outdoor activities, such as bike rides, boat trips or nature excursions to enjoy Turkey‘s beautiful scenery.

Look for restaurants offering kid-friendly menus, with child-friendly dishes and healthy options.

Plan regular breaks to allow children to rest and relax, and be sure to observe safety measures such as sun protection, hydration and constant supervision of children when out and about.

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