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Nestling in an idyllic natural setting, between the mountains and Lake Geneva, just a few kilometres from Geneva, the Evian Resort is an ideal place for families to recharge their batteries. In this article, we highlight the Hôtel Ermitage Evian **** and the Hôtel Royal Evian *****, two establishments in the Little Guest collection. As well as boasting breathtaking facilities, these two hotels stand out for their expertise in catering for families and children.


Located in a verdant setting, Evian-Les-Bains is a spa destination where the air is pure, invigorated by the presence of the Alps. In fact, the Evian Resort inspired the creation of Little Guest, notably with its Mother and Baby cure. A few years ago, Jérôme Stéfanski, founder of Little Guest, offered this retreat to his wife and their newborn baby, which was a wonderful experience. The Thermes d’Evian also offers other cures, both medical and non-medical. Take advantage of an area entirely dedicated to treatments and massages to help you relax.  As soon as you arrive at the Evian Resort, you’ll have the chance to discover Naïf products in your bathroom, a 100% natural cosmetics brand dedicated exclusively to baby and child care. Shampoo, sun cream, cleansing gel… everything is dermatologically tested, with a neutral pH and no harmful ingredients! The perfect products to pamper your children throughout your stay.

Whether in winter or summer, the Evian Resort offers a wide range of activities for young and old to enjoy! These include golf, yoga walks, guided tours, boat trips, ski lessons, etc. And there are plenty of excursions to keep you entertained!

Discover the Hôtel Ermitage Evian ****, the ideal place to get away from it all. With its fabulous scenery of mountains and green expanses, it invites you to recharge your batteries, as you can read in this testimonial. Then there’s the Hôtel Royal Evian *****, a marvellous palace overlooking the sublime Lake Geneva, where you’ll have the chance to enjoy some memorable moments with your family.



The Kid’s Resort at Hôtel Ermitage Evian **** and Hôtel Royal Evian *****

The Hôtel Ermitage Evian **** and the Hôtel Royal Evian ***** are real gems designed to help your family flourish.  Within these establishments, you can discover one of the resort’s star attractions: the Kid’s Resort. This is staffed by a team of professionals who are fully qualified to supervise and entertain your children throughout their stay. The Kid’s Resort is made up of three clubs: the Baby Club, the Kid’s Club & the Teen’s Club. Each year, during the school holidays, a new and original theme is selected to inspire all the activities to come: treasure hunts, costumed investigations, arts and crafts, sports tournaments, etc. Creativity is always the order of the day! In 2024, the two themes for the school holidays are Prehistory & Homo Sapiens (winter) and Ancient Egypt (spring). On the winter programme: archaeological digs, hut building, mammoth races (and lots of other games!). The spring programme includes mummy hunting, deciphering hieroglyphics, pharaohs’ epics, puzzles and more. Your children won’t forget this adventure for a long time!


The Kid’s Resort has recently undergone a major renovation. Its mission: « To give children and their families an authentic experience that will make them want to share unforgettable moments again« . More than 1,000 sqm of indoor and outdoor space is dedicated to children, young and old alike! There are a number of different areas (fancy dress, dance, motor skills, sports, make-up, etc.) and even a heated indoor swimming pool – a real children’s paradise! Laser games, bowling, tree climbing… everything is on offer to keep your children happy and smiling! As for meals, you can be sure that the Chef will be serving them top-quality dishes. In a lounge dedicated to them, they can frequently sample dishes inspired by European countries: Greek week, Milanese plates, etc. These different dishes (concocted in a balanced way) will also sometimes make way for pizza or fish & chip evenings to delight all mouths!

Got a birthday to celebrate? Don’t worry, the Kid’s Resort will take care of it! Every Wednesday (except during school holidays), from the age of 4, your child can celebrate this happy event. The entertainment team will be delighted to organise and supervise the party (depending on the age and the weather!).

During the school holidays, evening entertainment is organised every day from 7.30pm to 10pm, with themed evenings planned: board games, mime games, etc. There’s something for everyone!


The Baby Club

The Baby Club welcomes children aged 4 to 36 months. Open every day from 9am to 6pm, this recently refurbished area is the ideal place for your baby to benefit from high-quality professional supervision, where his or her well-being will be a top priority. Surrounded by qualified early childhood specialists, your baby will be pampered and given time to develop his or her imagination. The programme includes activities such as painting, modelling, reading stories and nursery rhymes, etc. There are also a number of games on offer, including sensory games, water games and play tables (ideal for developing babies’ motor skills). The club also has all the essentials for young children: childcare equipment, bottle feeding, baby-friendly meals, changing room with changing table and nap room. Everything at the Baby Club is designed to ensure your baby’s comfort, so that you, as parents, can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind! What’s more, don’t hesitate to discover the Baby & Mum programme offered by the Baby Club. This programme is aimed at young mothers and their babies aged between 4 and 10 months, inviting them to enjoy unique, exclusive moments of sharing at the Evian Resort. « Baby massage« , « aqua baby », « baby discovery »… these are just some of the activities on offer. A few years ago, Jérôme Stéfanski, founder of Little Guest, offered this retreat to his wife and their newborn son.




The Kid’s Club

The Kid’s Club welcomes children aged 3 to 9 every day from 9am to 6pm. Your child will have the opportunity to enjoy experiences that will bring out all the creativity that lies dormant in them, just waiting to be explored! Surrounded by a team of qualified entertainers, the children at Kid’s Club have the chance to take part in a multitude of activities adapted to their ages & desires. For example, there’s an outdoor play area (secure!), sports challenges, board games, a stage show, a motor skills area, etc.


Tennis and padel courses are also available during the school holidays. Supervised by ESF professionals, children also have the opportunity to go skiing and enjoy the magical setting of Evian-les-Bains and the splendid scenery surrounding Lake Geneva.




Teen’s Club

The Teen’s Club is the ideal place for young teenagers aged 10 to 17, and is a space specially designed for them. Open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the club invites young people to get together around their interests, while taking into account their need for independence. The programme includes sports tournaments, music workshops, a multi-sports pitch, karaoke, etc. So why not make the most of the water park, follow it up with a mountain bike session in this beautiful region and finish off with a billiards session in the club house? Accompanied by a lively professional team, your teenagers will have the chance to discover an impressive range of activities: sports, arts & crafts, themed evenings, quizzes, orienteering in the park, excursions, …., etc. They won’t have time to get bored, that’s for sure!




The Little Guest Race at the Evian Resort

The first Little Guest Race was held at the Evian Resort on 28 May 2023. The idea? To give children the chance to have fun in a hilarious race in which they had to ride a suitcase that was as functional as it was fun. Before the race got under way, the children got the festivities under way by taking part in a personalisation workshop organised at the Kid’s Resort, where they all had a chance to decorate their own suitcase and helmet. Afterwards, they were given a short warm-up to prepare them for the physical effort! Around thirty children (aged between 4 and 10) were invited to take part in this new experience, and were able to discover (and test!) the Samsonite Dream2Go suitcase, offered by the brand to its youngest globetrotters before they take off to new destinations. This practical and entertaining suitcase has been designed to keep children amused on holiday. Superbly ergonomic, with a capacity of 28 litres and mounted on 4 small wheels, it is available in several models inspired by the animal world: giraffe, dinosaur, tiger, etc. The whole savannah (or almost) is represented on these splendid suitcases.

On this wonderful day, parents and children were also able to enjoy a delicious snack. Waffles, chocolate fountains, exotic fruits and more – there was something for everyone.

In 2024, following the success of the 2023 event, Little Guest and Evian Resort are doing it again!  We look forward to seeing you on 7 April 2024 at the Evian Resort for more great fun!



Happy holidays with Little Guest!

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