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About Little Guest

What is Little Guest?

Little Guest is a collection of hotels that offers a wide variety of very exclusive resorts and luxury hotels that are particularly suitable for families. A very comprehensive site that offers a wide choice of destinations and allows you to make a booking or counselling request. A team of professionals analyzes your request closely, sends you « customized » proposals and organizes your stay: the well-being and happiness of young and old are guaranteed! 😊

Where are you located? Can we meet with you?
Our offices are found in Brussels, in one of the most prestigious districts of the capital. Our team will be delighted to have you. For an appointment with one of our advisors, call us at or send us an email to reservation@littleguest.com


What are the benefits when booking at Little Guest?

      • Little Guest has negotiated special contracts and benefits with each hotel to offer you the best rates!
      • Your personal Travel Designer will counsel you before, during and after your stay.
      • Our private concierge service will assist you in organizing your stay: baby club registration, transportation, activities and visits, as well as any special requests that could make your stay more enjoyable.
      • Personalized family service
        • Safety (shuttle with baby seat, allergen-free menus, swimmer, etc.)
        • Convenient (connected rooms, stroller etc.)
        • Entertainment (kids club, games etc.)
      • A package full of gifts (cosmetics, colouring book, goodies, small games …) is sent to your children before their trip.
      • For all stays at a minimum of €5,000, we offer a Samsonite Dreamrider suitcase.



  • We visit every hotel in the collection and regularly check after the service quality, as well as the infrastructure provided: we collect all the feedback from our travelling parents.
  • We donate 2€ for each booking to the Kickcancer association.


The Little Guest offers

Are the flights included in the offers?

The offers we normally send do not include flights. However, if you wish to receive a quote that includes the flight, you can contact our adviser to make the request.

How are transports to the hotel carried out?

You will find all the information about the duration of the transportation in the first paragraph of Little Guest’s hotel description, as well as in the practical information section. Note that these transportations are usually at extra cost.

For any additional information, please contact our Little Concierge team: littleconcierge@littleguest.com

Does Little Guest normally reserve a place for my child in the baby-club / kids-club / teen-club?

If you wish to book a place in a hotel’s kids’ club, our Little Concierge team: littleconcierge@littleguest.com will guide you through the necessary steps.

Depending on the destination, Kid’s clubs / baby-clubs are at extra cost. Here are our hotels with dedicated clubs:


Before making reservations

Can I make reservations for other travellers?

When making your reservations, you only need to mention the exact number and age of each traveller, as well as the number of rooms desired, or perhaps you prefer a villa? You must however notify our team that you are making the reservation for another person.

What information is required, when making an information request?

Names and surnames of all trip participants, date of birth of children, postal address and telephone number.

Where to check the general sales terms (standard form contract)?

You can check out our general sales terms (CGV) here.


Confirming my sojourn destination

What information is needed when making a reservation?

Names and surnames of all trip participants, date of birth of children, postal address and telephone number.

How do I confirm my trip?

Depending on your request, our Travel Designers will propose to you several destinations, and/or send you personalized offers.

When you’ve made your decision, you will receive a summary quote indicating all the necessary information for your arrival at the chosen hotel facility, as well as the down payment amount to be paid.

A reservation becomes definitive as soon as the first deposit is received.

Completing a reservation form is not a confirmation of stay, it is only a request for a « quote ».

Do I have to pay the full amount of my stay when making the reservation?

Depending on your dates of stay and the hotel you chose for your holiday, the down payment amount may vary. Your referring Travel Designer will give you all the terms of payment and conditions for cancellation.

My travel documents?

Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive a final invoice. This will be your stay confirmation, which you are to present at the hotel upon your arrival.

In order to avoid any surprises, we advise you to check the validity of your personal travel documents (VISA, Passports, special requests …) and invite you if necessary, to make rectifications from your administration, as soon as possible.

How do I access my reservation details?

Your final invoice is the confirmation of your stay. For any modification request (dates, number of trip participants, type of room, destination …) Please contact your referenced Travel Designer. He/she will tell you the modalities and/or new conditions.


Modifications regarding my stay

How to change a traveler’s name on a reservation?

Do get in touch with your referred Travel Designer.

How to change the number of travellers on an existing reservation?

Do get in touch with your referred Travel Designer.

I would like to add a service to my stay.

You can contact our Little Concierge team: littleconcierge@littleguest.com for the reservation of any additional activity (Baby Club, Kids-Club, Restaurant, car rental, sports activity, extras …).

I would like to take out cancellation insurance.

Subscription must be done at the time of the reservation. For stays with a departure date in 30 days or more, you have 14 days to buy or cancel your insurance.

How do I change the duration of my stay?

Do get in touch with your referred Travel Designer.

How do I change the time or day of my trip?

Do get in touch with your personal Travel Designer.

For flight tickets booked at Little Guest, you can contact our Little Concierge team: littleconcierge@littleguest.com to find out if you can make changes.

Note that this depends on the conditions of your ticket and the availability of flight. Change are not always possible and/or may result in additional costs.

Can I change the destination of my stay after making a reservation?

This will depend on the booking deadlines. Your cancellation conditions are noted on your quote and your invoice.

If you want to change the destination, you can. The conditions for cancelling the stay are on your invoice.

If this is done too late, you risk paying a cancellation fee and/or the entirety of your stay.


Cancelling the reservation

How do I cancel my reservation? Is it free?

In order to cancel your reservation, do contact your referred Travel Designer. Depending on the deadlines, he/she will tell you the modalities and possible cancellation expenses. We also offer cancellation insurance (see below).


Travel Insurance

How to benefit from insurance?

Each offer we send has a complimentary cancellation insurance (without any purchase obligation). You are equally free to choose your personal insurance.

All benefits can be insured. For this, you must declare the total amount for the stay (flight + hotel) so that the insurance premium can be calculated on the total amount for the stay.

In the event of a cancellation of your stay, your Travel Designer will put you in touch with the insurer who will guide you on the procedures to follow, in order to get your refunded.



What are the accepted methods of payment?

We accept Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, e-debit card, American Express, Bank Card payments. You pay for your stay via a secure payment link that is sent to you by email. You will immediately be notified of receipt of your payment.

If you wish, you can also make a bank transfer: our bank details are indicated on the bottom of your quote / invoice.

In what currency do I have to pay for my stay?

You can pay for your stay in the currency of your choice. Do communicate your chosen currency to our Travel Designers during your inquiry so that they can customize your stay offer according to your currency.

Know that the invoice is converted into € on our side and that the exchange rate is constantly changing (negatively or positively)



How do I get an invoice for the stay?

Your final invoice is sent by email as soon as your reservation is confirmed with the hotel.

We advise you not to book your flights before receiving your invoice.


Personal information

I would like to request for the deletion of my personal information

No problem, you can send an email to info@littleguest.com and the deletion of your information will be done as soon as possible.

How do I access my personal information?

To view your personal information, you can send an e-mail to info@littleguest.com. Please note that processing your request may take a few days.

How are personal information collected on Little Guest being used?

To answer this question, we invite you to read our privacy policy.


Flight tickets and flights

Does Little Guest reserve the tickets?

Little Guest also offers the best flight rates and books your flight tickets. You should, however, check the validity of your travel documents (VISA, passport …), both you and your children, before ordering your tickets and check out on the additional steps to be taken for the destination country.

One of our Travel Designers can give you the necessary information if you wish.


Little Concierge

What is the Little Concierge service?

Little Concierge is a team dedicated to organizing your stay. Upon confirmation of your stay, a member of the team will contact you and answer all your requests:

  • The baby-club
  • The kids-club
  • Restaurant reservation
  • Transports from the airport
  • Various activities in the chosen region (sport, cultural …) subject to availability.
  • Various: champagne bottles, spa …
  • Feel free to apply, our Little Concierges: littleconcierge@littleguest.com will take care of everything.


Travel Documents

What travel documents do I need for my departure?

Please see this page which enlists many of the destinations offered by Little Guest. Note that this information may change and that the article was written in March 2019 based on the information on the government sites in the various regions mentioned.

For information regarding the travel documents required for your departure abroad, please contact the official government sites in your area. To prepare for your trip as a French citizen, look here.

Always make sure you’ve prepared your travel documents before booking your stay, in order to avoid any surprises. Administrative procedures sometimes take a long time.


Members Hotels

Little Guest’s membership criteria

The well-being of your children is our priority! All our hotels meet very strict quality standards and must be equipped with a minimum number of facilities/equipment and services in order to join our hotel collection:

Safety: Baby-phone, Nearby doctor, Allergen-free menus, Nearby hospitals, Supervised swimming area.

Convenient: Baby-sitting services, Baby games and books, Kids’ shop, Kids’ menu, Baby’s cot, Chamber pot, baby-buggies (strollers), Shuttle with baby seat, Emergency nipples, Baby’s bath, Nursing bottle, Welcome gift, Highchair, communicating rooms, Bottle warmer, Baby cosmetics.

Activities: Kids-club, Baby-club, Teen activities, Sports activities, Kid excursions, Crafts

For comfort and optimal service during your family stay, we only accept 4- or 5-star hotels in our collection.

Do you have a hotel and wish to join our collection?

If your hotel meets our criteria, please do send us a membership application via the following form.




Would you like to do an internship or work at Little Guest?

We regularly seek after new and dynamic employees who are passionate about luxury and travels! Please visit ourdedicated page and send us your application.