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Family holidays are a wonderful opportunity to create unforgettable memories and spend quality time together. France offers a multitude of family-friendly destination options, from the sunny beaches of the Côte d’Azur to the magnificent chateaux of the Loire Valley. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the best family destinations in France, exciting activities to keep the kids entertained, and practical tips to help you plan a hassle-free vacation. Get ready for joy, adventure and discovery on your next family vacation in France!

A few tips for your family trip to France

During your family holiday in France, you’ll be enchanted by the many emblematic places to visit. First of all, don’t miss the majestic Eiffel Tower in Paris, the undisputed symbol of France and one of Europe’s most popular attractions.

Continue your adventure by exploring the Loire Valley’s magnificent châteaux, such as Château de Chambord and Château de Chenonceau, which will delight young and old alike. Don’t forget to stop off at Disneyland Paris, Europe’s most visited theme park, where your children can meet their favorite characters and enjoy breathtaking rides.

Finally, round off your trip by relaxing on the sunny beaches of the Côte d’Azur, such as Nice and Cannes, offering the perfect mix of relaxation and entertainment for the whole family. France abounds in cultural treasures and enchanting landscapes, making it an ideal destination for memorable family vacations in Europe.

Discover French gastronomy: an unforgettable culinary experience in Europe

French gastronomy is renowned the world over for its diversity, richness and refinement. During your family stay in France, you’ll have the chance to discover and taste a cuisine that has influenced the European culinary scene. French dishes are often prepared with fresh, quality ingredients, highlighting natural flavors.

Start your culinary experience with crunchy croissants and pains au chocolat for breakfast, French bakery staples. For lunch, try delicious quiches, mixed salads or the famous baguette sandwiches filled with ham, cheese or fresh vegetables.

When it comes to main courses, France is famous for its regional specialties: try bouillabaisse, a Provençal fish soup, or coq au vin, a traditional dish based on red wine and chicken. Children will love the crêpes bretonnes, filled with sugar, chocolate or jam.

Speaking of desserts, France is the land of delicate pastries and irresistible sweets. Don’t miss the chance to try colorful macarons, chocolate éclairs, fresh fruit tarts or crème brûlée, a true French specialty.

During a family weekend in France, don’t forget to sample the local cheeses that are famous throughout Europe, don’t forget to sample the local cheeses that are famous throughout Europe: from Camembert and Brie to Roquefort and Comté, there’s something for everyone.

In short, French gastronomy offers a culinary experience unrivalled in Europe. From sweet delights to savoury dishes, let yourself be seduced by France’s unique flavours and gastronomic traditions during your family vacation.

Top 5 things to do in France on a family holiday with your children

Whatever activity you choose, France offers a multitude of possibilities for unforgettable family vacations, combining entertainment, discovery and wonder.

Visit the theme parks

Visit the theme parks

France is home to a variety of theme and amusement parks, perfect for entertaining the whole family. A weekend in France with a teenager is the perfect opportunity to discover these parks! Explore Disneyland Paris, Europe’s most visited park, with its magical attractions and encounters with Disney characters. Discover Puy du Fou, a historical theme park featuring grandiose shows retracing the history of France.

Explore nature

Explore nature

France abounds in breathtaking natural landscapes. Go hiking in the Alps or the Pyrenees, and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. Discover the magnificent beaches of the Côte d’Azur or Brittany for sunny days and water sports activities with the whole family.

Castles and historic sites

Castles and historic sites

France is famous for its majestic castles, so don’t miss out on iconic sites such as the Château de Versailles, the Château de Chambord or Mont-Saint-Michel, or explore historic sites such as the Roman arena in Nîmes or the Pont du Gard.

Enjoy museums and cultural attractions

Enjoy museums and cultural attractions

French museums offer a unique opportunity to enrich your knowledge while having fun. Visit the Louvre Museum in Paris and discover world-famous art treasures. Explore the Futuroscope in Poitiers, a theme park focused on scientific and technological innovations.

Taste French cuisine

Taste French cuisine

A vacation in France is the perfect opportunity to sample delicious French gastronomy. Try regional specialities, visit local markets and take part in cooking classes to learn how to prepare traditional dishes.

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Create unforgettable memories with your family on a vacation in France, where adventure, discovery and moments of joy await you.

Green spaces and playgrounds: France offers a wide range of parks, gardens and child-friendly playgrounds, all of which are great places for children to let off steam and have fun.

Pack children’s essentials: don’t forget to pack items such as toys, books, weather-appropriate clothing, hygiene products and snacks for the kids, to help them feel comfortable and have a good time during the trip.

Plan time to rest: family travel can be exciting, but it can also be tiring for children, so plan time for rest and relaxation to allow everyone to recharge their batteries. Another option: book an all-inclusive family holiday in France, so you don’t have to worry about the little everyday details, as everything will be taken care of by the hotel!

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