A dream vacation for a babymoon


Babymoon… What could be behind this little name that reminds us of the best moments of our tender honeymoon? A new trend in travelling straight from the United States, a babymoon is none other than this break, placed under the sign of tenderness and relaxation, that future parents grant each other before the arrival of a baby. Little Guest has thought of 5 custom-made destinations for a stay that combines simplicity, security and complicity!


Babymoon, A honeymoon for future parents?

Here it is, Mom’s belly has rounded up, the nursery is ready and you’ve even managed to agree on the first name! Bravo. Well done. What if it’s time for the two of us to get together before the three of us do? To relieve the pressure, cooing as a couple but also to take the time to settle down and realize that… you’re going to be parents! The Babymoon is everything but a journey like any other and is therefore prepared: the destination (a dream!), the means of transport (comfortable) and the contents of the suitcase (checklist), require very special attention. If this slowly growing baby is not your first, why not combine this babymoon with the honeymoon you’ve been delaying? To help you make a choice, see our article on the best destinations for a honeymoon with your children!


Little Guest Hotels Collection Babymoon Couple Pregnant

A child’s arrival is a wonderful moment that you can celebrate with a trip.


« Where to go? »

We dream of a change of scenery to let go in peace, a simple place with no worries… like a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Perhaps not: long flights are not recommended, not to mention jet lag (which may exhaust Mom, already tried) or additional vaccinations required for exotic destinations. Note that the World Health Organization (WHO) advises against air travel for pregnant women after the 36th week of pregnancy or four weeks before the expected delivery date. Many companies have aligned themselves with these requirements and don’t accept pregnant women over 36 weeks on board. Our article « Getting on a Plane while being Pregnant «  will give you all the keys to fly away in complete serenity during your pregnancy!

Similarly, places that are too remote, with no medical service or poorly served should be avoided. We must think of everything: a complication, unexplained contractions, premature birth are never to be ruled out. If the lost cabin at the bottom of the woods was part of your to-do list, reserve this option for later. In the meantime, Europe is full of beautiful destinations that combine comfort and escape!

In short: a rather short travel time, a « secure » destination, not too isolated but protected from the whirlwind of mass tourism… here is the ideal destination for relaxed parents!


« When to leave? »

The second trimester seems to be the most appropriate for a romantic getaway. Gone are nausea and intense fatigue of the first few months while Mom’s belly still allows her to move easily! Not to mention that it’s generally from the 4th to 6th month that expectant mothers feel most fulfilled and physically fit. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

From the 27th week of pregnancy (7th month), doctors recommend not to move too far from the maternity ward… you never know, events could be rushed!


« How to leave? »

Plane: We love it because it allows us to fly to the other side of the world in the blink of an eye (or almost). Long haul flights are still to be avoided for «  mothers to be « : prefer short trips (3-4 hours maximum) which will save you long hours by car. Note: Vibrations during landing and takeoff can cause small contractions, even if they are rather rare. Don’t forget to wear compression stockings and walk between the aisles, your veins will thank you.

Car: It is the means of transport that causes the most vibrations and the mother-to-be’s pelvis is severely tested. If you choose this mode of transportation, take breaks of at least 20 minutes every two hours to move your legs, stretch and hydrate. Wearing compression stockings remains e-ssen-tial!

Train: For holidays that run like on rails, the train is the most suitable means of transport for pregnant mothers. Fast and air-conditioned, the vibrations are also less strong than in cars or planes. Bonus: it’s easy to walk from one car to another and back again. Trains in Europe will no longer have any secrets for you thanks to our dedicated article!


5 luxury destinations for budding parents!

Romantic Provençal getaway

Dry stones, loggias, cypresses and oleanders… Terre Blanche Hôtel Spa Golf Resort ***** welcomes you in a resolutely Mediterranean atmosphere. Only 45 minutes from Nice International Airport and 35 minutes from Cannes, this luxurious resort is a haven of peace in the heart of wild nature. Far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, its suites and comfortable villas guarantee you a cosy babymoon.


Little Guest Hotels Collection Babymoon Terre Blanche


The Bastides drowned in the greenery are a real invitation to reconnect with nature. Especially since Terre Blanche Hôtel Spa Golf Resort is committed to an eco-friendly approach: its park and golf course are real nature reserves where you can meet turtles or wild orchids. So rural! The most adventurous will visit the adorable villages of Pays de Fayence and the city of Grasse, famous for its perfumes.

The south of France is undeniably a land of flavours. Inside the hotel, the restaurant Gaudina will allow you to enjoy a pleasant dinner with your partner to the sound of the grand piano. This chic bar-restaurant offers a light and refined Provençal cuisine. Mediterranean tapas highlight tapenades, hummus, sun-drenched fruits and vegetables.

Between two discoveries, special mention for the « Mother-to-be Massage », made up of gentle and enveloping movements that promote relaxation.  A special cushion for pregnant women will provide you with all the necessary comfort to leave you in the hands of the masseuses.

Nearest hospital: Grasse Hospital Center, 35 minutes.



Easy living in Chalkidiki

If you can’t go to the summits and explore the various hiking routes, why not enjoy the pure Aegean Sea air from a quiet terrace with your feet in the water? The Ikos Oceania ***** hotel is probably one of the most beautiful hotels in the region. A real invitation to travel!


Ikos Oceania


Celebrating the Greek art of living, the hotel offers top-of-the-range services and contemporary architecture. The geographic buildings are reflected in the infinity pools overlooking the Aegean Sea and offer an exquisite panorama of Mount Olympus. To relax, young mothers will find refuge on a shaded deckchair on the private beach that stretches over 350 meters.

Aboard their MINI Cooper, which is available for a full day’s rental, the future parents will wind their way through the roads of Chalkidiki in search of little-known coves. In fact, a few secrets are revealed in this article: « Practical Guide: Halkidiki, Sunny Peninsula« .

During her pregnancy, Mom constantly needs to reconnect with her changing body. Treatments, massages and beauty rituals help her to be in harmony with herself and her new forms. The Ikos Spa by Anne Semonin offers an exceptional range of treatments. The Pregnancy Massage will relax muscles and rest the body while relieving the body and mind of the mother-to-be. The Glowing Mother-To-Be will focus on a relaxing therapy, facial treatment and a foot and leg massage. Looking for a duo massage? The Just The 2 of Us will rejuvenate the body and mind.

Nearest hospital: General Hospital of Halkidiki, 29 min.



A piece of Asia in Europe

Who said a trip to Asia was impossible for your babymoon? For parents who are thirsty for exoticism but don’t want to inflict a long flight and its fatigue, the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa *****  is an Asian paradise in southeast Spain.


Asia Garden baby moon


This exclusive hotel is cradled by the serenity, peace and tranquillity characteristic of Southeast Asia. Surrounded by lush tropical gardens where many varieties of flowers and palm trees grow, it’s the ideal place to disconnect. Asia Gardens is also an ode to the Balinese spirit with contemporary touches, where cream tones enhanced with wood touches call for soothing.

At nightfall, couples looking for massages like to meet at the spa. The expert masseurs trained in the prestigious Thai school of Wat Pho, master the ancestral techniques of China, Balinese and India. A delight.

To relieve all the anxieties related to your future life as a parent and its new responsibilities, the wellness program combining yoga, Tai Chi and meditation will lead you on the paths of mindfulness. There is nothing like learning to work on your inner strengths to better let go and tame your fears. Moreover, it has been proven that meditation is a real preparation for childbirth!

Nearest hospital: Alicante General Hospital, 32 minutes away.



A smooth city trip 

What if « pretty canals, cycling and rest » becomes your new mantra? City trips are not always the most appropriate for a relaxing babymoon, but Amsterdam is a capital on a human scale. In the land of bicycles, the alleys of the centre are not polluted by the presence of cars, quite the contrary! And then, to find yourself in a duo, Venice of the North is so much more romantic!


Amsterdam Pulitzer


In harmony with the city’s traditional architecture, the Hotel Pulitzer ***** hotel combines luxury, comfort and charm along the canals. A serene break in the heart of the city, the establishment has 4 indoor gardens and a superb verandah, just like the charming emblematic beguinages of Amsterdam. Each room has a unique decoration where the combination of colours and materials (velvet, light wood and brick walls, soft upholstered armchairs…) only accentuate the warm spirit and give this pointed destination its absolutely inimitable character.

To attack the city without walking too much, lovers enjoy the private boat of the Pulitzer Hotel, The Tourist (in addition). Installed on its comfortable leather benches, it’s easy to discover the canals without tiring your legs too much. For the romantic ones, know that the hotel’s boat can be completely privatized for a cruise and a candlelight dinner…

A city trip also has the advantage of allowing parents to discover pretty shops and go shopping in preparation for their baby’s arrival. Dreaming about your future room, choosing an adorable bodysuit or falling for a plush… are excellent ways to anticipate the future and take the time to choose and enjoy together.

In Amsterdam, many concept stores, speciality stores and design places are located on the street. For a coffee or tartlet and the latest accessories, Blender Kids Conceptstore & Cafe Amsterdam is the perfect place. With a decor of Scandinavian simplicity, there is a tea room and a specialized shop for children. Make room in your luggage!

Just a few meters away, Moois with its 100% organic supplies and its absolutely unique universe (clothes, accessories, stationery…) will seduce eco-friendly parents.

Nearest hospital: Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis Hospital 15 minutes away.



Sea view for a babymoon thalasso

The Grand Hôtel Thalasso & Spa *****  has not lost any of its former splendour. In the spirit of « The Grand Budapest Hotel », behind its pastel-coloured art-deco facade, this destination exudes luxury on a human scale. An intimate establishment (only 52 rooms) located in the Basque Country, faces the sea, a picture that changes with the tides. In summer and winter, you can enjoy panoramic views of the great blue sea from its panoramic terrace or its rotunda bathed in light.


Little Guest Hotels Collection Babymoon Grand Hotel Thalasso Spa


To satisfy future parents eager to relax, the hotel has a spa that is unique in France. With its 31° heated seawater pool with multi jets and underwater music, a hammam, a sauna, a contrast shower and a salt cave, it’s a temple of well-being.

The Thalasso & Spa Loreamar centre is perfect to start a custom-made cure. Here, you are supervised by professionals and any cure begins with a medical check-up to map your needs. The mother may consider a prenatal Thalasso (during the second trimester of pregnancy and until the 6th month is advisable to do one, after confirming that the pregnancy is safe.) Little Guest recommends oil massages and wraps to minimize stretch marks as well as circulation-oriented treatments (draining massages) to forget the feeling of heavy legs! By the way, to find all our tips on prenatal care, don’t hesitate to consult our article on massages for pregnant women!

Outside, the iodized air of the seaside, rich in trace elements and minerals, will also be your ally to recharge the batteries. Super trendy and accessible to everyone, Coasteering is a form of dynamic walking that is practised in the water, on dry or wet sand. In addition to toning the silhouette, it activates blood circulation and allows you to build up your muscles gently. And then, what could be more romantic than a walk by the sea, hand in hand? A real wellness activator.

Nearest hospital: Basque Coast Hospital, 3 minutes away.



Advice from a mother: before you leave…

  • To avoid unnecessary anxiety, find out about nearby hospitals: you never know. Please be aware that for Little Guest, the safety of your family comes first. Choosing the nearest hotel from a hospital or a doctor is one of our criteria. Find all these details in the « In short » section with hotels in our collection.
  • First of all, ask your midwife or obstetrician for advice. They can provide you with a medical certificate proving that your pregnancy is not contraindicated. For the plane, it’s even essential. Bring your ultrasounds, medical records and prescriptions in progress and NEVER forget your pregnancy medical record! The European Health Insurance Card is also essential if you are going abroad.
  • For any journey of more than two hours (especially in the air) compression stockings are essential to avoid any risk of thromboembolism. On the clothing side, prefer loose-fitting cuts and comfortable shoes, especially for traveling. A large hat, good sunglasses and sunscreen will also be your allies (during pregnancy, your skin is more sensitive).
  • Luxuriate in warm water and let your body relax… yes but only if it does not exceed 39°C. Indeed, the internal body temperature (at the level of the vital organs) is said to be teratogenic, i.e. harmful to the foetus, when it exceeds 39°C. On the other hand, saunas and steam baths are not recommended. The risk of discomfort or thromboembolic problems is increased. Prefer the appropriate massages and the gentle jets of the pool!
  • Because food plays an essential role in baby’s growth, expectant mothers often wonder what they should and should not eat when they are pregnant. To help you see this more clearly, Little Guest has concocted an article on nutrition during pregnancy, don’t hesitate to read it!
  • And when the baby is here? Once baby has pointed the tip of his nose, it’s time to choose an appropriate destination. Adapted equipment, babysitting, baby crib… but above all a crèche and fun activities! To guide you in your choice, Little Guest has selected the most beautiful luxury hotels with baby club for you.


Bon voyage!


Mylene Mylène


Mylène, 28 years old, art and travel lover, from Strasbourg, France


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