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Morocco is a perfect choice for a family vacation destination. Nestled in north-west Africa, this country is packed with historic cities, breathtaking scenery and tasty culinary traditions. With activities to suit parents, children and all preferences, from sandy beaches to hikes in the Atlas Mountains and visits to bustling souks, there’s something for every member of the family.

A few tips for your family holiday in Morocco

Morocco is full of fascinating places to visit as a family. For a unique cultural experience during your family holiday in Morocco, don’t miss the imperial city of Marrakech and its famous spice market, the souk. If you’re looking for beautiful beaches and water sports, the coastal city of Agadir is an ideal destination.

For an outdoor adventure, explore the Atlas Mountains and discover spectacular waterfalls and breathtaking scenery. Kids will love a visit to Marrakech’s Oasiria theme park or a camel ride through the desert. Finally, don’t miss the culinary delights of Moroccan cuisine, from spicy tagines to delicious pastries.

Discover Moroccan gastronomy: unique tastes not to be missed on your family vacation

Moroccan gastronomy is one of the tastiest and most varied in the world. So it would be a shame to miss out on it during your family trip to Morocco. Traditional dishes are rich in flavor and spice, and are often served in terracotta tagines. Tagines are slow-cooked dishes that can contain chicken, lamb, fish or vegetables, accompanied by fresh herbs, dried fruit, vegetables and spices such as cumin, saffron and cinnamon. Among the most famous dishes are couscous, served with a variety of vegetables and meats, harira, a spicy soup made from lentils and tomatoes, and grilled meat kebabs.

Moroccan pastries are also world-famous, with traditional recipes such as cornes de gazelle, small crescent-shaped cakes filled with almonds, cinnamon and orange blossom, or briouates, flaky triangles filled with minced meat, vegetables or dried fruit. Fresh fruit juices are also very popular, with varieties such as orange juice, lemon juice, pomegranate juice and avocado juice.

Moroccan cuisine is a taste experience not to be missed on your family vacation in Morocco. Many restaurants offer child-friendly menus, with less spicy dishes to suit all palates. Don’t hesitate to discover the unique flavors and aromas of Moroccan cuisine, which promises to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

Family vacations in Morocco: top 5 family activities

Morocco abounds in activities and mysteries to discover with the whole family, for a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Discover palaces and gardens

Discover palaces and gardens

Visit Morocco’s sumptuous palaces, such as the Bahia Palace in Marrakech or the Royal Palace in Rabat, and stroll through magnificent gardens such as the Majorelle Gardens or the Menara Gardens.

Take a trip to the Atlas Mountains

Take a trip to the Atlas Mountains

Explore the spectacular scenery of the Atlas Mountains with your family, hiking through picturesque Berber villages and admiring the snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas.

Visit oases and waterfalls

Visit oases and waterfalls

Explore lush oases and refreshing waterfalls on a family trip to the Moroccan desert. The Fint oasis near Ouarzazate or the Ouzoud waterfalls are popular spots for families.

Take a 4x4 excursion

Take a 4x4 excursion

Embark on a 4×4 adventure through Morocco’s desert landscapes, traversing tracks and valleys, discovering hidden oases and admiring stunning rock formations. Good to know: some resorts offer « all-inclusive family holidays in Morocco » which allow you to enjoy these experiences directly from your hotel.

Enjoy Moroccan cuisine

Enjoy Moroccan cuisine

Enjoy the delights of Moroccan cuisine with the whole family. Try traditional dishes such as tagine, couscous, kebabs and sweet pastries. Children can also take part in cooking classes to learn how to prepare Moroccan dishes.

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Family vacations in Morocco: a technicolour adventure where the souks vibrate, the deserts sparkle and smiles light up every moment!

Hydrate regularly: going on holiday to Morocco with your baby is an excellent idea, but make sure that he or she and the rest of the family drink enough water to stay hydrated, especially in hot weather.

Taste the local cuisine: Discover the delights of Moroccan cuisine with your family. Try traditional dishes such as couscous, tajine and sweet pastries. Be sure to choose reputable restaurants and check the quality of the food.

Be open to adventure: Morocco offers a multitude of unique experiences and activities, so be ready to step out of your comfort zone and embrace new adventures with your family.

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