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Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech *****

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Claire, mother of Lou, 4 years old, from Paris

We have our own habits in Marrakech, but this time it was time for something new. On holiday with my mother and daughter, tired of a busy Parisian life, I wanted some lightness. And if I had to remember one word from my stay at Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech, it would be appeasement.

We arrived at the Fairmont through sumptuous gardens. The property, dotted with olive trees, orange trees, palm trees and cacti, is an invitation to travel in itself. It is a paradise for nature lovers and of course joggers. The hotel has an absolutely sublime golf course with a panoramic view of the Atlas Mountains. Far from the hustle and bustle of the red city, the only distraction is the sound of the birds.

“The hotel’s sumptuous gardens are in themselves an invitation to travel”

The lobby is majestic with its gigantic ceiling height and its glass windows overlooking the famous gardens. Check-in was quick, barely 10 minutes. We were given a short tour of the hotel with the golf cart. It must be said that the residence is vast. Moreover, for the lazy ones, between each journey room / reception / restaurant, it is possible to ask at the reception for a buggy which arrives hardly 3 minutes later. Speaking of restaurants, the offer is vast but I will come back to that.

Our family suite was very spacious with a breath-taking view of the mountains, a huge dressing room, a bathroom with a whirlpool bath (it was almost a swimming pool for my daughter), as well as a huge shower. After settling in, we decided to go for an aperitif. I had a Porn Star Martini, my favourite cocktail (not always well made) but this time it was delicious. We decided to have dinner in one of the hotel’s restaurants. Everything was excellent, on the menu : a small leek soup, shrimps sautéed in garlic, and pasta with artichokes. A delight…

The next morning, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast. There was something for everyone, salty team, sweet team, eggs in 1001 ways, a huge cheese platter, all kinds of pastries, and my favourite: pressed juices of all colours. The weather was not good so my mother and I took the opportunity to relax at the hotel spa. During this time my daughter was able to enjoy the kids club. Big mistake, I hardly saw her the rest of the stay, she had so much fun lol. They even made pancakes.

“A relaxing moment for mother and daughter at the spa, a fun day at the kids club… the Fairmont knows how to satisfy every member of the family!”

As for us the spa was great. I started with a traditional hammam with very hot steam, then a black soap scrub with a kessa glove all over my body. It was very pleasant; I almost fell asleep and came out with a baby skin. We chatted with the young woman who gave me the treatments and she explained to me that in the Maghreb countries, going to the spa was a tradition between mother and daughter or with girlfriends, every weekend. I really appreciated this moment of sharing. Then I went on with an argan oil massage, not bad, even if it wasn’t the best of my life. In the evening we went out for dinner.

The sun came back out and the Fairmont then offered us a most unexpected escapade to the delight of young and old! It was just amazing, the hotel houses a great farm with all sorts of animals: rabbits, chickens, turtles, birds… as well as baby goats and donkeys that we even got to pet. My daughter Lou, who is as urban as I am, was amazed by this contact with nature. The visit continued with a tour of the agricultural farm, where we were able to taste different kinds of fruit and vegetables. I found it very entertaining.

“At dinner, musicians entertain the evening! They even personalised a song with my daughter’s name, she loved it!”

On the last evening we enjoyed the Moroccan restaurant, which was absolutely delicious. We had chicken with lemon and olives and couscous. They even offer mini couscous in mini tagine dishes for the kids… so cute! The decoration of the restaurant is typical and warm. Musicians were playing oriental music, between small guitars and tam-tams. They even personalized a song with my daughter’s name « Lou, the most beautiful of the village… » and she danced with them in the middle of the restaurant. I thought it was great. There is also a Mexican restaurant which we didn’t have time to try and which gives us a good reason to come back.

As we were leaving the hotel, we took the opportunity to go to the shop where I found a nice set of small stoneware coffee cups. Now, when I am in Paris and enjoy my morning coffee, I go back to my lovely Moroccan memories. I really recommend this hotel which offers a 5-star service coupled with a complete change of scenery and serenity in a green setting.

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