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The Royal Senses Resort & Spa *****

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Anaïs, 38 years old, married, restaurateur, mother of Estelle (12 years old), Stella (9 years old) and Ellia (4 years old)

We spent two weeks at the ROYAL SENSES Hotel during our summer vacations, with my husband and our three daughters. We had discovered Greece the previous summer and we had literally all fallen in love with the culture and the scenery of this beautiful country! this time we decided to stay in Crete.

There are times when vacations become really necessary. A particularly anxiety inducing Covid year, the stress of work, little boo-boos here and there, more and more frequent slumps and a lot of family time to catch up on… No doubt about it, our summer vacations were really expected this year. A real need for sun, escape, and especially to do nothing!

Once landed on the Cretan soil, it was the change of temperature which comforted us, straight away. A nice 35°C, not a cloud on the horizon and an omnipresent sun to welcome us.

The ROYAL SENSES hotel is a 1 hour and 20 minute drive from Chania Airport and stands « royally » on a hillside overlooking the sea. Both in form and color, this contemporary hotel gives the impression of being naturally integrated into the surrounding environment. A blend of warm tones and a selection of raw materials recall the rocky and aird lands that surround the hotel. The building, meanwhile, is made up of different juxtaposed cubes that seem to hang on the relief, offering an unobstructed view of the sea from each floor and for each room. All very promising!

The atmosphere in the lobby tells us more: implicitly, everything here is about zen and relaxing, even if it isn’t said out loud. A refined but still warm design outfits the place, with a few joyful and colorful touches here and there. At check-in, we were greeted with a delicious fruit juice and some small local cakes that delighted our three daughters. While strolling through the main hall, we discovered a small cosy bar and some shops, which are always very useful during family holidays.

When we arrived in our room, we were greeted with refreshing drinks, macarons and sesame cookies, as well as mixed nuts and some invigorating fresh fruit. That really hit the spot for the whole family after our trip to get there.

We had asked for connecting rooms, to not be too far from our two eldest children, which was respected when we arrived. The rooms are beautiful, spacious, and modern. The cream tones brighten the room for a very zen atmosphere. A large bed in the middle of the room faces the sea. The bathroom is located behind the bed towards the entrance. A large balcony allows you to enjoy an ravishing view of the turquoise waters.

We were on the 4th level, the highest point of the hotel. I was already worried that I would have to hike up and down every time I moved around the hotel. But that was quickly remedied when we spotted the super convenient little funicular that stops at each level like a bus. The girls absolutely adored using it!

One thing is for sure, this hotel is a true paradise for children, whether they are toddlers or pre-teens. For my youngest daughter, barely 4 years old, a 35cm deep paddling pool allowed me to spend a pleasant and stress-free vacation. She could splash around for hours with a few toys without the risk of an accident. She actually made great progress in swimming during our stay.

Moreover, the major asset of the hotel is certainly the aqua park, extremely well thought out in order to delight the children in complete safety. On the one hand, we can find the first pool and its two waterslides planted in a depth of 45 cm that allows the youngest to have fun in complete safety under the eyes of parents. On the other hand, my two older daughters were having a ball on the three more imposing slides located in a deeper pool. A lifeguard was always on hand to ensure their safety, although it is obviously advisable to keep a close eye on your children during this type of activity.

I’m not a big fan of kids’ clubs in general, as we like to spend as much time as possible with our children during our vacations. Nevertheless, our youngest daughter Ellia wanted to join the friends she met during her stay in the hotel’s infrastructure. I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised: a real team of professionals and adapted equipment were provided by the hotel in order to welcome the children from 10 am to 6 pm, if they wish to come. Ellia loved it. Her first experience at the Kids-Club was truly a success.

In the morning and in the evening, head for the hotel’s buffet! A wide choice of local and continental dishes, hot, cold, sweet and salty is proposed! There is literally something for everyone. There was even a live-cooking stand run by a chef at the buffet, which had the effect of sparking the curiosity of my eldest daughter Estelle, who likes to taste everything.

For lunch, the buffet is closed, but an alternative « snack » is available either sitting down or by the pool from her deckchair. Burgers, salads, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas: a wide selection of « à la carte » dishes is available. It was a true feast!

A traditional à la carte restaurant is also available, but our kids preferred to have a good time at the buffet. It is also possible to dine at the restaurant of the neighboring hotel, located on the sea, which specializes in delicious fish dishes, with the “dine around” formula.

When the sun went down, the whole family hanged out at the hotel’s small outdoor bar. We were looking forward to trying delicious cocktails or chilled soda while watching the spectacular sunset, while being comfortably seated outside.

It’s hard not to find what you’re looking for with the wide range of options made for you to relax and recharge your batteries. Swimming pool, spa, fitness, group classes, there is plenty to do for a deserved pampering break.

The saltwater pools, long and refined, allowed me to swim a few lengths between two sunbaths. My little moment to myself was also to escape for an hour in the air-conditioned and fully equipped fitness room for a cardio session « with a view ». As a fan of the elliptical, I didn’t hesitate to do so! Group classes were also offered in the morning: yoga, pilates or aqua fitness were on the program.

Finally, a spa area offered different types of treatments to complete your well-being journey. Long story short: you really would have to look to find something not perfect here!

I whole-heartedly recommend The Royal Senses for families with children of all ages. We loved the relaxed and relaxing setting, the adorable staff and all the little touches that go with it, as well as the meals always ultra-fresh and made with excellent products. The hotel has brilliantly succeeded in combining a « family stay » with a « Zen spa » concept. To top it all off, as someone who hates flying insects, I didn’t come across any wasps or mosquitoes. The whole family went back home with a lot of memories and a lot of energy for the new school year. Bye bye Crete, but see you soon! Cross my heart!

  • Stroll around the small town of Rethymno, a 20-minute drive from the hotel. Go there rather at the end of the day when the heat falls. We loved the old pedestrian and full of charm
  • Go and soak your feet in the river near the beach of Preveli (45 minutes drive from the hotel).
  • Take a dip in the seaside resort of Plakias: a sea bath with a breathtaking view between cliffs and mountains (50 minutes drive from the hotel).
  • Take a boat to Kissamos, from Roubini Beach (1h30 drive from the hotel), and sail along the cliffs to the turquoise waters of Balos lagoon. A breathtaking landscape!
  • Drive to a Bali Village (not fake news!) 10 minutes from the hotel. Go chill out at the Baboo Beach ClubDelicious cocktails and great music!
  • Visit the organic farm Agreco Farm. Then, enjoy their products and local specialties at the farm’s restaurant « Antikristo ». An unforgettable evening with a breathtaking view of the adjacent vineyards.

Thanks to Little Guest, and have a good vacation!


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