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Alexandre and Marie, parents of two children aged 5 months and 2 years, from Paris

Last September, we had the opportunity to spend a beautiful family holiday at The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino. Here is the story of a fantastic week spent in Greece, in the heart of the Peloponnese peninsula, with Aline and Honoré, our two children.

We have just arrived at the small airport of Kalamata, and a private taxi (Mercedes Vito) is already waiting for us to transfer to the hotel. We are delighted to see that the car is equipped with the two baby car seats we had requested when booking with Little Guest.

After a 45-minute drive, we are in front of The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino. No sooner said than done, a luggage handler comes to collect all our luggage. Meanwhile, we head to the reception where we are warmly welcomed by the staff. The check-in is done without waiting and our previously reserved stroller is there. Fast and efficient, the stay looks great!

Here we are already in front of the door of our room. We are staying in a Premium Infinity Suite with a sea view, certainly one of the most beautiful in the hotel. Our 75 sqm accommodation is composed of a master bedroom, a beautiful bathroom, a dressing room, a dining area, a lounge area, but above all an exceptional exterior. Indeed, located on the ground floor, the room opens onto a huge terrace with a private swimming pool facing the sea. Luckily, we have no opposite! To avoid any accidents, the bay window leading to the pool is childproof and there is a lifebuoy available.

While we occupy the main bedroom, our daughter sleeps on the sofa bed with rails and our son rests in the cot. The protectors and cot were the two options we requested when we booked. We were also delighted to find a few little extras: a welcome gift, bathrobes and slippers.


« Our daughter sleeps on the sofa bed with rails and our son rests in the cot »

The hotel offers around 20 restaurants and bars, all with very varied and delicious cuisines. Every day we try a new restaurant with half board (we advise you to book a table in advance). However, we have a slight preference for the buffet restaurant, which is more convenient when staying with children. The restaurants are really kid-friendly, there are children’s menus (and not just pasta and pizza!) as well as high chairs in each establishment. There are even colouring pages for the kids to play with between courses, but to tell you the truth, the waiting time isn’t really long. What’s more, the staff kindly offered to clean Aline and Horoné’s bottles and bibs if needed.


« The restaurants are really kid-friendly, there are children’s menus as well as high chairs in each establishment »


As far as the facilities are concerned, we really enjoy swimming in the hotel’s various pools. Each time we can rest quietly at the water’s edge, there are always deckchairs available. There is also a nice pool for the little ones with a depth of 20-30 cm, slides and water games. Although we found it quiet in September, the pools close at 6pm to avoid noise near the rooms. This is good for people who want peace and quiet after a certain time. Personally, if we feel like swimming after closing time, we always have our beautiful private pool or the beach right in front of the hotel.

The resort also has a lovely crèche full of toys, not to mention the dormitories which we found just lovely. Unfortunately, the latter is temporarily closed due to the health situation. To make up for this, the hotel offers a babysitting service and a free-access room with lots of games where children can go with their parents. We went there a few times when the weather was not good.

If you are short of something during your holiday, there are small shops within the hotel (children’s materials, games, products, magazines…). An additional shop such as a grocery shop would not be out of place.


« The hotel offers a baby-sitting service and a free-access room with many games »

We found that the hotel staff are really attentive to their guests, they respect our requests (transfers, baby bed…) and try to find a solution to each of our problems, it’s really nice. For example, we don’t have any washing up liquid in the room to clean the children’s bottles, the staff offered to wash them for us as many times as necessary.

A positive point is the resort’s smartphone app which allows you to have the programme of activities, book a restaurant table, see the menus, check the site map, chat with the reception 24 hours a day and many other very practical uses.


It was a holiday that lived up to our expectations, the hotel lived up to its promises: ultra-kid friendly even in the most stylish restaurants! The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino is simply ideal for a family retreat. It may be huge, but we didn’t feel it at all. We highly recommend this resort as we recommend the services of Little Guest. While we were short of time, they helped us to prepare this family trip and answered all our requests. A big thank you to the team! In short, this is an experience to be repeated.


Alexandre and Marie

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