Family Holidays The Caribbean

The Caribbean is a popular family vacation destination for travelers from all over the world. This region offers white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, coral reefs and an abundance of marine wildlife. The Caribbean also offers a variety of activities for families, including scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, theme parks, local cuisine and much more.

Some tips for your family holiday in the Caribbean

The Caribbean offers a multitude of destinations for family holidays with children. The Dominican Republic is a popular family destination, with its white sandy beaches and all-inclusive resorts offering activities for the whole family.

The Cayman Islands are also a popular option for families with their abundance of white sandy beaches, theme parks and natural parks. Jamaica is another popular choice for families with its beach resorts, reggae music, waterfalls and outdoor activities.

For a more educational experience, Puerto Rico offers a combination of culture, history and nature with its rainforests, beaches and historic sites, while the Bahamas offers a combination of relaxation, adventure and culture with its white sand beaches, water parks and festivals.

Traditional Caribbean dishes not to be missed

What better way to start a family trip to the Caribbean than with a taste of Caribbean cuisine. This fusion of African, European, Indian and indigenous flavours offers a variety of unique and delicious dishes. Seafood is a key element of Caribbean cuisine, with dishes such as grilled fish, stuffed crab, grilled prawns and garlic lobster.

Traditional dishes also include goat stew, jerk chicken, rice and beans, as well as Jamaica’s famous national dish, ackee and salt fish. Tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple and coconut are used to add a sweet touch to many dishes and desserts, such as coconut flan, banana pie and tropical fruit salad.

Traditional drinks include rum and rum-based cocktails such as piña colada and mai tai, and travelers can enjoy Caribbean cuisine in the many restaurants, markets and street stalls around the islands.

Top 5 of the best family activities to do in the Caribbean for unforgettable memories

On a family vacation in the Caribbean, you’ll find plenty of activities to suit every member of your family. Here are just a few suggestions:

Countless beaches

Countless beaches

All-inclusive holidays in the Caribbean can be a great option as they offer a wide variety of activities for children of all ages. Beaches are a given, with activities such as swimming and sandcastle building, as well as numerous water sports such as jet skiing, snorkelling and surfing.

Local flora and fauna

Local flora and fauna

Children can also discover local wildlife by visiting animal sanctuaries, nature reserves and national parks, while museums and historical sites offer an opportunity for learning and discovery, such as Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico or Spanish fortresses in Puerto Rico.

Boat excursions

Boat excursions

Discover the islands and coastal landscapes of the Caribbean on a family boat trip, with catamaran excursions, island-to-island cruises or even dolphin-watching outings.

Cultural activities

Cultural activities

Local festivals offer an opportunity to discover local culture, from music to traditional dishes. The Caribbean is an unforgettable family vacation destination with a variety of activities to suit all tastes.



Take advantage of a family holiday in the Caribbean to go stargazing with your family. Away from the city lights, you can contemplate a magnificent starry sky and share moments of contemplation.

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It's a tropical paradise where the smiles of your loved ones shine as brightly as the Caribbean sun.

Health and safety: consult your doctor about recommended vaccinations before leaving for the Caribbean. Make sure you have adequate travel insurance and find out about safety measures at your destination. Avoid drinking tap water and prefer bottled water. Protect yourself from the sun with appropriate sun creams and light clothing.

Transport: organize transportation to your destination and arrange local transport. Some islands have car rental services, while others have cabs or shuttle services. Also check the public transport options available.

Pack the essentials: don’t forget to pack the essentials for a family vacation, such as lightweight clothing, swimwear, comfortable shoes, any necessary medicines, toys or games for the kids, electrical plug adapters if necessary, and beach items like towels, umbrellas and beach toys.

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