Little Guest’s Gift Card


12 Months

Valid for one year


350 Hotels

4 and 5 stars





24 hours

Delivery time

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What can the card be used for?

The gift card is valid for all the hotel nights booked through or through our team of Travel Designers. A large selection of almost 350 different addresses, 4 and 5-star hotels that are the perfect fit for unforgettable family holidays. Enough so to fulfill any desires!

How to buy a gift card?

The gift cards are available only on our website Here are the steps to follow:


Open the link

Click on the “Offer a Gift Card” link in the header at the top of our home page or on this page


Value of your gift card

Select the value of your gift card (as of 100€)



Fill in the form with your personal and bank information



Confirm your purchase.

You will receive your gift card and your billing information by email within the 24 working hours. You will then have the choice either to print your gift card, or to transfer it through email.

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Where and how can I use the gift card?

- The gift cards are valid for a 12-month period after the date they are emitted and can be used during the payment process of an online booking or when booking with a Travel Designer.

- To use the gift card, simply refer to the code that is indicated on it (this code will also appear in the purchase confirmation email you will receive) and fill the field provided for that purpose during your online payment on our website, or through the link a Travel Designer will send to you during your booking.

- If the total amount of your stay is inferior to the total value of your gift card, Little Guest will not issue any credit note nor will proceed to a refund. The difference between the two amounts will be integrally remitted to our partner charity KickCancer (link to the partner’s page).

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