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Jerome & Achille

Our mission

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Little Guest creates luxury holidays for families. A precious moment away from time and the constraints of everyday life.

Little Guest offers a unique collection of luxury hotels designed by parents for parents.

The collection brings together exceptional hotels that meet demanding quality standards to welcome and entertain children, while combining a top-of-the-range approach for parents. Everyone's desires are fulfilled and our customers find the ideal stay, with complete peace of mind, at the best price and with little extras.

The values that drive us and are reflected in everything we do revolve around sustainable tourism, family, quest for excellence, reliability, innovation and generosity.

Little Guest's mission is «to enable families to reconnect through unforgettable travel experiences that respect each member of the family and the environment.»

Points forts

Quality label

The establishments selected meet very strict hospitality standards, designed to facilitate the stay of children aged 0 to 12, as well as teenagers.

Our partner hotels are visited and assessed by our teams, enabling us to ensure that they meet the criteria expected by the Little Guest quality label.

For example, we attach particular importance to the personal development of children. That's why most of our hotels offer spa treatments, yoga classes, cooking classes, nature discovery sessions and sports and creative activities just for them.

Our commitments to customers

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A collection of 5-star hotels selected by parents, for parents

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Personalised advice to help you choose the perfect destination for your family, your desires and your budget

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The guarantee of a dream holiday on the best possible terms: negotiated rates, exclusive benefits and attractive gifts delivered to your door before you leave

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Access to our Little Concierge service 7 days a week for 100% personalised assistance before, during and after your trip.

Our story

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Effet biberon

The baby bottle effect

Little Guest is the brainchild of Jérôme Stefanski, a Belgian serial entrepreneur and father of a 8-year-old boy. One Friday evening, when his son Achille was 6 months old, Jérôme surprised his family by taking them on an impromptu city trip. Confident, he announced to his wife: «For once, don't worry about anything, I'll pack the bags».

Arriving at their hotel at 1am, the young baby was hungry and started crying loudly. Jérôme unpacked his son's suitcase to prepare the bottle. He suddenly realised that he had forgotten the bottles at home, which is a 2-hour drive from the hotel! Jérôme ran to reception to get a spare bottle. To his great surprise, the 5-star hotel had no bottle. So Jérôme jumped in his car in the middle of the night and drove to the nearest pharmacy to buy one.

The next day, he told himself that he must not be the only distracted parent to experience this kind of awkward situation, and got it into his head to improve the way children are looked after in luxury hotels.

Jeune papa inspiré

An inspired young dad

In the months that followed this epic episode, Jérôme and his wife had a hard time finding hotels that met their criteria as young parents, not wishing to make any compromises between their child's happiness and their own pleasure as adults. They spent a lot of time on the Internet and in travel agencies, and noticed that there was no platform that brought together carefully selected establishments that combined a real children's policy with quality services dedicated to parents.

JJérôme decided to seek out these hotels and bring them together under a quality label.

Little Guest was born.

Présence internationale

An international presence

Little Guest's affiliated hotels include some of the finest kid-friendly establishments in the world.

Little Guest's head office is located in the heart of Brussels, the capital of Europe. Reflecting its international outlook, part of the company's team is based in Dubai, Spain and Madagascar.

The families who book their stay with Little Guest live mainly in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the UK.

Our team

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Team Little Guest

Jérôme Stefanski

Founding Daddy

Before becoming a dad, Jérôme founded and sold several successful companies in the world of magazines, art and luxury confectionery. He was also international marketing manager at a famous menswear fashion house. When he was a student, Jérôme worked as a children's entertainer in top-of-the-range holiday club. There are no coincidences ...

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Didier Laduron

Cofounder & Chief Financial Officer

Married and father of a young boy, Didier has a wealth of experience in the world of finance and company management, gained through senior positions in prestigious consultancy firms in the Benelux countries, Cyprus and Dubai. During his studies, Didier, like Jérôme, worked as a children's entertainer in holiday club.

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Guillaume Guivaudon

Content Manager

Lionel Gysen

Backend developer

Arnaud De Boeck

Frontend developer

Jean-Baptiste Meneroud


Delphine Keller

Head of Travel Designers

Pauline Bon

Assistant Head of Travel Designer

Remedios Guerra Del Rio

Travel Designer

Alix Page

Travel Designer

Alexandre Balzinger

Senior Travel Designer

Maxime Cugnon

Customer Service

Astrid Hégelé

E-commerce Manager

Paul Chassang

Order Manager

Chloé Passoni

Order & Billing Officer

Ariane Boussegnac

Senior Key Account Manager

Sonia Sorici

Senior Key Account Manager

Bernard Mangnay

Travel Designer

Clara Notay

Key Account Manager

Little Guest, a responsible company

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Kickcancer kid

Social commitment

For the past 5 years, we've been proud to work with a social and professional reintegration workshop hat carefully prepares the gift boxes we send to our customers before they go on holiday

Little Guest also thinks about children who are not lucky enough to travel because of a serious illness. With every booking, Little Guest raises €2 for KickCancer, which funds paediatric cancer research. In 2022, the Little Guest teams took part in the RunToKick race to raise funds for research.


Environmental commitment

Protecting biodiversity

We require the hotels we work with to have an eco-responsible approach. We support biodiversity through local initiatives in the regions where our hotels are located. In 2021, for example, we adopted a coral structure ocated on the seabed of the Indian Ocean. This initiative developed by the Reefscapers foundation allows coral to grow and contributes to marine biodiversity.

Reducing pollution

Little Guest advocates sustainable tourism based on quality, not quantity. To support our approach and increase awareness among our customers and partners, Little Guest is in the process of obtaining «carbon neutral» company certification. We are supported by the Pali Pali association, which audited the environmental impact of our activities in 2022 and helped us to implement concrete solutions for our sustainable transformation. Gas and electricity in our offices, emissions linked to our IT network, waste management, our employees' journeys... We are monitoring the sources of CO2 emissions in order to offset them in their entirety.This year, 20 tonnes of C02 will thus be offset thanks to our internal environmental approach.

Soneva Fushi Island

Day-to-day eco-responsibility

Since 2019, we have done away with the plastic water bottles and coffee capsules that we used to make available to our employees. We have invested in a running water filtration system that feeds a coffee machine that uses little energy and resources, and we have provided reusable water bottles.
In 4 years, we have thus avoided consuming 175,000 aluminium coffee capsules and 45,000 plastic water bottles!

Impact of our digital activities

We take care to consume as few online resources as possible. To do this we are constantly optimising our website. Our efforts were recently rewarded through an independent audit conducted by Greenmetrics measuring the environmental score of travel websites. There is a strong correlation between eco-design and the performance of a website. Often, a website with a high environmental impact also performs poorly, and vice versa. A Google Lighthouse score of 100 is equivalent to a high-performing site on the FCP, SpeedIndex, LCP, TTI, TBT and CLS indicators
We are proud to have achieved a score of 93!

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