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Six Senses Zighy Bay *****

Oman, Dibba




Baby cot

Swimming lessons

Private beach

A Samsonite or Izipizi gift box delivered to your home

Ariane, maman de deux enfants de 5 et 7 ans

After 3 days discovering Dubai, we’re off to a hotel in Oman to discover Zighy bay, just 2 hours’ drive from Dubai. The way is included in our stay at the Six Senses hotel, and the car that picks us up already announces the comfort and attention we’re going to enjoy throughout our stay


First impressions

For our holidays to Oman, we leave the sandy landscape of the Dubai desert behind, we arrive in a rocky landscape once we’ve crossed the border into Oman: after climbing a vertiginous hill by car, we arrive at Six Senses: the magic happens immediately, we’re propelled to the top of a mountain offering a breathtaking view of Zighy Bay, which houses only our resort and ensures absolute peace.


« The magic happens immediately »


This is one of the best hotels in Oman, the welcome is very ceremonial: a gong sounds as each new customer arrives, followed by the distribution of gifts for the whole family: bracelets bearing the children’s names, a chèche for the gentleman and a very discreet henna tattoo for me. A direct visit to the Kids Club in the buggy for the children, who once again each receive a bag full of coloring books and crayons containing vegetable seeds and other aromatic plants to plant on our return! Everyone is already delighted!


Comfortable, delicious and kid-friendly!

The discovery of our villa, accompanied by our resident « Butler » in this hotel in Oman, continues to amaze us: true to Six Senses codes, this one, built entirely of stone, wood and wicker, boasts a huge bathtub and an open-air shower, and promises us some great moments to come, as does our private swimming pool, into which the children could dive from the moment they woke up until late at night…


Assuring us a tranquility (not necessarily sonorous…) that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed! Our children’s beds were already made up, and although there was no separation between their sleeping area and ours, the size of the villa meant that no one minded!


Six Senses Zighy Bay is a resort in which it’s hard to find fault: every moment of the day is fully appreciated: reading on one of the resort’s 2 beaches, dozing by one of the 2 heated pools, not to mention the food offered in each of the restaurants: in fact, I recommend you try the Fish BBQ buffet, which I’m still salivating over just thinking about.


Young and old alike obviously loved the breakfast, where you can play the « healthy » game while enjoying chia pudding, dozens of fresh fruit juices and other fruit-based pastries, each more delicious than the last.


« You must try the Fish BBQ buffet, for which I’m still salivating just thinking about it! »


My sons loved their stay as much as we did: the number of children present during our stay enabled them to make new friends, the activities at the kids’ club and, above all, the fact that they could ride their bikes as they wished, without too much supervision, gave them an unrivalled sense of freedom! Trampoline and open-air cinema also won them over, but I have to say that meeting Mr. Dromedary at the water’s edge during his daily stroll left them in awe, impossible to miss…



Zighy bay is a little haven of peace for holidays on the Oman bank, where you can revel all day long in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The white sandy beach and turquoise water surrounded by these vertiginous rocky mountains offer a spectacle you can’t get enough of.


If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot the turtles that live in the bay and even swim with them. As for me, I was able to catch a glimpse of them from the air, as I took on a little challenge of my own: a paragliding jump! What an experience!


As you’ll have gathered, none of the family members found any real « faults », so I asked myself: what didn’t you like about our stay? In short, get your tickets and book… But before summer, when temperatures soar to 50 degrees…


6 hours by plane from Paris, the change of scenery, the warmth and the incredible beauty of the resort’s landscapes is a rare commodity: go for it, but book in advance, as the hotel is often fully booked!

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