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Are you looking for holidays to enjoy all together in family? Next destination: Canary Islands! Little Guest is taking you to a tiny island called Lanzarote, also known as “the 1000-volcano island”. This Spanish islet hides plenty of historical monuments to visit and natural landscapes to admire; whether it is winter or summer, bring a smile to your children’s face with an extraordinary trip and a unique experience. Lanzarote’s fame was made from the landscapes it offers, its gastronomy and its 5-star hotels. A perfect mix for perfect family holidays!



Lanzarote in a few words

Lanzarote is a volcanic island with a land surface of 845,94 km². It is located in the Atlantic Ocean between Spain and the Moroccan shores, more precisely, situated in the Canary Islands archipelago, and the most commonly spoken languages are Spanish and the local language known as the Canarian Spanish. The island is divided in 7 cities : Arrecife (the capital city), Yaiza, Haria, San Bartolomé, Teguise, Tías and Tinajo, where you will have the chance to admire the secular history of the 1000-volcano island.



Not to be missed

For a complete trip around Lanzarote and to fully grasp everything it has to offer, we recommend you to visit all the different emblematic sites of the island. On top of that, take some time to enjoy relaxing moments in family, and take part to outdoor activities to which everyone can participate, regardless of the age. 

Reefs, trails and sinuous green paths make part of the Lanzarote shores geographical structure, which constitute the ideal setting for hiking and trekking, but there is also the possibility to go biking all safely. For those who are seeking for an adrenaline rush, we would not recommend you enough to go to Chimida and experience paragliding to land at Mirador del Río.

Try also all the available nautical activities to fully enjoy your stay on the island, such as surfing, diving or kayaking! Lanzarote’s pristine waters also built its fame as well as the wavy seas and its breathtaking landscapes on the beaches.

And if you enjoy unconventional trips, set sail on the sea with a catamaran together as a group, or visit the island driving a buggy or on a camel’s back, not to mention the four-wheel drive excursions!

Among all the places you should be visiting, here is a selection:

  • The beaches
  • The touristic sites
  • The volcanic parks



A guided tour around the touristic sites


When visiting Lanzarote in family, don’t hesitate to go have a look at some of the most sought-after places of the island.

Admire the famous green lagoon on the Los Hervideros site in Yaiza, where a volcanic eruption in the 17th century formed volcanic rocks from petrified lava, which give this particularly green colour to the ocean near two caves separated by a natural pillar. 

Caves in Lanzarote truly are an inevitable attraction. The Cueva de los Verdes certainly are among the most popular of them all. These green caves originate from the eruption of the mount Monte de la Corona. In contact with the open air, the lava progressively solidified to create petrified lava flows, which nowadays offer a sumptuous landscape reflecting the sun light in a very peculiar way. An eye candy.

Besides the caves, the Lanzarote island hides dozens of underground galleries, such as the Los Jameos del Agua, which expand from the Cueva de los Verdes to the sea shores. This geological site indeed progresses from an underground cavern to a volcanic bubble called Jameo Grande, opening to an exotic garden with a wonderful swimming pool in its centre.

To conclude your trip, you must see the Cactus de César Manrique garden, a botanical park where 9,600 cactus varieties are exposed, among which 1,400 different species!



Breathtaking volcanic parks

Volcanoes make the identity of Lanzarote. Those flaming mountains are its main attraction and attract many tourists. Bring your family to visit the gorgeous volcanic parks of the island, so everyone can develop their knowledge about this peculiar geological phenomenon!

In addition, the national symbol of Lanzarote truly is worth the visit: the National Park of Timanfaya, deemed as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1993. On the September 1, 1730, Lanzarote was struck by the eruption of 100 volcanoes, spanning over 6 years, which obliterated a quarter of the island. Nowadays, the National Park of Timanfaya is the main attraction of the 1000-volcano island.

Regarding the visit itself, it can only be done by bus from the touristic centre of the park. You will have the chance to admire through the island several varieties of volcanoes, of all colours and shape, such as:

  • The white volcano of Montana Blanca
  • The round-topped volcano of Los Rodeos
  • The black volcano named “El Cuervo”
  • The red volcano and the volcanic bombs of Montana Colorada
  • The Corona volcano, which chimney is submerged
  • The Montana Roja, offering an astounding view over Fuerteventure
  • The Caldera Blanca and its immaculate volcanic cone



Enjoy the beaches


Lanzarote has plenty of beaches to explore too. Their turquoise waters attract a many tourists, and so do the white sand but also black volcanic sand beaches. We made a fine selection of a few shores that would be perfect for a family trip in Lanzarote.

The playa de Papagayo is composed of several beaches that you can reach only in a four-wheel drive or on a taxi boat. It is located in the southern town of Tías. You will find there the ideal spot to have a relaxing moment in family and to enjoy amazing sunsets. The playa de Papagayo is composed of 4 heavenly banks bordered with a warm and pristine sea water. Among them are the following beaches:

  • La playa Mujeres
  • La playa de Papagayo
  • La playa del Pozo
  • La playa Puerto Muelas
  • La playa Francesca de La Graciosa

La Graciosa is the very last islet of the Canary Islands. It is comprised within the maritime area of the 1000-volcano island since El Rio links it to Lanzarote, yet, it is not considered as an official island within the Canary Islands. The playa Francesca mainly serves as a docking for cruising yachts. If you’re in search of a peaceful and relaxing moment in a remote place, this beach has everything you need.

Take full advantage of the softened sun light in the shade of the palm trees on the playa Flamingo, located in Yaiza. This white-sand beach is renowned for its tropical atmosphere. Enjoy the sun and the local gastronomy until the sun sets!




Lanzarote offers a greatly varied gastronomy. Just as all the other islands that compose the Canary Archipelago, its gastronomy draws inspiration from the Spanish one, but not always! You will be surprised by many recipes that originate from Latin America and even Africa.

Let’s start with the basics from Lanzarote. The Gofio is the absolute basis within the alimentation of the Lanzaroteños. It is prepared with a wheat, grilled corn and barley flour dough. This specialty is the upgraded version of what was once known as “Guanches” (which also used to be the basic aliment from Lanzarote). It is usually accompanied with soup, milk and bread or even ice cream!

You can also try the papas arrugadas (pomme de terre) as a main side with carne (meat) or even Sanchocho (fish stew). To refine even further the dishes, Lanzaroteños usually add mojos (cold sauce) or queso (cheese).

Lanzarote being an island, fish and sea fruits make part of many specialties! The fish stew and vieja (old lady) are typical dishes from the Canary Islands. The local specialties blend together a wide variety of fish and sea fruits, such as tuna, swordfish, wolf fish and mussels, crab or lobster, among many others!



Where to stay?


To fully enjoy a great trip in family in Lanzarote, Little Guest invite you for a stay at Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort *****. This 5-star hotel is the guarantee of a perfect stay in a heavenly setting, all of which beautified by the many services of great quality. Your family will be welcomed within two precise suites: the family suite and the Kiko Royal suite. In accordance with your tastes, your needs and your budget, you will have the chance to choose among 12 other room types.

In addition, the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort ***** offer to your family the very best infrastructure for a unique experience, listed as follows:

  • A thalasso & spa for relaxing moment
  • 9 restaurants of international gastronomy and 7 bars
  • 6 outdoor swimming pools, 3 of which are dedicated to children
  • A football pitch, a tennis and paddle court
  • Outdoor activities (diving, kayaking, trekking, aquaparc, etc.)
  • A gym with a sports mall shop
  • A 10,000 sqm Kikoland for children and a babysitting 

So, if you ever consider a family trip on the 1000 volcanoes island, Little Guest has your back: experience a wonderful stay at the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort *****!


Lanzarote is now waiting for your family!



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