Family Holidays Indian Ocean

Discover unforgettable family vacations in the Indian Ocean, an ideal destination for parents looking for exotic adventures and relaxing moments with their children. With its pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters and dazzling marine biodiversity, the Indian Ocean offers an enchanting setting for family vacations.

A few tips for your family holiday in the Indian Ocean

During your family holidays in the Indian Ocean, you’ll discover a host of iconic places that will appeal to children and parents alike.

Among them, the Maldives will amaze you with their white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, offering a paradise for snorkeling and swimming. The Seychelles, meanwhile, will seduce little explorers with their lush tropical landscapes and giant tortoises.Mauritius, with its coral reefs, natural parks and amusement parks, will offer a diversity of activities suitable for the whole family.

Last but not least, Reunion Island, with its impressive volcanoes and hiking trails, will be an ideal destination for nature lovers and thrill-seekers. Don’t miss the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with your children in these magical places of theIndian Ocean.

Whether you choose the magnificent islands of the Maldives, the tropical Seychelles, the varied landscapes of Mauritius or the breathtaking scenery of Reunion Island, each destination offers a multitude of child-friendly activities, from swimming and snorkeling to boat trips to discover sea turtles.

Discover the delicious gastronomy of the Indian Ocean: a feast of exoticism and unique flavors!

Indian Ocean gastronomy is a real treat for the taste buds, offering a unique fusion of exotic flavors and culinary traditions. During your family vacation, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the gastronomic treasures of this region.

In the Maldives, you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes such as mas riha (fish curry) or garudhiya (fish soup). In the Seychelles, typical dishes include grilled fish served with rice, lentils and papaya chutney. InMauritius, get ready to savor specialties such as dholl puri (lentil galette served with curries and chutneys), vindaye (spicy marinated fish or meat dish) and the famous rougaille (spicy tomato sauce).

Finally, on Reunion Island you can sample Creole dishes such as curry (a stewed meat or fish dish with spices), samoussa and baba figue (a banana fritter). Don’t forget to finish your meal with succulent desserts such as gâteau patate (a sweet potato cake) or bonbon piment (a spicy fritter). Let yourself be enchanted by the exquisite flavors ofIndian Ocean gastronomy during your family trip.

Top 5 activities for an unforgettable family holiday in the Indian Ocean

On a family vacation in theIndian Ocean, there’s no shortage of exciting activities to share with your children.

Beaches, marine life

Beaches, marine life

The paradise-like beaches provide the perfect playground for swimming, building sandcastles and playing in the water during your family stay in the Indian Ocean. Lovers of marine life will be delighted by snorkelling or diving, exploring coral reefs teeming with colourful fish.

Discovering the islands

Discovering the islands

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a cruise to discover the islands, stopping to fish or enjoy picnics on secluded beaches.



Reunion ‘s spectacular scenery is perfect for family hiking, with child-friendly trails such as the Sentier des Roches, or you can experience the thrill of canyoning or paragliding over the island.

Boat excursions

Boat excursions

Boat trips also offer great opportunities to observe dolphins and sea turtles.

Wildlife parks

Wildlife parks

InMauritius, you can visit wildlife parks such as Casela Nature Park, where you can interact with exotic animals.

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When the family escapes to the Indian Ocean, memories become rare pearls and smiles waves of happiness!

Protect yourself: watch out for the sun and make sure you protect yourself with sunscreen, hats and protective clothing.

Safety first: make sure you take safety precautions, such as providing life jackets for children during water activities.

Eat and stay hydrated: provide snacks and drinks for the children to avoid cravings or dehydration.

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