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Patrick’s Lodge *****

Joal-Djiffer Road | Palmarin Facao |


  • Very flexible Covid specific cancellation conditions
  • The lowest prices guaranted
  • A travel designer available 7 days a week
  • Organic solar products and a Samsonite gift delivered to your home (value: 125 €)
  • For each booking, Little Guest donates to underprivileged children


  • Private residences for kids
  • The 25m outdoor pool
  • The unlimited spa



It is in Senegal, between Dakar and Palmarin, that the prestigious Patrick’s Lodge awaits you, an exclusive and intimate address which was inaugurated in September 2018.

Designed as a real African palace, in the heart of nature, this lodge for “happy tribes” for a minimum stay of 2 nights delights young and old adventurers eager for relaxation and scenery.

Nearby: the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, a private beach of white sand, the Saloum Delta National Park, listed as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, as well as mangroves…The idyllic postcard for an oasis of 11 hectares between luxury, adventures and cultural immersion.

We reach this little corner of Senegalese paradise, located just 5 hours from the European continent, in 1 hour 40 minutes from Dakar International Airport Blaise Diagne where the lodge’s private drivers pick you up with their luxury 4x4s. They remain at your disposal throughout your stay.



This exceptional lodge is also offered on a private use, on the basis of an “ALL-INCLUSIVE” package which includes transfers between the airport and the lodge, all meals (snacks and soft drinks included) with the exception of alcoholic beverages and wines, service and entertainment staff, use of both 4×4 Land Rover and 4 Quads for a maximum distance of 250km, a tour guide and the use of the spa for 6 hours per day. Families are also offered a ride in a dugout canoe with a picnic, a quad bike ride in the pampas and an evening in the neighboring village with drummers.

The privatizable hotel residence is the guarantee of a dream stay for a very reasonable price when we know that the “all inclusive” package includes 16 people (kids included) and offers the option to add 10 more people. Great news: for kids under 4, the stay, the food and the animations are COMPLIMENTARY in Patrick’s Lodge! 

It’s the perfect formula for family parties and reunions, corporate events and stays with friends!

The property has:

  • 1 main house consisting of a lobby, a lounge, a lounge, a kitchen, a bar and a projection room
  • 1 house with 4 bedrooms
  • 1 house with 2 bedrooms
  • 1 house with 1 bedroom
  • 1 beach bungalow
  • 1 house for children with 10 beds distributed in 2 bedrooms
  • 1 private beach
  • 1 pool of 25 metres long (the first three metres are suitable for swimming for the smallest at just 30 cm deep)
  • 1 south-facing terrace
  • 1 restaurant
  • 1 beach bar
  • 1 spa
  • 1 fitness room
  • 1 seminar room
  • 1 library
  • 1 kitchen garden
  • 1 orchard
  • 1 amazing COMPLIMENTARY kids’ club for children

The different areas of the lodge are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The lodge exists in a wild environment that is sometimes capricious about the distribution of water and electricity. But do not panic! The lodge is equipped to deal with these situations in a short time.



When you walk through the lodge door, you immediately feel at home. A talented interior designer, the owner of the place has designed each room, each piece of furniture, each object of decoration in perfect harmony with the African spirit, while bringing a contemporary touch to it.

In respect of the local crafts, all the decorative elements were produced on site, by skilled goldsmiths.

Decorated with modern, locally inspired furniture, the estate’s houses and suites blend in with the surrounding nature. We love colorful coatings and raw materials such as the gigantic wooden bathtub, a bathtub that looks like a work of art, cut directly into the trunk of the tree, which brings warmth and authenticity to the water feature.

Like the 3 suites, the 6 rooms are comfortable, spacious, bright and elegant. Special mention for terraces hut inviting relaxation and travel.

With its 2 dormitories housing respectively 6 and 4 beds, the “Chicouff” children’s area brings together your toddlers in a common space where sharing and fun reign supreme. Kids enjoy to play hide-and-seek in the labyrinthine orchard located near their own residence. A nanny watches over your little ones from her own room, set between the two dormitories.



Passionate and creative, the head cook of the lodge uses her talent to offer you the best of Senegalese gastronomy, but also few meals inspired from french and international gastronomies. Every morning, this charming mother walks the aisles of the neighboring markets and meets the small farmers of the village in search of fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Tell her your preferences, intolerances or allergies, this cooking queen will stop at nothing to exalt your taste buds! The youngest will always find something to satisfy among the surprises that the children’s menu offers them.

At Patrick’s Lodge, we share meals all together facing the sea, in front of a beautiful sunset or simply rocked by the sound of the waves, thanks to its splendid and huge outdoor dining room. Breakfast is served between 8:30 and 10:00, lunch at 13:00 and dinner until 21:00.

If you prefer to have lunch in the privacy of your villa, please request it the night before.

Here, everything is possible. You can eat your lunch on the beach or in the middle of the garden. Just ask !


  • Baby-club
  • Kids-club
  • Teens activities
  • Sports activities
  • Kid's excursions
  • Crafts
  • Games and books
  • Connecting rooms
  • Babysitting
  • Kid's menu
  • Allergen-free menu
  • Welcome gift
  • Emergency baby bottle
  • Bottle warmers
  • Baby phone
  • Baby cosmetics
  • Baby bath
  • Baby cribs
  • Stroller
  • Baby chair
  • Emergency pacifier
  • Shuttle with baby seat
  • Potty
  • Kid's shop
  • Lifeguard
  • Nearby Hospital
  • Nearby doctor



Good news: children from 0 to 3 years old stay for free in Patrick’s Lodge!

Children are kings at Patrick’s Lodge! Upon arrival, they enjoy many privileges: games, books, welcome gifts, not forgetting a tailor-made recreational programme. The kids have a free and atypical outdoor kids club, built entirely from local materials.

Secured and animated, the children’s club is the ideal place to learn the secrets of African culture and Senegalese nature, before learning about hiking, cycling, ping-pong, paddle and many other sports and nautical activities.

The children have their own house in the area. Named “Chicouff”, it is ideally located near the parental suites. Inside, there are 10 beds in 2 luxury dormitories, whose walls are home to beautiful colourful frescoes inspired by African fauna.

The lodge provides parents with a large number of equipments to facilitate the stay of the little ones, such as the loan of strollers, car seats, high chairs, cribs or baby phones. A free high-quality babysitting service is also available for parents who wish to have a personal meeting with friends or with friends.

In addition to a large pharmacy and the presence of a nurse in the neighboring village, a pediatrician is also available 24 hours a day in case of minor injuries. By the way, do not panic if you or your little ones are bitten by small reptiles: those who live in the area are not usually poisonous or dangerous and the staff of the lodge always has aspi-venins and antidotes on hand!



Senegal is a land of traditions that the lodge’s staff invites you to discover during your family excursions. Accompanied by fascinating guides, go for a walk in the Saloum Salines or share a meal with a resident of Djilor village, before dancing with your toddlers on the rhythmic drums. The traditional market held in the village every Wednesday is also a unique experience not to be missed!

The favourite activity of the families is definitely trips by canoe to the neighbouring islands. You float on the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean before ending your trip with a delicious picnic on a pristine white sand beach. This beach is also owned by the owner of the lodge who has installed luxurious tents in which you can spend the night and play Robinson Crusoe!

Adventurous tribes roam the pampas from all four wheels of their quads, freely available at the reception of the lodge. Parents put their eldest in the passenger seat, safely.

The Accro-Baobab is also an outdoor activity that appeals to the whole family. This family-friendly and friendly park with branches (located only 1h30 from the lodge) invites the little ones to discover the joys of climbing and speleology for a few euros. Several courses are organized according to the age of your toddlers. We are ready to play, we encourage, your baby is proud, your baby smiles!

The Bandia Natural Reserve is the best way to discover all the main species of Africa : giraffes, monkeys, zebras, crocodiles, elephants, etc. Located 90 minutes from the lodge, your private driver will be happy to bring you and your toddlers there.



Nature lovers will not know where to turn, as there are many excursions in the region. We think in particular of horseback riding, or the birdwatching that awaits you in the nature reserve.

For those who prefer the waves to the mainland, we recommend a trip to the sea. A local fisherman gives you all its secrets and assists you in what will probably become your best catch in the Atlantic Ocean. At dinner, it’s you who enjoy!

Sports parents can try kitesurfing in the Bay of Somone (1h40) or get behind the wheel of a kart car at the Sindia racing circuit (1h40) before improving their swing on the 18-hole golf course at Saly (1h40).

If you want to enjoy your stay without leaving the estate, go to the spa or fitness room of the lodge. The spa is free for the lucky ones who privatized the Lodge : no fewer than 6 hours are available every day! Relax with a body massage after burning a few calories on the sports centre’s many state-of-the-art machines.

All the while, baby will be pampered by his/her adorable nannies.


  • 24/24 check-in
  • Bar
  • Beach
  • Concierge
  • Private beach
  • Restaurant
  • Valet parking
  • Wheelchair access
  • WiFi


  • Fitness room
  • Library
  • Outdoor pool
  • Parking
  • Spa


  • Animations
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Horse riding
  • Kite surf
  • Sport activities
  • Surf
  • Yoga




What is the story of your family hotel lodge in Senegal?

Since I was 12, we have travelled to West Africa in family. We have always been attracted by this region of the world. We visited Gambia, Sierra Leone and especially Senegal. We love this country and especially we have a deep respect and real affection for the Senegalese people. They are very endearing, welcoming and radiant. Senegalese people always have a smile.

It was a dream of my father to develop a real family project in Senegal. And when that day arrived, we first decided to build an intimate vacation home where we would meet with the family for one week per year, rather than staying in a luxury hotel with other vacationers. By talking a little, we realized that many people were also looking for a haven of peace in which to relax with family or friends. We therefore thought to develop this project into a private hotel lodge for demanding families. We hope that the lodge will remain a “secret” place where happy smalas meet to enjoy a 5* service while feeling at home.


“Our lodge is a secret place where happy smalas gather for 5* service while feeling at home.”


What do you think makes Senegal a family destination?

It is lovely to stay in Senegal with the family. Not only is it a destination that is accessible by many direct flights from Europe but above all, it is one of the only countries in West Africa that is completely secure.

The population is warm and places the family and the well-being of toddlers at the heart of its values. Like all Africans, there is nothing more precious to them than a child. One only has to see how the staff of the lodge (entirely composed of locals) and more particularly, the nannies take care of the little ones. Senegalese have this other way of conceiving childhood and motherhood. They make the children of others their own and the Senegalese culture gives way to beautiful scenes like a nanny who was wearing in a sheet on his back a young baby who was staying with his parents at the estate.

I also think of our friend Owl, who deals with the kids club and excursions dedicated to children. These awaken them to nature by taking walks in the reserve where he invites them to recognize the songs of the birds, to know their diets and their hunting techniques. In a world where everything is going too fast, it’s a pleasure to see children marvel at the nature of things. Senegal is a land of tradition and “truth” for all families who wish to take a break. Family activities are not lacking in Senegal buet, above all, they are out of the ordinary thanks to th preserved wild nature.


“Senegal is a land of tradition and “truth” for all families who wish to take a break.”


Can you tell us about the kids club and your children’s services?

Our kids-club is an outdoor space that may seem primitive at first, but it was our desire to offer children games made of wood and recycled materials that are inspired by African nature. There are wooden swings, tire-shaped giraffe seats, ring throwing and many other games of skill and waking. The children’s house also has a play area with large boxes filled with PLAYMOBIL® figures, board games and storybooks.

We also offer a lot of excursions adapted to grown-ups, but also to teenagers, such as trips in canoes, fishing alongside a local expert and the visit to neighboring villages where our little guests can mingle with the local children for a collective dance punctuated by some djembes. Owl comes from one of these villages and regularly invites children to live the daily life of its inhabitants, for example by assisting with the birth of a calf or the movement of a herd of donkeys. Sports and water activities are also organized in the lodge, such as table tennis, petanque, paddle, badminton, surfing, mountain biking, equestrian rides, quad or canoe or snowshoeing.

For infants, we have an extraordinary babysitting service thanks to our endearing and dedicated nannies, but also a large number of equipment such as the loan of pacifiers, strollers, baby bottles, car seats, high chairs.


What do children eat at the lodge?

Senegal is working miracles for children! Even for those who hate fish… Here, they can eat breaded monkfish every day because they are convinced that they are chicken nuggets! Every day our chef prepares meals based on what the garden offers, returns from fishing and small local producers. Simple dishes, refined, full of flavors cooked with love … That’s all we expect from a talented cook with a big heart.

Our menu offers mostly fish, accompanied by spicy herbal sauces and exotic tree fruits such as bissap or baobab, all served with white rice and vegetables stewed in tajine broth. Senegalese are also keen on zebu meat, a kind of thin rib with French bone pickled with ginger or basil. In Senegal, the aromatics do not have the same taste as in Europe. They are much higher, which generally appeals to parents.


“Senegal is working miracles for children!”


Our chef is also a specialist in tempura, madeleines and sorbets. She loves to cook dinner in front of the kids. They sit on the work plan and carefully observe her every move. She sometimes cooks them sweet potato fries or carrot chips. Our chef is really very talented. In just an hour, she learned to cook a tartare and it is the best tartare we’ve ever tasted!

Breakfast is an important meal at the lodge. Our guests are served delicious home-made products such as granola, chia pudding, coconut fruit and milk, pieces of bread and cakes, juices and detox waters, and more.

All-Inclusive Formula

  • Rate: €25.000 + 18% VAT that is €29.500 for 16 persons
  • Additional persons: Up to 10 children; €800/child; Complimentary for children under 4 years old

Kids’ club

  • Opening hours: 24/7
  • Age: All ages
  • Rate: Complimentary from 1 day to 3 years old ; Price on demand for kids from 3 years old.

Number of houses

  • 5 houses
  • 1 bungalow
  • See the map

Opening dates

  • Open all year long


  • Rate: From €60
  • Airport: Dakar Blaise Diagne

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