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MarBella, Mar-Bella Collection *****

Greece, Corfu





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Alexandre, 35 ans, Travel Designer chez Little Guest

From the moment I arrived, I was greeted by the sea breeze and the enchanting atmosphere of this hotel nestled on the Corfiot coast.

Elegance and refinement


The Mar-Bella Collection embodies Mediterranean elegance, offering an ideal getaway for those seeking luxury, relaxation and breathtaking views. The hotel’s rooms are true refuges of tranquility, combining modern comfort with traditional Corfiot touches.


« Sunsets that are hard to forget »


Dining at the Mar-Bella Collection is an exceptional experience. The hotel’s restaurants offer refined Mediterranean cuisine, featuring fresh local produce. Every meal was a treat for the taste buds, and alfresco dining with the murmur of the waves in the background added a romantic dimension to our evenings.


Relaxation and mini-club


The hotel’s facilities are a veritable jewel by the sea. The sparkling pools seem to merge with the sea, offering 360-degree views of the horizon. The spa, with its soothing treatments inspired by Corfiot traditions, was a welcome break from our daily routine.


« Children are not left out! »

The Mar-Bella Collection doesn’t just appeal to adults. Younger guests are also catered for at the Mini Club, where dedicated entertainers have organized fun and educational activities, allowing parents to fully enjoy their time away.




To sum up, my stay at the Mar-Bella Collection was a true seaside escape, an enchanted interlude where every detail has been thought through to deliver an exceptional experience. This hotel embodies the relaxed luxury of Corfu, a destination where the blue of the sky blends perfectly with the blue of the sea, creating memories that will stay with us forever.


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