Grecotel LUX ME Dama Dama ****

Kallithea 851 00 | Greece
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Families love

  • A wonderful kids-club
  • The Grecobaby service (bottle warmer, sterilizer, etc.)
  • Visit of Rhodes in family
Teens activities
Baby cots
Kid's menu

Your exclusive advantages by booking with us

  • Very flexible Covid special cancellation conditions
  • Lowest prices guaranteed
  • Organic suncare products and a Samsonite gift delivered to your home (value: 125€)


Let Greece enchant you with its age-old and venerable history but also with the incredible landscapes and the wonderful horizon the Mediterranean Sea offers. Named after the dama-dama deer that has been living on the island from time immemorial, the Grecotel LUX ME Dama Dama fiercely stands in front of the Mediterranean Sea near Faliraki, not far away from Rhodes.

The ideal positioning of the hotel gives it the possibility to offer a very large choice of activities and entertainment for your family to enjoy a splendid stay under the Greek sun. Fresh-water pools, a children’s pool, a sumptuous spa, not to forget the incredible beach accessible directly from the hotel and the numerous nautical activities, the nearby golf court and fitness and wellness for the parents while your children have the time of their life at the hotel’s kids-club!

The Grecotel LUX ME Dama Dama is located at a distance of 18 kilometres from the Diagoras International Airport. You can count on us, Little Guest, and our great teams of Little Concierge to afford you the best transfers possible.



The Greek hospitality awaits, for your family to appreciate a truly comfortable and elegant stay. With many different room categories, you will have a large choice to select from and find the ideal accommodation that will surely meet everyone’s expectations.

The Grecotel LUX ME Dama Dama leaves no place to boredom as they boast with countless activities to enjoy between parents and children, or even separately accordingly to everyone’s envy. Enjoy the high-end fitness centre and the numerous gym activities such as aqua gym, aqua aerobic or pilates. The hotel also proposes mountain biking, spa sessions and even horse riding sessions (horse riding sessions imply an additional cost).

Such a prestigious setting could not be complete without a scrumptious culinary experience. Appreciate the 5 different restaurants and a place offering snack on a 24/7 basis, for impromptu hungers! The hotel also provides with 3 different bars and even a wine cellar, for all the wine connoisseurs. No jealousy, as children will have their very own place to eat! The Kids Dining provided by Grecotel LUX ME Dama Dama welcomes all the young ladies and gentlemen between 3 and 12 years old and prepare them delicious dishes for free! No wonder why we love this hotel at Little Guest!

The Grecotel LUX ME Dama Dama will gladly greet your family to provide you with the following:

  • Rooms and family rooms
  • 5 restaurants, with a 24/7 snack place
  • 3 bars
  • 1 wine library
  • Yoga sessions
  • Fitness and wellness centre
  • Fresh-water pools
  • 1 kids dining
  • 1 kids-club
  • 1 teens-club
  • Children’s pool
  • Family and children activities


  • Grecotel LUX ME Dama Dama ****
  • Grecotel LUX ME Dama Dama ****
  • Grecotel LUX ME Dama Dama ****
  • Grecotel LUX ME Dama Dama ****

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