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Bagni di Pisa Palace and Thermal Spa – Tuscany *****

Italy, Pisa


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Free meals for children when they eat with their parents during the stay (up to 12 years old)

Leticia, student from Perpignan, France

With my boyfriend, we decided last November to escape the dullness of Brussels’s weather by spending a long weekend in Tuscany! We arrived in Pisa at the end of the day, after less than 2 hours of plane. The melodious accent of our taxi driver immediately made us forget about our past work week, now heading to the Bagni di Pisa for a Dolce Vita” interlude, and a well deserved one!

After a short 25-minute drive, we enter the hotel park where we discern the sumptuous ancient building fiercely standing before us. What an atmosphere once entering the doors of the Bagni! The beauty of old Italian palaces, with a clever and sufficient touch of modernity; our weekend started on a very good note.

A very fast check-in allowed us to rapidly reach our rooms where delicious Tuscan biscuits had been placed there, waiting for us, and where we would rest a few minutes before the start of the evening. We stayed in a suite which discovery, I must admit, clearly left us in awe : a grand space with high ceilings covered with ancient restored frescoes, a luxurious establishment that cleverly blended the refinement of both old and modern. Besides, the room service really was of an equivalent quality, with careful attention to every detail, which truly made us pampered through our whole stay.

« A clever blending of the refinement of both old and modern. »

Although we were only the two of us, this accommodation would have been perfect for a stay in family, the parents’ side was separated from the children’s, which would provide intimacy for everyone, much like the marble bathroom which was equipped with a shower and a bathtub. The expectations of a whole family would be met!

Despite not having the best view from our room’s windows, the one from the windows found in the hotel over the Tuscan mountains clearly balanced ours : I would even make a special mention for the view offered from the restaurant which showcases the Pisa tower and the lavish sunsets that we had the chance to admire every evening right from the beautiful bar of the hotel!

We ate really well during our stay, I still cannot forget the freshly made pasta of the gourmet restaurant, and the same goes for the diverse breakfasts. The service is flawless and offered in an elegant and casual atmosphere, accompanied with jazz melodies every evening.

« The service is flawless and offered in an elegant and casual atmosphere »

Many families with young children were dining at the restaurant during our stay, which notably dispenses high chairs for the meals, so the toddlers could fully enjoy their pasta without a complaint!

As a spa lover, I couldn’t wait to discover the one within the Bagni di Pisa after a whole morning visiting the ancient city. 5 baths and pools, and very rich and diverse care menu. The place is sumptuous, offers many services (bubble baths, hammams, etc.) and is kids-friendly, which is rare and deserves a mention. I even saw some of them enjoying the different pools provided to them, with a water temperature at around 34 degrees: a true pleasure during winter.

On the few aspects that could be improved, I would say that an effort could be made on the hotel’s conditions regarding the access to the spa cares so not to miss the appointed starting time of the massages. It would be a shame to shorten such moments that already feel too short!

We loved our weekend right at the heart of Tuscany, in a luxurious establishment that managed to brightly blend ancient refinement with the opulence of modernity, in a building that is perfectly set for family stays, with aquatic activities of great quality, all of such in a splendid Tuscan countryside.

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