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Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel *****

Spain, Mallorca



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Katrien, married, mother of 2 children, from Belgium.

Summer holidays had only just started and we were already longing for spending our precious family moments abroad. When we boarded the 2h flight to Mallorca, we could only dream of what this Sheraton hotel had to offer. It were good dreams and the hotel effortlessly redeemed the expectations.

We smoothly drove our rental car up the access route to the hotel. While getting out of the car, a man warmly welcomed us and guided us to our room. We had a Junior Suite -that way we could stay all together in one room- and the canape bed was already transformed into a double bed for Bas (7) and Elodie (3). It became our very own territory for the next few days! We had a magnificent view on the greens of the nearby golf court, surrounded by palm trees and fresh ponds. We were about to have a great time! If you have younger children, you can -of course- ask for a baby cot!

The kids-friendly atmosphere is noticeable all over the hotel! In the room we were pleasantly surprised by the presence of the bathrobes that were the perfect size for the kids! Just to mention they think about every little detail.

One of the favorite things for the kids? The three swimming pools! A big one, a smaller for family fun and a very small swimming pool for the very small, but most important people in the world! All of them surrounded by long chairs, so parents can enjoy to see the kids play on the slides while they take a sip from their cocktail.

‘These slides are amazing!’ said Bas while he was running around the area. And indeed, they are not too high, but man, did they go fast! Because our kids are always in desperate need of change (don’t stay in the same position for more than two minutes!) we often switched places from one pool to another. That is another asset of this hotel; the pool area was never crowded, always enough chairs and… there was the possibility to take your lunch right at your seat, still in relax position.

The hotel has put some major efforts in welcoming families! Not only the rooms are adapted to young (and bigger) kids, they also anticipate on the arrival of kids, knowing these kids bring tons of energy and joy. The swimming pool with the slides is only one example of how kids can have so much fun. We spent some time in the kids Jacuzzi and had a blast at the playground. We played a good game of soccer (all inspired by our Belgian national team in which we truly believed). The kids-club is open for kids aged 4-10 and is in the vicinity of the playground and small swimming pool. The best place in the hotel for crafts and games!

Holiday are the best time of the year to forget about your diet and enjoy the great food the Spanish cuisine has to offer. With paella on Friday and tapas in the weekend, you can be sure you’re all set for an excellent dinner. They have a special kids menu on a paper sheet that the kids can color while waiting for their food. Imagine your kids coloring with a beautiful sunset in the background while the sprinklers are watering the golf courts. The smell of the wet grass enhances the flavors of your red wine and at the moment you think it can’t get better than that, the staff appears with an ice cream for the kids that you are jealous of. Hoping they won’t finish it, you sip your wine and order your coffee and mentally prepare for another day of fun at this amazing resort!

Green double couch with wooden legsGreen double couch with wooden legsGreen double couch with wooden legsGreen double couch with wooden legsGreen double couch with wooden legsGreen double couch with wooden legsGreen double couch with wooden legs

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