Who are we?

The Little Guest’s Management Team (from left to right), Denis Thomas, Jerome Stefanski, Sébastien Leidgens, Didier Laduron… and our mascot Ducky!

“Our mission is to offer parents the most
inspiring selection of kids-friendly hotels,
at the best price”


Extraordinary hotels for extraordinary families

The Little Guest Hotels Collection is a unique collection of luxury hotels designed for demanding families. For the very first time, parents can book with one click the ideal hotel that combines a high-end approach (design, gastronomy, spa, golf, etc.) and a real programme dedicated to children (baby-club, kids- clubs, sports and creative activities, etc.).

Quality label

The selected establishments meet very strict reception standards, facilitating the stay of children from 0 to 12 years, but also of adolescents. Each hotel is scrupulously visited by our teams around the world, before we give it the Little Guest quality label.

Mission & values

The mission of The Little Guest Hotels Collection is to offer parents the most inspiring selection of kids-friendly hotels, at the best price, bookable in the easiest and most transparent way possible.

Moments shared with the family form memories forever etched in the memory of children and parents. In our hectic lives where time flies at 100 per hour, our dearest wish is to offer families a parenthesis of complicity and relaxation. A precious moment, out of time and the constraints of everyday life.

We attach particular importance to the personal development of children. That’s why most of our hotels offer spa treatments, yoga classes, nature discovery sessions, as well as sports and creative activities dedicated to them.

“We attach particular importance
to the personal development of children”


The bottle effect

The Little Guest Hotels Collection was born under the impetus of Jérôme Stéfanski, Belgian serial entrepreneur, dad of a 3-year-old boy. On a Friday night, while his son Achille was six months old, Jerome took his little family on an improvised city trip. Confident, he announced to his wife: “For once, do not worry about anything, I will prepare the suitcases.”

Arriving at their hotel at 1am, the young baby was hungry: he wants his bottle and starts crying very loudly, at the risk of waking up the occupants of the neighboring rooms. Jerome unwraps his son’s suitcase to prepare the bottle. Panic: he suddenly realizes that he forgot the bottles at home, a 2-hour drive from the hotel! Jerome goes to the front desk to get a bottle – to his surprise, the 5-star hotel does not have a bottle!

A young dad inspired

In the months following this episode, Jerome and his wife struggled to find hotels that met their criteria of young parents, unwilling to make any compromise between the happiness of their child and their own adult pleasure. They lost a lot of time on the internet and in travel agencies and noticed that there was no platform for scrupulously selected institutions that combined both a real children’s policy and quality services for parents.

Jerome decided to go looking for these hotels and bring them together under a quality label.

The Little Guest Hotels Collection was born.

An international presence

The Little Guest Hotels Collection is home to around 100 leading hotels, located primarily in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Paradise Islands and the Maghreb. Our next territories will be North America, Oceania and South America.

Little Guest’s headquarters are located in the heart of Brussels, the capital of Europe. Reflecting its international focus, the company also has branches in Dubai, Quebec City, Kampala and Monaco.

“The Little Guest quality label
has been awarded to a hundred hotels”


Jerome Stefanski | Founder & Managing Director

Married, before becoming a dad, Jerome founded and sold several successful companies in the world of magazine publishing, art and luxury confectionery. He also held the position of international marketing manager at a famous men’s fashion house. As a student, Jerome was a children’s facilitator at upscale holiday clubs. He makes his own luck…


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Denis Thomas | International Sales Manager & Partner

Married and father of two beautiful girls of 8 and 10, Denis has more than 20 years’ experience in the luxury hotel industry. He has held the position of Commercial Director of the prestigious Métropole hotel in Monte Carlo for 7 years and had the chance to work with Chef Bernard Loiseau.


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Didier Laduron | Chief Financial Officer & Partner

Married and the father of a young baby, Didier has a rich experience of the world of finance and management of companies, which he acquired by holding positions of high responsibility within prestigious consulting firms in Benelux, in Cyprus and Dubai. During his studies, Didier was, like Jerome, a children’s entertainer in holiday clubs.


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Sébastien Leidgens | Digital Marketing Director & Partner

Self-taught, Sébastien created two successful start-ups, including the recommandation service Can Anyone Recommend, before joining The Little Guest Hotels Collection. A genius of the web, SEA, SEO, Digital Marketing and all the other words coming from the internet have no secrets for him!


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Our ‘Four-Kids Investor’ & Partner

A real entrepreneur at heart, our ‘four-kids investor’ has a wealth of experience managing multinational companies in Europe and the United States. Passionate about family and travel, he is more than just financial support. Indeed, our “four-kids investor” brings us his expertise, his network and his professional experience.

Reservation Team

Aude Pommier | E-Commerce Manager

A graduate in Hotel Management, Aude began her career in luxury hotels in prestigious Parisian establishments. Passionate and dynamic, Aude gives all her energy to organize the most beautiful of your family trips and meet the requests of our partner hotels.


Delphine Keller | Travel Designer

A native of France and passionate about hospitality, Delphine worked for more than 20 years for the
international Marriott group where she notably managed the reception service of the famous Marriott Brussels. Mother of a little girl of 8 years, Delphine loves family trips off the beaten track, but also Michelin-star restaurant, a passion she shares with her husband.


Giada Calicchia | Travel Designer

Passioned by architecture and fashion, Giada is the happy elder of a family of 5 children. The responsibility of being a model for her brothers gave her the desire to make the most beautiful travels across Europe. Cheerful and creative, she never stops thinking on the best ways to organize your dream travel.


Solly Grant | Travel Designer

Solly has been traveling since she was a child. These family trips are an opportunity for her to share unforgettable moments around the world. Solly is also passionate about wellbeing and aesthetics and is at your disposal to organize the vacation of your dreams.


Sales Team

Sonia Sorici | International Sales Representative

The luxury hotel business, Sonia fell into it when she was little…. Based in Madrid, epicurean and multilingual, this young entrepreneur meets for you the owners of the the most beautiful family addresses in the world.


Mako Maradzika | African Sales Representative

Passionate about trekking and travelling, Mako is commercial manager of the African market. It is MAko who finds the most beautiful lodges, hotels dedicated to safaris and other paradise-like places for the happiness of your family on the African continent.



Sarah Pirolli | Content Manager

Journalism and travel addict, Sarah is an idealist who dreamed of dropping her suitcases somewhere on the blue planet, after her round-the-world trips. Creative and spontaneous, it is Sarah who is responsible of our social media and writes our articles.


Katrien Goris | Instagram Manager

Mom, blogger and globetrotter, Katrien is our Instagram guru. Creator of 2.0 content, she visits the most beautiful hotels on the globe alongside her husband and two children. An exceptional influencer who masters the art of photo editing like a boss!


Lise Clabots | E-Commerce Assistant

Graduated with a master’s degree in science and tourism management, Lise is the youngest of 4 children. Passionate about ecology and well-being, she is the one who sublimates the establishments in our collection through her pen and her sense of visual aesthetics.


Sophie Van Cruchten | French Copywriter

A young mother who is passionate about fashion and travel, Sophie takes care to correct with rigour and dedication all the texts published on our website. Married to the founder of Little Guest, Sophie, Jerome and their son Achille roam the planet to find the most beautiful kids-friendly hotels.

Margit Honne | Copywriter

Based in Saarbrücken, Margit is a German journalist who has traveled to many countries to satisfy her passion for travel. Writing is her first passion and she takes a lot of pleasure in making you discover in writing the hotels in our collection.

James Drew | Copywriter

Born in England and working in Brussels for more than 17 years, James has a passion for Shakespeare (and Guinness). He is always careful to write texts that will help parents to choose the best hotel for them and their children.

Vincent Decaux | Web Developer

A great talent and full of motivation, Vincent is a real web guru whose main mission is to make your web browsing experience as enjoyable as possible through user-friendly tools and interfaces.

Ducky | Our mascot

Our mascot. We chose the duck in reference to the moments of complicity spent with the family at bath time, but also for the symbol of the journey it represents. Indeed, the duck is one of the only animals able to move on land, on water and in the air.

Our offices

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