Find a Luxury Hotel for Families: a Real Obstacle Course


Family holidays have never been so trendy. Good deals are shared on social networks and quality offers that are dedicated to families are flourishing. You want to travel with your toddlers and offer everyone the high-end experience that is best suited to their age and dreams? Today, going on a family trip does not mean having to give up staying in a luxury hotel. How to find an exclusive address that will put the little ones in the limelight without taking anything away from the well-being of the parents? Here are the keys to a successful luxury family vacation.



Let’s go the beach!


It has been decided, you want to go with your children and do not want to make concessions in terms of comfort, elegance or destination. The idea is beautiful, but its implementation is often fraught with pitfalls. Some observations are obvious. We do not have the same dreams at 2 years and at 12, a family with only one child does not have the same constraints as a family of 4 children and parents need to rest and to share special moments with their children. People frequently find that preparing a family vacation is often a test of strength. In a luxury hotel, will the facilities be adapted to a family? Will children be welcome? Will we be able to rest? Can we combine elegant design and a family stay? So many questions that must be asked when booking – but a family trip is always prepared in advance and is based on a few basic principles.




Choose a destination that is suitable for everyone

Going out with your family is an opportunity to open up to the world, to show curiosity, to discover other worlds that will help our children to build and feed their own personalities. So it is important to select the right destination, but also the hotel address that will meet all wishes. A hotel nestled on an ultra-exclusive island paradise reserved for billionaires will certainly be quiet and with exceptional services but will not necessarily be suitable for children who are bored. It is better to choose an establishment offering a wide range of excursions and activities on or near the property. And if your baby is on board, we choose a hotel with a crèche by referring to this incredible selection of the most beautiful luxury hotels with baby club.


« It is better to choose an establishment offering a wide range of excursions and activities on or near the property. »


In Provence, at the Domaine de Manville, if the kids-club allows parents to practice golf in peace, it also organizes thematic outings around the rich local flora and fauna. In particular, we discovered the prestigious natural setting of the Carrières de Lumière, highlighted by Jean Cocteau in the 1960s, which houses every year artistic exhibitions, accompanied by breathtaking shows. A fun way to discover French heritage. On the other side of the world, the Melià Zanzibar offers wonderful lodges with a high standard of babysitting service. It allows families to live a few privileged hours close to animals while being housed in a very high-end environment. A nice way to combine discovery and pleasure and the assurance that the children can join in!



In the heart of Africa and facing the Indian Ocean, childcare is a priority


For fans of more distant destinations, the Lux Belle Mare in Mauritius provides families with a quality Kids Club, adapted rooms and an incredible swimming pool of 2,000 sqm where you can bathe according to your wishes, whatever your age.


Everyone at their own pace to enjoy the best moments together

To ensure that all members of a family have an unforgettable experience, the best solution is to stay in a hotel offering a wide range of settings and activities for all ages. In this regard, it is the resort type addresses that leads the field. There is indeed a rich choice of clubs on offer, from the baby-club to activities for teenagers, through to the kids-club. Usually, children are cared for by ultra-skilled assistants for a good part of the day, even in the evening, leaving parents free to rest or enjoy sports activities and cultural outings. If the term ‘resort’ is sometimes scary because it is often associated with proposals for low-quality mass tourism, know that there are ultra-luxury resorts offering tailor-made stays.


« Usually children are cared for by ultra-skilled assistants for a good part of the day. »


A model of its kind for luxury family vacations, the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia offers a wide range of activities for children. Praised as one of the best family resorts in the world, it offers, besides its classic club for children, a Wonderland that truly is wonderful, an academy of magic, many sports facilities and a restaurant that’s completely dedicated to little ones, and there is also the possibility to book a theme room, all complemented by the ultra-high-end service that suits this 5-star establishment. Children can be cared for from 9:00 to 20:00, which gives parents the freedom to enjoy their stay.



The amazing kids-clubs team of the Forte Village


However, if the resort is not your cup of tea and you prefer a more private and exclusive address, you will find among the many contemporary luxury hotels affiliated to Little Guest other hotels that are very attentive to the well-being of their little guests, in the manner of  Vallon de Valrugues in Provence!


« If you prefer a more private, exclusive address, you will find among [the Little Guest Hotels Collection] other hotels that are very attentive to the well-being of their little guest. »


Keep in mind that while parents are often eager to visit renowned cultural sites, some activities are not ideal for young children, especially when the heat is marked. Luxury hotels offer everyone the freedom to live at their own pace and according to their wishes.


Go for 100% family amenities

Who thinks family, thinks logistics. It is a less glamorous subject but nevertheless one of the most important because it often determines the final choice. Do not neglect the practical aspect of holidays so you do not have any unpleasant surprises. Choose a hotel that can provide you with all the necessary baby equipment, from the crib to the bath, the bottle warmer, the baby phone, but also diapers and potties. On the practical side, also opt for an establishment that offers to take care of the transfers between the hotel and the station or the airport, so you do not have to manage these logistics on arrival.



A play game for dreamers


On the practical side, you should also opt for a hotel that offers transfers to and from the train station or airport, so you don’t have to deal with the logistics on arrival. And don’t forget to ask for connecting rooms or a family suite. Once again, Little Guest helps you find your way around by listing luxury hotels equipped to welcome families. Book your luxury family hotel online with our advice!


Find the little things that make the difference

Whatever the destination, luxury hotels are now making great efforts to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. Their particular attention to the youngest is often very original.
You will be able to focus on hotels that help your children enjoy their meals without getting bored or agitated. The Hotel Amigo in Brussels has set up a breakfast corner dedicated to children who will find dishes and various games and books dedicated to the Belgian comic-book hero Tintin. And on Sundays, its restaurant, the BoCConi, is transformed into a joyous family celebration around the Pranzo della Domenica, a 100% family brunch that highlights Italian bourgeois cuisine with magnificent buffets.


« The BoCConi, is transformed into a joyous family celebration around the Pranzo della Domenica, a 100% family brunch that highlights Italian bourgeois cuisine with magnificent buffets. »


At Les Fermes de Marie hotel, there is a chalet that’s dedicated entirely to children, who can spend the day under the watchful eye of the assistants while their parents relax on the slopes. It should also be noted that some establishments make the effort to adapt all the activities offered to parents in kids mode. The Slate in Thailand on Phuket Island offers cooking classes with a real chef and a sommelier, as well as massages and cosmetics for children in the Spa, while other establishments reserve the spa exclusively for children at certain times. While it’s not always easy to navigate the multitude of high-end holiday packages, choosing a hotel that’s known as ‘Kids Friendly’ is without a doubt the guarantee of a peaceful holiday together. Ask yourself the right questions before booking to avoid disappointment on arrival but above all, follow your dreams, the important thing is to be together.





Catherine, married, mother of Justine, from Paris

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