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Eagles Palace *****

Greece, Ouranoupoli





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Pauline, Parisian living in Brussels, mum of 2 children aged 6 and 2

At the very beginning of the month of October I could appreciate the mildness of the off-season in the beautiful region of Halkidiki, in the north-east of Greece. I stayed at Eagles Palace *****, a nice hotel that overlooks the sea, built in 1973.

The hotel is of a human scale and I immediately felt at ease right from my arrival: a warm welcome, large and comfortable sofas, lots of space and a very fast check-in. I have been accompanied to my accommodation, a Deluxe Room – Sea View, luminous and comfortable, which offers a nice view on the sea. The waters are a blend of blue and turquoise tones while the golden sand feels as if it were an invitation for me to go walk on the beach.

« I felt good from the moment I arrived: a warm welcome, big comfortable sofas, space and a very quick check-in »

Its access is made possible by stairs builts on the rocks or with a lift (perfect when you push baby in a stroller) because the hotel is set on several levels. By going down the stairs, gardens, terraces or even calm areas can be discovered. An indoor patio contains a beautiful gazebo that must be amazingly garnished with flowers at the beginning of the season and has to be the perfect place for a reading. Small paths are an invitation to wander and a wood boardwalk goes along the beach, which actually divides into 4 or 5 smaller independent beaches that allow everyone to find their spot without having to be too close to a neighbour.

The water feels pleasant, even at that time of the year; the two bars and the restaurant right by the sea all offer nice views on the shimmering waters and the distant boats. It truly brings peace to the mind.

« The two bars and the restaurant by the sea offer pleasant views of the sparkling water »

The spa is divided into two areas: one that is accessible at any time, with a fitness room, a sauna, a hammam, a bubble bath and both indoor and outdoor pool. The second part offers a much more hushed atmosphere and is dedicated to spa cares.

My stay was short, and I unfortunately travelled without my children. Yet, they would have loved the Kids Club Explorers! It offers a very pleasant and welcoming indoor area that is luminous and nicely decorated for children as young as 4 months old and more. I discovered a beautiful outdoor shaded playground that was adjacent to the indoor area, and while heading down to the beach, a second outdoor area with water games and XXL beach cabins that were turned into play rooms with board games for older children. All those areas are very attractive, secured and supervised by a dynamic team. The children that were there during my stay seemed very busy and happy!

« Offering a beautiful, welcoming, bright and well-decorated indoor space, the kids-club welcomes children from 4 months old »

Finally, I give a special mention for the breakfast buffet: varied, original, and very well presented, and there is something for everyone. I’m an early bird, so I appreciated the arcades of the ancient terrace while sipping my orange juice while admiring the view on the sea and thinking to myself that this hotel will undoubtedly be perfect for wonderful holidays in family.


Enjoy your holiday at Eagles Palace!

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