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Grecotel LUX ME White Palace ***** - hotel

Grecotel LUX ME White Palace *****

Greece, Rethymnon



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Aude, Chloé, Stéphanie and Quentin, Little Guest members

We headed to the Grecotel LUX ME White Palace, the first of series of hotels we visited in Crete. A rainy departure at the Charleroi Airport for a sunny landing 4 hours later at Heraklion. We then only had to get our rental car, and then head to the White Palace!

At our arrival, a member of the personnel of the hotel welcomed us and took care of our luggage. We then met with the general manager of the establishment who then invited us to sit in the armchairs near the reception desk. Refreshing drinks and cold wet towels were proposed to us as a refreshment, a thoughtful attention. We were pleased to taste homemade lemonades and cucumber flavoured fresh water. However, we wondered if these drinks were with or without alcohol, which is not communicated to us as they were served, as the taste hinted to this. Beyond all of this, the check-in went smoothly and rapidly.

“A breathtaking view!”

The visit of the resort followed, in the company of the general manager who explained to us in detail the location of every point of interest within the hotel, and as per its name suggests, it is a white palace! Punctuated with elegant touches with noble materials, the decoration shows the dominance of the white colour everywhere. We will remember the view that the passage to the reception desk offers, a place that overlooks the splendid main pool which extends to the Aegean Sea, a truly breathtaking view!

Time had come for us to sit around the table at the Italian restaurant with the general manager. The service was flawless, and all our questions were cordially answered by the chef who prepared for us delicious dishes: freshly made pasta, plenty of sea fruits, not to mention the delicious olive oil, one of the region’s speciality.

When we arrived at the hotel, the wind was quite strong, and it kept blowing while we were at the restaurant. It is covered, but partially opened, which would eventually become very uncomfortable to eat in such conditions. The hotel had placed windowed panels all around the terrace for everyone to enjoy their meal peacefully.

As far as the decoration is concerned, the white colour still dominates, but the whole setting felt somewhat too sober, which would give an impersonal feeling to the place, especially given the fact that there is a lot of space. The layout of the tables allows great freedom of movement, but reduces the heartiness that there could be. Finally, and surprisingly, the toilets were far from the restaurant.

Once the meal was over, our hosts took us for a more detailed visit. We then had a tour around and discovered the disposition of certain rooms, including a suite that offered an incredible view on the sea thanks to a gigantic bay window, a suite that can moreover be connected to another.

“Tennis courts and volleyball fields that will welcome children and teenagers”

The kids-club was under renovation when we were there. Its location is quite remote from the rest of the infrastructure. To ensure the children’s entertainment, the hotel took care of the situation and converted the conference room into an improvised and supervised kids-club, so the children could keep having fun! There also were area dedicated to sports here and there in the resort, including a second swimming pool, tennis courts and volleyball fields under construction that will welcome children and teenagers.

Each of us was staying in a Lux Me Swim Up Bungalow, a spacious accommodation furnished with a King-size bed, a bathroom, a suspended bed for children in a sleeping area that is separated by a sliding door, then a terrace that opens onto the sharing pool shared between the adjacent rooms. Everything is there, the bed is large and comfortable, ideally centred with the TV, slippers, bathrobes, and the minifridge was filled with drinks and water bottles.

A very pleasant stay at the Grecotel White Palace, a true surprise: as it is spread upon the surface area and not in height, this hotel gives the sensation never to be crowded. A very beautiful establishment that welcomes families as it should thanks to the kids-club, but also thanks to the amenities made available for younger children and their parents, upon reservation. This visit convinced us, and it will convince you too!


Thank you Little Guest, have a nice stay!

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