Ibiza as a family: dream holiday with children


The noisiest of the Balearic Islands has other well-kept treasures besides its fancy parties. In recent years, the white island has been constantly renewing itself and attracts both the jet-set and families looking for tranquillity. Here’s an insider’s discovery of the wild and discreet Ibiza for an invigorating family holiday.




Ibiza, a family-friendly destination?

Ibiza is often presented as the island of partying, a paradise for debauchery, gogo dancers and caipirinha. Wrongly so, since you just have to respect a few fundamentals to make your way between clubbers hooked on techno, baba-cool nudists and the ballets of stars. In fact, it is in low season that the island reveals itself: remove its artifices and Ibiza will reveal its true face, that of an island with authentic charm where the Balearic art of living rhymes with softness and absolute tranquillity, at the antipodes of the image conveyed by the popular press and the English tabloids. Scattered throughout this article, you will discover our 10 commandments for a successful family holiday in Ibiza.


When is the best time to go to Ibiza?

From June 15th to September 5th, just run away! You’ll avoid ending up in a giant nightclub: the party sector is relatively concentrated and operates mainly in high season, leaving Ibiza 10 months to prove to those who doubt it that it has much more to offer than its clubs and its expensive magnums of champagne. Although the weather is mostly sunny and hot (even scorching) from July to August, the weather remains good and dry all year round. June and September are beautiful months to visit the island family-style. The off-season is also pleasant, with temperatures in May and October around 20°C. Between November and April, the mercury fluctuates between 8 and 20 °C. The winter is mild with some rain from December to February.




What to do, what to see, what to visit in Ibiza?

The ancient Eivissa 

Nestled in the Mediterranean, halfway between Spain and Algeria, Ibiza, or Eivissa in Catalan, is the result of cross-cultural influences. Fallen into the hands of the Phoenicians, governed by the Romans and then placed under Muslim influence, it is a marvellous patchwork of many identities. The city of Eivissa, marked by its history, offers a troubling sensation of exile. Successive occupations have forged its character and that of its elders who, sitting at 8 o’clock in front of a black coffee, proudly evoke the history of their island. A stroll through the narrow streets of the old town, Dalt Vila, is an opportunity to discover a fortified city full of charm, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.

Proudly standing on the heights of the port, the old town offers a beautiful view of the deep blue sea and the island of Formentera in the distance. You’ll get lost and succumb to the charms of its narrow streets with patinated cobblestones. Cross the underground passages, the old facades decorated with flowers and you will find yourself in the lively Vila square with its restaurants, bars and shops. Walk past the Santo Domingo church before climbing to the highest point of the old town where you will discover the Santa Maria cathedral. Then head down to the La Marina district to enjoy the small local shops and, why not, take home some souvenirs.


Creeks and coconut trees

Ibiza has more than 200 km of coastline dotted with heavenly beaches waiting for your towels, buckets and shovels. Winding through pine trees tormented by the sea breeze, the coastal paths offer breathtaking scenery with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean waters. From the ochre-coloured cliffs, you can spot the confidential beaches and coves with clear waters accessible by narrow, steep paths. So, keep your baskets on, because you’ll have to walk in order to access these corners of paradise cut off from the world. Families with toddlers will prefer the beaches that are easier to reach, but no less charming.

  • Cala Llonga beach is a family favourite. This vast beach of white sand is surrounded by a multitude of services, features a playground and offers pedal boat hire, making it the perfect place for children.
  • On the other side of the island, close to San Antonio, the quiet Cala Gracio, with its natural pool-like appearance, offers beautiful sunsets. The water is gently sloping and the currents are rare. A wooden footbridge provides access to the beach to families with strollers.
  • In the west of the island, the reference is undoubtedly Cala Bassa. Supervised by lifeguards, this pretty beach lined with pine trees is ideal for children to swim. Cala Hort beach is not lacking in beauty either, with its ochre cliffs and its view of the rock of Es Vedrà.
  • On the southern tip, a long white sand beach surrounded by dunes welcomes families to its turquoise waters: Las Salinas beach, part of the Salines Natural Park.




Underground trip and sea view

Don’t you dare summarizing Ibiza to its paradisiacal beaches, it would be a big mistake to forget its natural treasures. Explore the island with your little adventurers. Don’t forget to climb to the top of Mount Sa Talial, which rises to 393 metres above sea level and offers beautiful views of the island and its crystal-clear waters. Challenge the children to spot the famous rock of Es Vedrà offshore: a rock more than 400 metres high that rises out of the water. For an immersion between dunes and marshes, head for the Salines Natural Park, located in San Francesc. Children will appreciate the marine fauna that populates the park, including the famous pink flamingo. Finally, plunge into the centre of the earth between stalactites and stalagmites in the Can Marca cave.


It’s 7am, time for Ibiza to wake up

There are still a few partygoers staggering towards their beds and then there are the early risers; those who have drawn the curtains in the early hours to see the sunrise over the still calm waters that only a few sailors setting out to sea come to disturb. These brave people can enjoy the beaches before the onslaught of tourists in that very special morning light. It is also the occasion to go to the markets where, on the other hand, animation reaches its peak. To reconnect with the hippy roots of the island, head for the Las Dalias market in the north of the island. Colourful and bohemian, this market has become a local institution where Mediterranean gastronomy mixes with hippie-chic jewellery and clothes.


Where to eat in Ibiza with children?

Between vineyards and remote fields, life follows the rhythm of nature. The traditional fincas have reinvented themselves to welcome visitors to their tables, according to the « farm to table » precept dear to the island’s inhabitants. La Granja, an old farmhouse located in the interior of the country, promotes organic Mediterranean food. Guests can stroll around the beets, aubergines, onions, lemon trees, herbs and fig trees.




  • The guaranteed gustatory and educational experience. On the road from Santa Eulalia to San Juan, a stop should be made at the A mi manera farmhouse-restaurant. With a view of the vegetable garden and a pop atmosphere, you’ll enjoy a succulent octopus. And for dessert, let yourself be tempted by the beet and basil cheesecake, a beautiful variation of this treat that will open up the culinary horizons of children. For a quick bite to eat on the go during your beach trips, here is a shortlist of family-friendly restaurants.
  • Bread, aioli and olives as an aperitif, grilled fish platter and mixed salads, the Chiringito El Bigotes, a nice little restaurant on the waterfront, serves families in 2 courses, one at 12:30pm and the other at 1:30pm. In order to taste local cuisine, ask for the Bullit de peix. Remember to book in advance, small table but high-end place, the restaurant is often crowded.
  • At the Boat House, your little pirates will be in their element. Aquariums and fake wreck under a glass flooring, large mattresses and hammock with sea view and, on the plate, dishes suitable for the youngest, gluten-free dishes and vegan desserts.
  • For lunch in an idyllic setting, head to the Ses boques restaurant, located in a small cove in Es cubells. Tender fish, lobsters and gourmet paella, here the high-quality products are freshly caught.


Where to stay in Ibiza with your family?



Luxury in Aguas de Ibiza

An elegant spot located just a few steps from Eivissa on the east coast of the island, the Hotel Aguas de Ibiza is far away from the preconceived ideas about Ibiza. This establishment, run by a family deeply attached to its island, offers a new and totally eco-friendly concept of luxury. Reminiscent of a hippie past, eco-chic hotels flourish on the island. In this haven of peace, everything has been thought out so that travellers can enjoy a comfortable and responsible stay. Relaxation begins in the rooms, thanks to the arrangement based on Feng shui learning. Spacious and bathed in light, the suites with a breathtaking view of the emerald sea, the hotel’s freshwater swimming pool and its state-of-the-art spa are all intimate places to spend time.

After a king’s breakfast at the Oligo Madeinterranean’s morning buffet, you can swap your nice clothes for a sports outfit. Whether you go kayaking, cycling or hiking, the hotel offers many activities for families in the surrounding unspoilt areas. At the end of the afternoon, head to the marina to watch the ballet of the boats with an ice cream in hand. To end the day, a last dive and a yoga session on the beach is a must.


Elegance and purity at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay *****

Nestled along the magnificent little Talamanca bay, the Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is a chic setting dedicated to relaxation and well-being for the whole family. Its location, with a breathtaking view directly over the small port, as well as its two sublime pools and its Six Senses Spa, make it a particularly popular address. The hotel also stands out for its state-of-the-art fitness room and nutrition coaching, as well as its beauty salons.  The hotel offers guests the opportunity to try out a number of water sports, including e-foiling, a surfboard equipped with an electric propeller, which literally allows the user to fly over the water at high speed. Full of thrills!

Parents can enjoy their stay to the full, as the hotel offers the services of numerous superbly qualified nannies to look after their little ones, with complete ease and safety. Children aged 4 to 12 can have fun every day for free in the kids’ club. On the programme: jewellery-making workshops, handicraft weaving, arts and crafts, cooking classes, etc. and on the outings side, street dancing or paddle lessons in the bay. Definitely a great address for a carefree holiday in Ibiza.



How to get there?

You can reach Ibiza by plane as it’s located only 2h30 from Brussels and Paris. If you book in advance you will find cheap return flights from Paris, Zaventem or Charleroi. It is easy to rent a car to move around freely and enjoy the natural landscapes of the island far from the tourist spots. On the island of Formentera, you can rent a bicycle.


Ibiza knows how to charm travellers. Taken over by mass tourism, it is gradually reinventing itself and reappropriating its land to return to its original essence: that of an authentic, gentle and wild island, particularly suitable for family holidays.


Have a nice trip!





Audrey, 25 years old, travelling-addict journalist, from Brussels

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