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Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort *****

Greece, Halkidiki




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Pauline, Parisian living in Brussels, mum of 2 children aged 6 and 2

In early October, I was going through the northern-east part of Greece, and more precisely in the region of Halkidiki, made famous for its 3 large peninsula covered with Mediterranean forests that end with fine sand beaches and offer well protected bays. I had the chance to stay at the Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort *****, and that turned out to be a very pleasant discovery.

The road slithers to reach the Miraggio, which gives the feeling of arriving at the end of the world. In fact, the hotel is nested in a creek and is is surrounded with a verdant environment which contrasts with most of the hotels in the region, that are located in more urbanised areas.

« The hotel is nestled in a cove and surrounded by greenery »

The lobby of the hotel is immense and very spacious, the welcome is very thoughtful, and what immediately struck me was the pleasant discreet scent that flows around. I recognized that same scent in all the common parts of the hotel, which left in my mind a very pleasant memory.

The hotel is divided into two parts: Club Miraggio and Miraggio. Each of these parts benefits from the same advantages apart from the beach, the breakfast and other services a bit more “VIP” that the “Club” part offers. I visited the rooms of both parts and the all provide very beautiful and welcoming areas, that are very comfortable for the families. Honorable mention to the Club Room with Private Pool – Sea View in the Club Miraggio part and the Family Deluxe Room – Sea View in the Miraggio part.

« The spa is absolutely incredible: I have no other word »

As far as I’m concerned, the two central points of this hotel are the spa and the kids-club.

Regarding the spa, it is absolutely incredible, hands down. It is as worthy as the most renowned great thermal cure centres, a thermal source was discovered during the construction of the hotel in 2006, which allows the pools of the spa to maintain a constant temperature of 31°C, not mentioning the medicinal virtues. That way, at the ground level, a thermal circuit is proposed, with pools, hydromassage jets, saunas, showers, hammams, and so on, while the upper floor counts with wonderful care rooms and a relaxation area. A beauty salon and a hairdresser top it all, not to forget the large fitness centre where you can be coached by a specialist.

Now, the kids-club, which brings stars to the eyes of the children, is very much alike to a small village. Once you’ve passed the arches decorated with characters from the Madagascar movie, which penguins seem to dance on the giraffe, I discovered a kids-club adornated with curves and split into several areas for each age category. There are shaded playgrounds outside, an ice cream pop-up store that is open during summer and a small waterpark playground which looks like heaven for children. The activity programme is well organised and children are taken care of for half a day or an entire day, from 6 months old, from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M.

« Shaded outdoor play areas, an ice cream shop open in the summer, and a water play area make this place look like a children’s paradise »

I was sincerely impressed by the overall looks of this hotel. While my first impression was to enter a hotel that gave off a “bling-bling” feeling due to the decoration of the common part, I rapidly forgot it given the quality of the infrastructure, the service, the food and the pleasant beach that lays nearby.


Enjoy your family holiday!

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