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The Caribbean is an ideal destination for a family vacation, especially in the Lesser Antilles. This region offers an enchanting natural setting with crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches and lush landscapes. There are plenty of activities for children, from visits to nature parks to dolphin and turtle watching at sea. The Lesser Antilles is also renowned for its cultural heritage, with colorful museums and festivals to keep the whole family entertained, making the Lesser Antilles a great destination for families looking to reconnect with nature and enjoy emotionally-charged cultural experiences.

Some tips for your family holiday in the Lesser Antilles

The Lesser Antilles are full of sights to discover with the whole family on a Caribbean vacation, including beaches such as Grande Anse in Guadeloupe and Pinel in Saint-Martin.

There are also numerous nature parks, such as the Guadeloupe National Park and the Soufrière National Park, where children can discover a rich variety of flora and fauna. For more fun activities, zoos and aquariums are ideal options, such as the Guadeloupe Aquarium and the Martinique Zoo.

Finally, for an enriching cultural experience, there are numerous museums, such as the Saint-John Perse Museum in Guadeloupe or the Banana Museum in Martinique. The Lesser Antilles thus offer a variety of activities to satisfy the desires of the whole family and make these Caribbean vacations unforgettable.

To make the most of this exceptional destination, don’t hesitate to book an all-inclusive holiday in the Lesser Antilles!

Gastronomy of the Lesser Antilles: an explosion of flavors between fish dishes, exotic vegetables and Creole desserts.

The gastronomy of the Lesser Antilles is a skilful blend of African, European and Amerindian flavors. The region’s typical dishes are rich in spices and colors, reflecting the cultural diversity of these Caribbean islands.

Fish and seafood dishes are ubiquitous, including fish court-bouillon, chicken colombo and accra, cod or shrimp fritters. Exotic vegetables such as sweet potatoes, manioc and breadfruit are also very much a part of the local cuisine.

For those with a sweet tooth, there’s no shortage of desserts, with specialties like flan coco, pineapple cake and tourment d’amour, a small tartlet filled with coconut and jam. The Lesser Antilles offer a cuisine rich in flavors and colors, to be enjoyed with the whole family for unforgettable moments of Caribbean conviviality.

Family activities in the Lesser Antilles: between paradise beaches, nature parks, sea outings and cultural discoveries

A family holiday in the Lesser Antilles is the perfect opportunity to discover the multitude of kid-friendly activities on offer in the region! What could be better than an all-inclusive Caribbean holiday to make the most of the region’s sublime beaches and exceptional natural parks!

Local flora and fauna

Local flora and fauna

Zoos and aquariums are a fun option, with the Guadeloupe aquarium or the Martinique zoo, and sea outings to watch dolphins or turtles are also very popular.

Culture and sports

Culture and sports

For families wishing to immerse themselves in the local culture, there are numerous museums, such as the Saint-John Perse Museum in Guadeloupe or the Banana Museum in Martinique. There’s no shortage of sporting activities either, from hiking in the mountains to kayaking in the mangroves.



The Lesser Antilles are an ideal destination for family vacations in the Caribbean, with a multitude of activities to share with the kids. Beaches are a must, with dreamy spots such as Grande Anse beach in Guadeloupe or Pinel beach in Saint-Martin.

Natural parks

Natural parks

There are also many natural parks, offering the chance to discover a rich diversity of flora and fauna, such as the Guadeloupe National Park or the Soufrière National Park.

Take a boat trip

Take a boat trip

Hire a boat or join a boat trip to nearby islands, where you can discover new beaches, go sailing and maybe even spot dolphins or sea turtles.

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Family vacations in the Lesser Antilles: sun, turquoise seas and unforgettable memories - the perfect combo for family ties that know no borders!

Take out travel insurance: before you leave on vacation, take out travel insurance that covers all members of your family. This will protect you in the event of trip cancellation, health problems or other unforeseen events.

Protect yourself from the sun: the Lesser Antilles enjoy a warm, sunny climate, so be sure to protect your family by using broad-spectrum sunscreen, wearing hats and light clothing, and avoiding the hottest hours of the day.

Consult a doctor before you travel: make sure all members of your family are up to date with their vaccinations, and consult a doctor before you travel for health advice specific to the Lesser Antilles region.

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