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Ikos Odisia ***** - hotel

Ikos Odisia *****

Greece, Dassia





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Alexandre, Travel Designer at Little Guest

The month of October, rightly associated with the first frosts of the annual winter era, gave me a furious urge to take advantage of the last rays of sunshine Europe had to offer.


Heading for Greece


I set my sights on Corfu, a fabulous Greek island, the largest in the Ionian Sea, which has much more to offer than just a sublime coastline. The starting point for all my Corfu adventures was the brand-new Ikos Odisia, owned by the group of the same name and now well known to families!


« First impression: it’s a resort, and what a resort! »


One of Corfu’s advantages is its relatively modest size, which meant that I could reach the hotel in around twenty minutes from the airport, after boarding my trusty rental car.
First impression: this is a resort, and what a resort! As soon as you enter the grounds, you feel the first signs of the plenitude that awaits you here.


Comfortable rooms


No more cramped rooms – here, space is everything. Small units of just a few rooms dot the complex, which extends over several hectares, with the beach as a backdrop, subtly landscaped by the hotel’s staff.


My room is smart and modern, with nothing left to chance, everything within easy reach, bedding as comfortable as can be, and I’m greeted by a bottle of Greek wine, which I’ll later enjoy (in moderation) on the generous balcony that completes my « Double Room Garden View ».


A varied gastronomic offer


A quick shower and I’m off, wearing my customary moccasins, to discover this latest addition to the IKOS group. First stop at the Fresco restaurant, where the Italian chef has won my heart with his stomach: the superior All-inclusive offer allows me to select any dish « à la carte », with no surcharges or limitations. Forget the discounted glasses of wine, welcome the designer glasses that welcome the most delicate aromas.


The place may be crowded with children, but it nonetheless exudes a sense of serenity. It’s a feeling I’ll find in every one of the complex’s 8 food and beverage outlets, and it’s quite astonishing, even for the buffet restaurant alone and its usually chaotic appearance, which here gives way to a millimetric organization where everything has its place, every place has its thing, where the eagerness and weariness of a staff normally worn down by abundance and constant movement gives way to a subtle ballet imbued with grace and smiles, just the right amount.


Children, in fact, are the stars of the establishment, with stairless lanes leading up to each building for strollers (which are made available if required), restaurant menus all offering formulas for the little ones, and chefs always willing to cook extras on request.


Children are king!


Which brings me straight to the impressively large children’s facilities. The tone is set by the « Heroes Village », literally enthroned in the middle of the resort, so that every room category has easy access.
There’s a crèche for your little ones, complete with sleeping room and nursery staff, a supervised kids’ club with a host of activities, and even a teens’ club for your teenagers. Ikos clearly knows how to take care of your offspring!


« Children won’t know where to turn! »


It’s impossible to finish without mentioning the wide range of activities available: you can play tennis on the many clay courts, hire bikes or play a game of football on the complex itself, not forgetting the spa overlooking the whole bay, so you can pamper yourself as close to nature as possible.




To sum up, the IKOS teams have once again done a great job, managing to combine the demands of luxury with the legitimate concerns of a busy parent – a rarity, believe me, even in top-of-the-range hotels. Go for it!

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