Travelling smart in times of coronavirus


Coronavirus (or COVID-19) needs little introduction as it has been turning our lives upside down for several months now. Like many sectors, tourism has been affected by this crisis, but fortunately, it is now possible to have a good time abroad again with family and friends! Some people are still a little bit anxious and stressed at the idea of leaving their country at this time, but there are simple ways to avoid as much as possible the risks of contamination while enjoying the holidays we have all well deserved!




 Backed by the experience we have been building up over the past several months, our teams wanted to offer you the important elements to take into account for your next trip during the COVID-19 period, the conditions and terms you can benefit from by choosing an agency like ours, as well as advice on how to ensure that your children have the best possible time with you, despite slightly modified habits.


How to organise my holiday?

At Little Guest, we are dedicated to families looking for the unexpected, the sunshine and the sweetness of life, whatever the circumstances. Whether you choose to book your holiday online via our new website, or use the customised service of our travel designers, we have flexible cancellation policies that allow you to prepare with peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to ask us!

Of course, we update in real-time the reopening dates of hotels, baby-clubs and kids-clubs, as well as all the information we have regarding the services available in our exceptional establishments.


Where can I find official information?

In order to prepare your next trip, find all the official and updated information according to your destination:

Departure from the United Kingdom

Departure from Belgium

Departure from France

Departure from the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg

Departure from Switzerland



What are the measures taken by the hoteliers?

All the hotels in the Little Guest collection have bent over backwards to quickly put in place effective safety and hygiene measures during this pandemic.

Installation of contactless parking, disinfection of cars, temperature control of guests, regular disinfection of all surfaces, provision of masks and presence of hydroalcoholic gel in all corners, as well as new regulations in all Spas and kids-clubs, our hosts have thought of everything and are more than ready to welcome you!


Sophie, mom of Achille, 5 years old, wanted to tell us a bit more about her experience at Club Med Les Arcs Panorama ****:



« We went to Club Med Les Arcs Panorama with the family for a few days at the beginning of July.

Before our departure, the hotel had informed us of the security measures put in place in view of the current situation. Everything had been thought out to ensure a safe and pleasant stay for all our guests.

For example, the temperature of all guests was taken every time they entered the hotel and restaurant (our son loved to go through this « gate » and see the message « Hello! Temperature ok! « ). Also in the restaurant, a direction of traffic had been set up and the traditional buffet had been adapted so that only the Chefs would distribute the dishes. So everything was perfectly organized to enjoy the meals serenely with the family.

Wearing a mask was compulsory in all common areas and hydroalcoholic gel was available everywhere.

Finally, cleaning report sheets were visible in the toilets and lifts to show us the regularity of the passage of the cleaning lady.

In conclusion, we are very happy to have taken the decision to leave despite the circumstances and were impressed by the rigour of the hotel and by the measures taken to ensure that everyone had an unforgettable stay in complete safety! »


If, like Sophie, you would like to spend an exceptional holiday at the mountains, discover the Club Med Les Arcs Panorama!



Wearing a mask

When leaving for your holiday, you will be required to wear a mask upon arrival at the airport. Regarding the plane, airlines must follow the decisions taken by the government of each country. Many countries require masks to be worn at airports, on public transport, and in public places. In all cases, we strongly encourage you to keep your mask on during your entire flight and upon arrival at your destination.


How do I wash my mask?

If you are used to wearing a surgical mask, simply throw it away, as there is no way to wash or recycle it.

However, if you wear a cloth mask, it is important to wash it after each use! To do this, there is nothing better than putting it in the washing-machine at 60 degrees with your usual detergent. For drying, open air or a quick blow dry will do the trick.

The hotels in our collection will all be happy to help you get new masks if you need them, and most of them will of course disinfect them for you.


For the little ones:

Even though few children contract the disease or show symptoms, airlines also ask them to wear masks to avoid any risk of spreading the virus. The rules differ depending on the airline, for example Brussels Airlines requires children aged 6 and over to wear masks on all its flights, whereas Air France makes it compulsory for children aged 11 and over (and recommends it for children aged 3 to 11).

Have a look at your planned airline’s website to find out about the rules that apply to your next flight.





How to protect yourself and others?

You probably already know it, in order to avoid the transmission of the virus as much as possible, there is a list of simple actions to adopt at home and during your trip:

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 30 seconds (or with hydro-alcoholic gel if this is not possible).
  • Cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm or into a disposable tissue.
  • Use a disposable tissue and dispose of it directly in the trash.
  • Keep a safe distance of 1.50 m whenever possible.
  • Greet each other without shaking hands and avoid hugs.
  • Avoid touching your nose and mouth as much as possible.
  • Wear a mask, of course.


For the little ones:

Even though we know that it is sometimes difficult for our little ones to keep their distance, it is important to explain to them that it is important tobe careful for a while, especially if they are accompanied by their grandparents.

Try to make them understand that they have the power to not make people sick by avoiding hugs, we are sure they will be happy to take on the role of the little hero!

When it comes to handwashing, there are many ways to make this little ritual fun for children, such as making up a story about each part of the hand that needs to be cleaned properly, or singing a song every time they go to the sink. After all this, your child will have developed the good habit of washing his hands regularly, and will certainly continue to do so after this pandemic period!




Where to go this summer 2021?



Last advice

  • No need to panic. You can now travel to many countries and it is of course possible to experience an unforgettable holiday, as long as simple measures are followed. Wearing a mask from time to time and washing your hands well are not too much of a burden to spend fabulous moments with your family! Many hotels also allow their guests to enjoy their holiday unmasked, as long as they have tested negative.
  • A wonderful holiday solution at this time of the year is to book a private accommodation. Fully secured, the villas and cottages of Little Guest guarantee families intimacy and comfort in exceptional settings. Feel free to read our dedicated article for inspiration, or watch our latest video presenting some of the most beautiful villas in France!



The entire Little Guest team wishes you a wonderful family holiday!






Margaux, 24 y.o, passionate travels, from Namur


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