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Michèle, 24 y.o, Travel Designer at Little Guest

I love travelling with my mom. In November, we booked ourselves a short stay for just the two of us. We headed to the Ritz-Carlton Abama on the west coast of Tenerife for a new adventure.


In a few hours, we went from a cloudy and icy Belgian weather to a pleasant warm wind with a temperature between 18° and 22°C in the middle of November! Tenerife is a perfect destination if you want to escape for a few days during winter with your children. Flights are direct, the time difference is one hour, the weather is exquisite and it’s just what we need. The Ritz-Carlton Abama blends in with palm trees and banana plantations. As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I felt relaxed. The sun was falling on its red walls and no matter from where I was standing, I had a splendid view of the bay.

This wonderful destination is only 20 minutes from the airport. It’s a little something extra for me who doesn’t travel light! It’s direct fast.


When we arrived, we were greeted like two queens by a friendly and smiling staff. Our suitcases were barely left when we were given a welcome cocktail. In less than 5 minutes, the check-in was done and we had access to our room, which was ready before we arrived.

What a welcome… I forgot that on Monday I was going back to work!

« Upon our arrival, we were greeted like two queens by a staff that was kind and smiling »

The pleasure continued when we discovered our sublime 50 m2 Club Deluxe room. Many delicate attentions were placed in our room. A tote-bag, chocolate, a bottle of wine and the MUST! two free tickets for the spa, as well as a massage offered for my mom…

I let you guess what was our first activity at the Ritz-Carlton.


When my mom and I were going to the beach for a little tanning session, we walked past the kids-club, and all of a sudden I felt intrigued… Yet we didn’t have any children with us, but anyway, we were just taking a little look.


For parents who would read this testimony, I share with you what I have learnt, it might interest you. The Ritz-Carlton has a complimentary Kids-Club available for children from 4 to 12 years old. Each host takes care of a maximum of 8 children, which allows them to have optimal attention for your little ones. The best part is that during high season, there are hosts who speak French. Otherwise, it’s English/Spanish. They have an impressive array of indoor/outdoor activities, and when you walk through the door, you discover a corridor full of drawings and crafts hanging on the wall. A paradise for children. In addition, we were impressed by the security of the baby-club and kids-club, you don’t enter it as you want since you need special access. You can leave your children there in complete serenity.

« Each host takes care of a maximum of 8 children, which allows them to have optimal attention for your little ones »

After our little stop on the way to the beach, I still allowed myself to ask my mom the reason for this stop at the kids-club. She replied very calmly, that she would have dreamed of travelling to this hotel with me as a child, that it would have allowed her to have a more relaxing vacation and added: « But soon my darling, you will have children, and believe me, you will think back to this hotel! »

That’s it, everything seems already programmed into my mother’s head!


The hotel being a little depopulated at this time of year, one would have thought that the atmosphere would not be there: well, think again!

It’s impossible to go in circles, the hotel has 7 all year round accessible and heated pools, a superb fine sandy beach, a tennis court, one of the most beautiful golf courses in Spain, an ultra equipped gym, a spa and luxury treatments, an indoor pool, a home cinema, many restaurants and bars… An ultra complete hotel!

Do you want to do some shopping while your man is doing a workout? No problem, the Ritz-Carlton organises free round-trip transfers to the sumptuous Plaza Del Duque shopping centre every day.

This wonderful atmosphere throughout the hotel allowed us to have a great time!


As far as food is concerned, you should be warned: your scale will no longer be your friend when you return from your trip. After our very first night, we were eager to test breakfast and we were not disappointed. It was ultra complete, something to please all nationalities. In addition, for gluten intolerants or vegetarians, the kitchen has also thought of you, offering you adapted dishes.


We stayed for a weekend, so we didn’t have the opportunity to test the hotel’s 10 restaurants, but the strong point is that it has various menus and children’s menus. It’s obvious that if you are lucky enough to spend a longer stay in this type of establishment, the creativity of the chefs and the variety of dishes are essential.

Our little evening pleasure was to have dinner and enjoy a super trendy live concert!

A mother is precious, and I thank the Ritz for this welcome and these moments of happiness, which will remain engraved in our hearts.


Thank you Little Guest!


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