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Travelling means discovering the spirit of a place, its various countrysides, its numerous tastes… as well as its culture! Old stones, masterpieces or other temporary exhibits: every museum is full of emotions and things to discover as a family. Little Guest is giving you everything you need to add a cultural touch to your trip…



Would you rather head to a classical art city-trip in London, a family treasure hunt in the footsteps of great renaissance painters or a journey to the Belle Époque in Paris? For a perfect cultural escape for young aesthetes and their parents, we have selected a few important cultural locations to go with our favourite hotels. A museum, an ambience, a hotel: inspiration will flow freely!


1 – Belle-Époque Paris

City of lights, fashion capital, gourmet paradise… Paris is also a cultural heritage city with exceptional architecture to discover or rediscover. After seeing the Eiffel Tower, a symbol of the belle époque, the Musée d’Orsay’s galleries offer a great look at the artistic trends between 1850 and 1914. Among the impressionist, naturalist, and symbolist paintings, you’ll see Monet’s elegant Woman with a Parasol, the famous Luncheon on the Grass by his acolyte, Edouard Manet, as well as the oil paintings by Paul Gauguin, who transports you to Polynesia. To wander around the musée d’Orsay is to surround oneself in a period rich in masterpieces and, during the visit, to be able to taste Parisian bohemian life!

For parents that wish to prepare their family visit, Les p’tits Mo proposes numerous different options. Art lovers can even reserve an entire day at the museum for children between 6 and 12 years old (online reservation required). After a guided visit, budding artists can participate in a hands-on lesson in the workshop. Special mention for « Make a face » and « Into the car, Mr Monet », which children will keep asking for more of! Useful information: free for children under 18; « Child and company » price 11 €/adult; 14€/adult

To reach the Musée d’Orsay, it just takes a thirty-minute walk through the streets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It’s even faster by public transportation! Along the way, don’t forget to check out the Pantheon… Location.


2 – Florence, artistic capital

The city of the Médicis, Florence is one of the most beautiful Italian cities and every building and every alleyway carries traces of the city’s lavish past. A temple of Renaissance paintings, the Uffizi Gallery opens its arms to you. To describe it, indispensable isn’t a strong enough word… this museum is one of the oldest in the world and is home to true treasures.

Here you can see elegant Giotto’s highlighted in gold, Madonnas with angelic faces, and of course Sandro Botticelli’s Venus. Equally mysterious and mythical, she bewitches you with her hair in the wind. Don’t miss the famous room 15, which houses Leonardo da Vinci’s Annunciation. In 2019, they’ll be celebrating the 500th anniversary of this genius artist’s death: a wonderful occasion to commemorate him!

To make your visit even better, the society « Musement » offers personalized activities for children. Among the activities, a treasure hunt to learn about the museum’s masterpieces and their history. What better way to sharpen your curious children’s attention! Useful information: free for children younger than 18; tickets starting at 16.50 €/ adult.


The Four Seasons Florence hotel, a museum all of its own!

Trompe-l’œil frescos, elegant colonnades, white died, red veined marble, bas-reliefs… At the Four Seasons Florence the tone is set the moment you step through the door! A sculpture in white marble welcomes guests, while the opulent decor in the hotel’s rooms plunges dreamers into the heart of the Renaissance. Located in a 15th century Palazzo, the Four Seasons Florence is a location full of history, just a few streets from the historic city center.

A very Cinquecento ambiance fills the hotel from the floor to the… ceiling. The arches in the Royal Suite, decorated with authentic frescoes, will certainly please any art lover.

A true urban retreat, the Four Seasons Florence was designed to make families feel at home! The Pio Kids-Club welcomes children between 4 and 12 years old free of charge with various recreational activities such as drawing workshops and cooking classes. Nothing better in a city of art and gastronomy!

From the hotel, you can reach the Uffizi Gallery in just 20 minutes by car. For those who prefer crossing the city by foot, a short 19-minute walk through the streets of Florence will get you to the temple of the arts.


3 – In the footsteps of Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech

Looking for an oriental escape? Marrakesh is one of these southern pearls where craftsmanship, heritage, and the art of living come together. After a walk in the sultriness and colourful bustle of the souq, the delicious freshness of the alleyways of the Majorelle Garden is welcome! Named after its creator, the French painter Jacques Majorelle, this wooded park highlights the art-deco and Moorish architecture of the pavilions and the artist’s workshop. This unique arrangement of colours is a breath of fresh air in the heart of the city! Wandering around there is like walking around in a Matisse painting, with tawny colours and supple lines. The presence of the mythical couple Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, who acquired this little slice of paradise during the 80s, remains between the scent of jasmine and the palm groves. An extra touch of soul in already such an amazing place!

In addition to freshening up by the fountains, children love the explosion of colour from the bougainvillaeas and water lilies mixed with the cobalt blue walls. Without even mentioning the cacti that they will enjoy seeing (from afar!) Useful information: free for those younger than 18; 7 € /adult.

To complete your walk-in « YSL »‘s footsteps in Morocco, stop by the museum named after him. Opened in 2017, the Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech Museum presents an impressive stock of textiles, timeless couture outfits and sketches for a trip to the heart of his inspiration. Useful information: Starting at 9.50€ / person).

In the heart of the Red City, the Selman Marrakesh brings together traditional Moroccan lifestyle with luxury and intimacy. A true palace of one thousand and one nights for families looking for relaxation and exoticism. Imagine a superb terracotta building where the zelliges are part of the Mashrabiyas… the decoration is by Jacques Garcia, the most artistic interior decorator who is also responsible for designing the Mamounia, another mythical Marrakesh location.

The Kids-club is good enough for your little sultans, who will love the numerous play areas as well as the workshops that are offered. The cherry on top: the horse-drawn carriage rides with ponies from the hotel’s stables.

From the hotel, you can reach the Majorelle Garden in just 20 minutes by car! Location.



Freshness and colours at the Majorelle Garden 


4 – A royal stay in London

Elusive and cosmopolitan, London has perfectly jumped into the 21st century while maintaining its specific posh and old-school aspect. The Victorian-era feeling of a random stroll is enhanced by the streets and buildings from which you expect to ran into Sherlock Holmes, David Copperfield or Jack the Ripper (hopefully not!). Flag bearer of United Kingdom’s opulent past, when it ruled the world through the Royal Navy and the stranglehold on the spice trade, the British Museum is host to remnants and souvenirs of an endless array of people and territories. This institution, opened since the second half of the 18th century, is one of the biggest museums in the world and boasts a collection of more than 7 million items from all over the places. History lovers can crawl back in time as they please, marvelling at Chinese, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Islamic, pre-Colombian and many other treasures displayed. Art galleries and temporary exhibitions occur on a regular basis to ensure a constant renewal for the museum’s attractivity.

Icing on the cake, the British Museum is free for everyone (booking is mandatory) and pedagogical programs are available for children. Between the Museum Mission with its playful challenges, the Museum Explorer Trails that guides them in this huge maze and the Little Feet Programme for toddlers under 5, everyone will find a fitting shoe for a fun and educational day.

For your visit of London, what’s best than a stay at the St. James’s Hotel and Club *****, a hop away from Buckingham Palace? Opened in 1857, home to a certain Winston Churchill, the St. James stands in the tradition of most exquisite Londonian institutions. Its central position, its starred restaurant and its 24/7 spa are highly praised by the families and the children, for the quality of cares as well as for its vicinity to key points of interest. London transports allow easy access to most spots but seize the opportunity of a half-an-hour stroll to discover the City and reach the British Museum. Location.


5 – Abu Dhabi, the ambitious city

A little less in the spotlight than its shining neighbour, Dubai, Abu Dhabi has numerous perks for an arty break. The opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, at the end of 2017, caused a lot of discussion because of its great location and the possibility of becoming the next big cultural destination.  Nothing but the impressive dome on this middle-eastern Louvre, a lace made from metal by Jean Nouvel, is worth the detour. This abnormal institution stands as a museum-city on the sea at the convergence of numerous cultures. Its collections span from the prehistoric to contemporary art: Egyptian art echoes the colourful canvases of Paul Klee, all while passing by Arabic calligraphy.

The « art search » program allows an artistic awakening for budding art historians. On a similar note, the aptly named « children’s museum » will awaken children’s curiosity and creativity with interactive workshops and themed visits. Good news for artistic families, the museum offers free family-oriented activities the last Friday and Saturday of each month!

You can find the St Regis Abu Dhabi with its elegant silhouette and towers creating sleek lines on the edge of the sea. Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, this prestigious establishment brings together tradition and modernity. Its remarkable marble hall, a mix of Anglo-American influences and magnificently elevated with touches of gold, speak to the hotel’s splendour. For younger guests, the Treasure Island Kids Club, free of charge starting at 4 years old, allows children to have fun inside and outside. Young adventurers can open the Club’s pirate’s chest and discover all the toys it has to offer before diving into the personalized pool that is reserved just for them!

From the St Regis Abu Dhabi, you can reach the Abu Dhabi Louvre in just 20 minutes by car. Location


6 – Singapore: Where art meets science

Beneath its impression of being a city of business, Singapore offers an unusual charm just waiting to be discovered. Futuristic architecture, gastronomy, multiculturalism: the city nicknamed the « garden city » by its neighbours have much to discover.

If you are passing by the iconic Marina Bay Sands, continue on your way to the Art Science Museum. The surprising shape of this suspended steel flower, created by Moshe Safdie, is a lesson in architecture all on its own.

Behind its doors, the Art Science Museum houses numerous surprises! Multiple digital installations reveal a series of immersive universes: The opportunity to walk through a cloud of butterflies in a room covered in virtual flowers that open under your feet, the opportunity to draw on the walls or make a masterpiece evolve in real-time… Technological and education, the Future World exposition invites visitors of all ages into a fascinating parallel universe. Without even considering the joy of sliding down a colour-changing slide or playing with light-up balloons in the dark! Useful information:  9€/children younger than 12; 13€/adult; Family price: 35€.


Ready for new discoveries! 
As a former British colony, Singapore keeps some memories of its past through some Edwardian inspiration buildings. The Capella Singapour ***** ranges in this architectural tradition and open its doors to the visitors staying in the City of Lion. Located on Sentosa Island, in the Southern part of the city, the hotel blends in perfectly in its soothing and verdant environment. Numerous activities await children and parents in an exceptionnal natural frame, with its 3 outdoor pools and its 12 hectares green area. The Aurige Spa is aimed at the complete relaxation of every muscle of your body, while the cooking classes will teach your children the richness of Singaporean multicultural gastronomy.
Going to the museum is an easy way since Singaporean boasts an incredible public transport system. Location.

Enjoy your trip!



Mylene Mylène

Mylène, 28 years old, art lover and travel addict, from Strasbourg, France

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